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When Astronauts Attack!

2/6/2007 3:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ doesn't usually cover NASA, but this space cadet is so crazazy! And now it's attempted murder!

Astronaut Lisa Marie Nowak appeared in a Florida courtroom this morning, and while she met bail for charges of attempted kidnapping, attempted vehicle burglary with battery, destruction of evidence and battery, she must remain in jail as authorities have charged her with attempted first-degree murder!

Nowak, who was onboard the International Space Station just last year, made front page headlines by driving a 900-mile space odyssey from Houston to Orlando in a diaper -- so she wouldn't have to stop to urinate -- to confront a woman she believed was a romantic rival.

Donning a wig and trench coat and carrying a BB gun and pepper spray, Nowak stalked fellow astronaut Colleen Shipman at a Orlando airport -- believing Shipman was romantically involved with Navy Commander William Oefelein. Shipman noticed someone following her and contacted police, but Nowak soon sprayed a chemical into her car. Set phasers to stun!

Nowak was arrested carrying a bag filled with rubber tubing, $600, a knife, a steel mallet and garbage bags. What, no Tang?

Nowak's conditional release stipulates that she is to have no contact with Shipman. The out-of-this-world astronaut's lawyer is confident that Nowak will return to the Johnson Space Center after the bond is posted. Or to the moon!

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Only in    

NO NO NO, She couldn't have done it. She was orbiting around youranus at the time.

2779 days ago

Jeff Conway    

What's wrong with women these days? First female teachers hitting on their underage students, and now this! Not to mention she's married with 3 kids. How to professional women expect to be taken seriously with these antics!

2779 days ago

coco puff    

Another, crazy ass, cracker! She wears a diaper and she's a astronaut? You motherf***ers are crazy! You'd never see a brother or sister to sh*t like this! I will never give up personal fight against RACISM! NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE!!!

2779 days ago


Talk about being STUCK ON STUPID...over another nut probably.

1000 miles & 14 hours wearing a diaper to confront the other woman....

GO STRAIGHT TO INSTITUTION...DO NOT pass not collect $200.

2779 days ago


Please, NO MAN is worth going to jail for. How stupid.
When are women going to wake the hell up?

2779 days ago


Yeah right Farrass. Sisters never do something so stupid.
Get a job will you and go the hell away you psycho.

2779 days ago

This just goes to show that the whole world has gone F**KING CRAZY!

NASA astronauts now getting arrested? Ugh.

2779 days ago


Being out in space too long will make you crazazy!! She needs to come down to Earth and get bitch slapped.

2779 days ago


now this is a story! thanks tmz, and please stop boring us with the details of kevin federline's whereabouts.

2779 days ago


WoW! She's nuttier than a fruitcake.

And Farrah you're right; your "brotha" wouldn't take the time to plan out a kidnapping, he'd just lie in wait outside of her condo and slash her and her friend to death, evade the cops, be pronounced innocent and released back into society!!

2779 days ago

Captain Tina    

Farrah please STOP! Your driving me nuts.. Your fight against racism is pointless conisdering you are calling us all crackers... thats pretty racist if you ask me, so please take your crap somewhere else... No justice, no peace? WELL GIVE US SOME JUSTICE, YOUR PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2779 days ago


I think P-diddy made her do it. He is behind all that is bad and evil in this world.................Lord, how I hate p-piddly,,,,,

2779 days ago


Yo Farrass.. go change your depend diaper you stupid ass bitch!!

2779 days ago


Solve problems on earth, not space station! Ya gotta problem? We'll send ya to space, maybe a one way ticket might wake you up, miss astronut. Shed no tears on this one. This is just plain nuts!

2779 days ago


How would you like to find out that your spouse was cheating on you by seeing his/her mugshot on the news for something like this? Poor NASA husband has to deal with his family baggage in the news now.

Don't forget that the Texas woman who drowned her 5 kids was married to a NASA scientist. Maybe they're exposed to some substance that make them act psycho over there!

2779 days ago
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