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Teri Hatcher Likes Bush

2/7/2007 4:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Former President George H.W. Bush expressed his firm affection for Teri Hatcher yesterday with a kiss on the cheek -- and a pat on the ass! Frisky for an 82-year-old, ain't he?

The "Desperate Housewives" star had lunch with the elder Bush in Beverly Hills. Bush was in town to receive the 2007 Ronald Reagan Freedom Award at a Tuesday night gala. George's behavior with Teri could earn him an award from his BFF Bill Clinton!

Hatcher drove off in a Mercedes, Bush in a black Suburban with Secret Service in tow. Perhaps the pair will be reunited on Wisteria Lane.


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You Liberal morons need to wake the hell up. This old man pats a woman on the lower back, and you want to hang his ass. Bill Clinton does the bonedance and lets Monica play the skin flute in the oval office and you Liberal assholes let it slide. Liberals and their pea brains and follow the media like a good sheep should attitude are what's ruining this country. If we follow the liberal belief, we'll be Al Quida, Hamas, and the Taliban fighting on our on soil. Bunch of morons...........

2774 days ago

give me a break,,    

Ahh how sweet of Teri to dine with George,
She is quite beautiful for a woman her age, I'm sure most of you fat butts
are just jealous,,
also,, if you hate American and it's wonderful leader so much,, go live in Iraq,, or Iran,, heck,, move to Canada!!!!
liberals are just flat out gross,, you all should go breed with the Dixie Chicks and count all your 2-headed inbred babies!! good luck bunch of idiots!!!
Rupublicans Rock!!! Dems well they do not,, they suck!

2773 days ago


I can't believe some of these comments about this picture and about George Sr. and Terri Hatcher. Grow up and stop being so nasty.

2771 days ago


You guys are cool with stuff like this if it's asshole Clinton,but not Bush.
Talk about double standards.

2758 days ago


They say Republicans are nasty and mean people,how about democrats?
One of you guys just said you hope Teri kills herself,that is just fucked up.
Republicans are no better than democrats and vice verse.
the nasty comments should stop.

2758 days ago

B Parrish    

OH please...
Don't you tree huggers have anything else to complain about?
Even if he did pat her on the backside, what does it matter if she was not offended!
Liberals get a life... it's not like she gave him a blow job in the oval office!

2757 days ago


The camera is lying says Bush. Allrighty then. Hatcher is a cosmetic surgery nightmare Bush should have spanked that ass when she was on Tango & Cash or wait a little longer until she was on Superman. Hey Bush why wait till after office to get caught; everybody gets caught on their Prez term? Right Bill Clinton?

2757 days ago


Who cares what she does, and equal for him. Has beens, both of them.

2757 days ago

carol ard    

If she is a Republican she is one smart woman .,..As for President Bush doing that ...Get real his wife would kill him!

2756 days ago

carol ard    

Dave I guess you don't know but the Dem's can do anything they want ..Just look at the difference between scooter Libby and The Dem who stuffed private papers down his pants and everywhere he could to get them out of the files to protect the Clinton's!

2756 days ago

Hugh G. Rection    

If you had your chance to be that close to a BABE like Teri, you'd pat her on her saucy little ass, too. IF YOU'RE A GUY WHO IS AT LEAST HALFWAY STRAIGHT, WITH A PULSE, & YOU DENY THIS THEN YOU ARE LYING!!!!!!!

2755 days ago


I'm not a republican and I don't like him OR his son. But I also know videotaped footage, angles and whatnot...And it doesn't take a brain surgeon to see that the old bastard WASN'T grabbing her ass. Gimmie a break you guys. Bush probably hasn't even THOUGHT of sex in the last forty years, much less attempted a follow through. There's plenty more to gossip about. Move along people. There's nothing to see here...

2755 days ago

Paul Richmond    

Terri is sooo hot !! I would love to do more than just pat it. Way to go George !! Bunch of idiot feminist fools on this site.

2755 days ago


You know, I am not a republican, so every time I see an opportunity to expose the "self rightous" party I really relish it. I must have looked at this video 6 times. And though I would love the contrary to be true, it appears to me it was a pat on the lower back, and not her fannie. Further, it looked like a farewell pat, rather than some lewd fannie pat. This ain't news, this is a contortion aimed at sensationalism. Get real.

2755 days ago


Good for George! I wish him well. And Teri is great. Unlike these peevish, hate-filled losers who haven't touched a woman in years and envy the old guy for being more attractive to women than they are.

2755 days ago
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