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Medical Examiner to Pick Up Anna's Body - no longer available

2/8/2007 6:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

This article has been redirected to Anna Nicole Smith is Dead.


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awwww poor anna, shes been through so much, people, for 1 day leave your mean comments another day, it is sad that anyone has to die.. :(

2812 days ago


What ever it was that killed her,she was an extraordinary woman,well loved by everyone and will be remember by her success in her career. Rest in peace with your son next to you. I'll personaly remember her for her Marilyn Monroe look alike.

2812 days ago


God bless you Anna. And God bless your little daughter. -

2812 days ago

celebs sux    

What's he gonna pick her up with a fork lift?

2812 days ago


She had a ton of problems, but she was still a person. I feel for her daughter.

2812 days ago


I just feel so much sadness. She has been through a lot. BUT.....we all go through bad days and months and sometimes years. This woman was on drugs and she admited it. I just feel so much sorrow for her, her daughter and her mother. REST IN PEACE ANNA!!!

2812 days ago


it's really sad. She was molested by a relative as a child and look what a tortured, insecure, needy person she grew up to be. I hope she is able to find peace now.

Now that poor baby will have those two men fighting over her and her inheritance.

My friend works for a private jet company and she says they have just been hired to fly Anna's body out of Miami.

Such a waste...

2812 days ago


This Howard Stern guy should be looked into very closely. He was the only one awake and in the room when her son died, I bet he was jealous of the kid. I think he foolishly enabled her drug use and was probably the beneficiary of a life insurance policy...Anna's life was a real mess but after all she has been through she could have OD'd trying to escape the reality of her life. That poor baby girl.

2812 days ago


Is anyone surprised by this news? I mean, really......She was a train wreck and she was on CNN (Anderson Cooper) recently...she was a mess...

I blame her people-Howard K Stern and her Bahama "friends"....they should have had more control of her life. She needed to be guided and supported. Clearly Howard did not have her back.

I pray for her innocent little girl. I hope she recieves a stable life.

2812 days ago


That poor baby girl. And poor Anna.

2812 days ago

Rusty Moore    

This is so heart breaking. Now she can finally be at peace. I will miss you Anna.
Rusty Moore, Biloxi, Ms.

2812 days ago


Though sappy and goofy and raunchy ....Silly and beautiful and damaged........... Anna was a human being. Every single person on this planet has issues. No matter how big, or how small... how disgusting or how immoral.... everyone has them. Celebrities have even more because for some reason people become obsessed with these other human beings just because there face is on tv and they are untouchable. Please be nice -- im not a fan and im not a hater, but im a good person and my heart goes out to her newborn. She had one hell of a life regardless of all the bad in it - she wasnt an entirely bad person and her baby girl is gonna have to grow up not knowing her mother..... and what an ecclectic mother she was. Lucky she has all thsee pictures and videos to relive her through.

Rest in extreme Peace Anna. Its over now.
Daniel - yo mama is comin home....

Hm i wonder if her and that old guy will hook up now... hahaha

2812 days ago


I'm very sad for Anna hopefully she is in a better place. I really enjoyed watching her show. She made me laugh so hard, because her personality was so different. Her daughter with or without her mom would most likely have a hard life, maybe now her daughter can growup around positive people who will love and be there for her.

2812 days ago


rest in peace anna n. smith. i am so shocked about this... i am feel bad for her daughter.

2812 days ago


Everyone should be truly ashamed of themselves. I've never seen more ignorant people in my entire life. You don't know what happened, you don't know what she went through and how can you have NO regard for another human life. Maybe - all of you pieces of sh*t should re-evaluate your own selves because I am positive that the people making these awful comments are extremely far from perfect. I truly believe those type of feelings are unhealthy and what goes around comes around.

2812 days ago
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