Anna's Mom: "Oh yeah, it'll get ugly"

2/9/2007 10:50 AM PST
The mother of the late Anna Nicole Smith predicted that the fight over her granddaughter Dannielynn would get "ugly," and dismissed Anna Nicole's rags-to-riches self-portrayal as mere myth-making.

In an interview on "Good Morning America," a disconsolate, almost disgusted Virgie Arthur described Anna Nicole as "wild and crazy," and reiterated that she'd warned her daughter to stop using drugs. She added that she "really sincerely" worries about five-month-old Dannielynn, and wants her to be with her father -- whoever that might be. When asked about the pending paternity battle, Arthur agreed that it would get ugly.

Curiously, Arthur also took the opportunity to debunk the myth that Anna Nicole's rise to fame was a classic rags-to-riches tale. "Why do you tell people stuff like that?" Arthur said she asked Anna Nicole. "I'll do whatever it takes," replied Anna Nicole. "If my name's out there, I make money."