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Anna's Mom: "Oh yeah, it'll get ugly"

2/9/2007 10:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The mother of the late Anna Nicole Smith predicted that the fight over her granddaughter Dannielynn would get "ugly," and dismissed Anna Nicole's rags-to-riches self-portrayal as mere myth-making.

In an interview on "Good Morning America," a disconsolate, almost disgusted Virgie Arthur described Anna Nicole as "wild and crazy," and reiterated that she'd warned her daughter to stop using drugs. She added that she "really sincerely" worries about five-month-old Dannielynn, and wants her to be with her father -- whoever that might be. When asked about the pending paternity battle, Arthur agreed that it would get ugly.

Curiously, Arthur also took the opportunity to debunk the myth that Anna Nicole's rise to fame was a classic rags-to-riches tale. "Why do you tell people stuff like that?" Arthur said she asked Anna Nicole. "I'll do whatever it takes," replied Anna Nicole. "If my name's out there, I make money."


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here we go. now it's going to get 10x crazier. her mom should say no, and get a makeover and lose the weight, she likes starting drama, no wonder anna left her family behind, all they do is talk trash about her. it doesn't matter what kind of person anna was, your flesh and blood should have your back, it's going to get real crazy.

2780 days ago


What a big fat cow, she should be ashamed. And so should TMZ, "Let's get this party started", someone died. THeres no party.

This is all just so sad, poor girl.

2780 days ago

in the know    

Now I know why Anna hated this woman. She will use Anna'a death for her 15 minutes of fame. Anna hasn't spoken to her in years, she was a horrible mother herself. I hope Anna'a daughter is kept from this woman. Who would go on national tv an talk about your daughter who just died yesterday? A sick desperate, attention hungry loser. Why does anyone even listen to her? Thank God, Anna is now safe from the every day torment of money hungry nutcases.

2780 days ago


Oh yea, get your face plastered all over the were out of the picture when you quit mothering.........go away

2780 days ago


her mother is a fat ** let anna rest lady she wanted nothing to do with you

2780 days ago


god shes a fat cow

2780 days ago


I agree this whole siutation is sad and just like many celebs they have people around them who bring them down, this woman clearly needed some help and everyone around did nothing to get her help! My heart goes out that that little girl growing up in the turmoil and Im sure the paparazi wont leave her alone her whole life!!! RIP

2780 days ago

Valerie W.    

Well, by reading all this new news and from her Mother Vergie Arthur that it seems that Poor Anna had a Drug Problem similar to her son? I was saddened to know that she had died yesterday in Fla. and now all the truth is coming out ahead of time. I hope it is the truth and not hearsay. They will find out the real truth after they do the autopsy so I guess I will go by that. But word gets out quick when it is a Star and everyone wanting to know how she died right away. God bless her family at this time and I give my Sympathy now to her family.

I am only Sorry that Anna couldn't have stayed alot longer liker her Billionaire husband did!! Rest In Peace now Anna, You have seen your son!!

2780 days ago

Tired of Brit Bashing    

I think it is a shame that her mother can't say anything nice even after her daughters death. No she wasnt a good role model, but we DONT KNOW WHAT went on behind closed doors. She is dead and it is sad that everyone is out there trashing her still, even her own family!!!!
RIP Anna

2780 days ago


Dear Lord woman, this is your daughter. Keep your yak shut!

2780 days ago


Classic "Million Dollar Baby" mom. See the movie that starred Hillary Swank, directed by Clint Eastwood.

2780 days ago


This is so sad, The mother is not obviously greiving her own daughter, she wants some of those $$$$

2780 days ago

This is crazy    

I was never a big fan of Anna Nicole Smith, but after seeing and hearing her 'mother', she certainly has my sympathy. A true mother will ALWAYS be in your corner, cheering you on, good and bad. Not like this creature. Now we all know why Anna Nicole ran as fast as she could as soon as she could, baby Daniel in tow. Hopefully Danilynn's paternity will be settled sooner than later, and she will not have to be exposed to the likes of what her mother left far behind. Rest in peace Anna.

2780 days ago

no way    

Ok Media: why do you give Miss PIGGY (I guess that is a cut to miss piggy)) this time to disgrace her daughter even further. I mean she was already desperatly trying to get her 15 minutes of fame when she flung her fat A__ on the grave of Anna's son. Now she is bad mouthing her daughter on national TV the day after her death - WOW ISN:T SHE RUNNING FOR MOTHER OF THE YEAR. We should all boycott any and all media outlets that give this fat nothing a chance to disgrace the dead. Someone needs to get a restraining to keep this woman away from Dannielynn.

2780 days ago

Fed up    

There is a special place in H*LL for mothers like this woman...........................

2780 days ago
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