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Here Comes the Hammer!

2/9/2007 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It was 1990 all over again last night outside of Hyde in Hollywood as our cameras caught the legendary MC Hammer.

Decked out in a hooded fur coat, Hammer was a bit of a walking contradiction. First, when one onlooker noticed his cigar wasn't lit, he offered Hammer a light ... but Hammer said he didn't smoke.

Then, when asked about his upcoming projects, Hammer said he didn't like self-promotion. In the next sentence, he proceeded to talk about his movie at Sundance, his next album in April and the video he's shooting for the song "Bring Our Brothers Home." He even performed part of the song as he waited for his limo!

Hammer isn't too legit to self-promote.


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Loser!!!!! Get over yourself!!!

2777 days ago

Only in    

cant touch this ....da la da la cant touch this....

2777 days ago


I thought he was a preacher now. What's he doing out clubbin'?

2777 days ago


Nuggt, he is a preacher. So is Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. See my point?

2777 days ago

Hollywood Gossip    

I'm organizing the office of a gentleman who is good friends with Hammer. They've known each other for years. Hammer's a good guy, and a showman to the very end. It's Hollywood, there are camera's in his face, of course he's going to self-promote. To be fair, he was answering someone's question -- if he hadn't, you'd probably rag on that.

2777 days ago


Wow, I'm first....Let me be the first to say that you, Hammer, are the most hypocritical person I have ever known..Once you lost all your money and your big booty ho's wayyyyyy back in the 90's, you decided to go the streight and narrow and everytime I see you now, you're on the religious networks like you found the lord or somethin'. By the way, you looked like you took your outfit from a 16 year old. I knew the lure of the world would bring you back..Quit fakin the funk..And next time when I say no onions on my Big Mac, I mean NO ONIONS...Your outfit is played out, holding an unlit cigar is played out and gay (not in a homophobic way lol), and the fact that you go from holy dude to holy roller is sick..My nephew looked up to you when he heard your story on the Christian network..Are you that desperate for attention??? No kids born since 1995 remembers you, get it...You're played!!!! Can touch this..

2777 days ago


Dottie, not only do I see your point, it is the point I was also making. These guys out there on tv calling themselves reverend and all that really ought to be ashamed of themselves. It makes matters hard for the faceless nameless men and women out there who are working truly to help and serve people.

2777 days ago


The Preacher part is to keep him from paying taxes...I guess he needs more drug money, and hookers

2777 days ago

Lenn K    

#5 you are so right, the moment all the money was gone he turned to the Lord and said, God is a part of my life now not the money. Well, that didn't take long to try and make money a part of your life again. Hammer, you are soooooooooooo over!

2777 days ago

Only in    

Another one wearing dog skin

2777 days ago


I am sooo sick and tired of these hypocritical preachers........ Gosh they make me sick. I hate how they use God to glorify themselves. PUKE! And they stand up for things that are not biblical. Find another job fools! NAACP makes me sick. Bunch of cry babies.

2777 days ago


I lived in Fremont when Hammer had that ugly big house-one of my friends worked at the bank he did business at-and she told me his dancers were total assholes who had major attitude....and she could never figure out why none of them had bank accounts-they used to just come in, cash their checks and leave. Watching how he gave money to all his leechy friends and family, it's no wonder he lost it all. He's not talented enough to make a comeback.

2777 days ago


Look at all that dog fur he is wearing.
His mental midget ass should be in jail.
It is against the law to wear dog or cat fur in the u.s.
Just ask JZ and P.DIDDY.....
They lie to everyone.
They believe that greed is good reguardless of what has to die.

Freedom Fighter

2777 days ago


PETA would be all over this story like flies on shit if it was Jennifer Lopez or Beyonce or Diana Ross wearing fur but let it be a wanna-be rapper such as Tyrese or a has-been like this idiot and mum's the word. I've never worn a fur coat before but now I feel like skinning a fox just to spite them. PETA SUCKS

2777 days ago


#14 What the hell are you laying into PETA for ? Do me a favour and re-read your msg and maybe you will realise how immature you sound. First of all beyonce and j-ho are role models to a lot of (stupid) people for whatever reason (probably fat asses and attitudes to match) plus they are media hogs,no matter where they go,what they do, cameras follow them EVERYWHERE. On top of that they manufacture clothing made out of fur,they participate in the barbaric and inhumane deaths of thousands of innocent animals. Then they shake their pelts around while on camera and promote their death trade. MC has been is just a once off headline wearing a horrible corpse compared to these two bitches! Instead of "skinning a fox" do something more productive and educate yourself on a cause before you babble more bullshit!

2777 days ago

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