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Anna's Final Booze-Fueled Hours

2/10/2007 5:01 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The days leading up to Anna Nicole Smith's death were filled with booze, late-night partying and a hotel room stocked with prescription pills.

According to the New York Daily News, a bouncer from the Hard Rock Hotel says Anna Nicole was wasted early Tuesday morning. "She was messed up. She couldn't walk on her own," he says. "Her bouncer was on one side and her lawyer friend on the other."

And just hours before she died she was seen doing shots at the hotel's Central Bar. A bartender says the blonde bombshell looked "plastered" and was slurring her speech. She then moved the party upstairs, where her room looked like a "pharmacist's shop" allegedly stocked with Xanax, Provigil, Fentanyl and Methadone.

Another Daddy for Dannielynn: A Dead Billionaire

As if things weren't confusing enough -- now there's a fourth possible baby daddy for Anna Nicole's daughter, Dannielynn: J. Howard Marshall, who's been dead more than 10 years.

The bombshell was dropped by Anna's half-sister, Donna Hogan, in a manuscript –- aptly titled "Train Wreck" -- she wrote, reports the New York Daily News. She alleges that her deceased sis froze the sperm of her 90-year-old hubby before he died, and used it to become pregnant as a "trump card" in winning the ongoing legal battle for the billionaire's estate.

Stern Steers Clear of Bahamas Drama

As the custody battle for Dannielynn heats up, People magazine reports that, despite Anna Nicole's mother touching down on Bahamian soil, the baby is with Howard K. Stern's mother and sister in the Bahamas while the supposed father stays in Florida. "Of course he wants to be with [Dannielynn]," says Smith's lawyer Ron Rale, "but I don't know exactly when he will get there." Before Anna Nicole died, a high-ranking Bahamian official was watching the baby.

Gawkers Can't Get Enough of Anna

In the wake of her death, DVD sales for Anna Nicole's reality show are skyrocketing. Since Thursday, its ranking on has soared an amazing 180,000 percent, moving from number 27,014 to 15.

In Other News...

Britney Spears ditched her bodyguards to party with some friends at hotspot Tenjune. Page Six reports that she was at the club till the wee hours, and had the DJ play four tracks from her upcoming album ... Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne are having a garage sale this weekend, according to IMDB News. They will charge a $10 entrance fee to get into their West Hollywood house, which will benefit the Sharon Osbourne Colon Cancer Program at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center ... Director Gus Van Sant pled no contest to DUII (driving under the influence of intoxicants) and will enter a one-year rehabilitation program, reports the New York Post.

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No Avatar


BLESS YOU LARRY- KEEP ON KEEPING ON!-GET THAT CHILD AND LOVE HER TO PIECES. To all of you who want to blame the Media for killing Anna Nicole---PLEASZZZZZ!!! She loved the tabloids; the media and played the camera better then most accomplished actor. This is what she lived for. Remember this is the girls “Famous for being Famous”. Rest in Peace Anna Nicole, and Daniel. What concerns me, I just read that she did write a will before she gave birth and named Howard as sol beneficiary. What? Her son was still alive at that time, and she was pregenant. Then days after Daniels death she had that commitment ceremony? another point, since H.K.S was going to marry Anna Nicole. and raise the child with her why didn’t he who loves her and wants the best for her end the DNA stress and get the test? As for her Mom; (whom Howard did not allow to meet the baby) This girl was a stripper her Mom did not have to approve of that life style, Her Mom did take care of Daniel for many years Anna did not send her any money, She made big money her mother did not….Her Mom is not a Gold digger, and Anna may she rest in peace was a hard pill for her to swallow. Fianl point; Howard the babies Dad? Why does the baby look like Larry? This is a dream for the attorneys. Poor Dannielyn Hope, and Bless Larry for going the distance.Charlotte-NYC

2809 days ago


HAY GUYS ---STOP ACTING DISFUNCTIONAL: IF YOU NEED THERAPY GO GET SOME, --- STOP CALLING HER NAMES…. SHE IS DEAD….She was beautiful, and some say she was lovely, She led a sorry life, Bless her in death and bless her baby. Pray that the real Father is finally identified and let Anna and Daniel be the babies Guardian Angels. Leave them alone. Go get a life. Some of you are really ugly, nasty and low...

2809 days ago


I think everyone should stop talking crap about it all because you guys know deep down inside that a lot of everyone watched her show and well lets just all hope that the baby isnt gonna be like mom and her big brother....

2809 days ago


Strange how so many people say she's at peace & in heaven with her son Daniel but nobody says she is also with her late husband, whom she loved. Did he not make it to heaven?

2809 days ago


Some of you people can be so nasty and cruel ..rather than reading the tabloids why not listen to what everyone who encounter Anna Nicole had to say about her most of them had nothing but loving and nice things to say about what a sweet and wonderful mother and person she was..even threw all her bad times she loved her kids the most..why not just let her rest in peace..

2809 days ago


Charlotte I agree with you. She was not perfect, but many of us liked her and the imperfections that went with her. God bless you Anna. I miss you.

2809 days ago


I never really cared for Anna "PATHETIC" smith, she was such a fake and phony, but i am sorry that she died the way she did and not making peace with her poor relatives that she wanted to forget about. But i am also upset at the tabloid shows such as "THE INSIDER" AND "ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT",ETC,that just exploited this pathetic soul. The way they had Anna on for the last 2 weeks, with slurring speech, eyes half closed, disrespecting her family and mother was shameful. I for one was tired of having this woman and her problems shoved my throat daily. Turning the channels did no good, she was everywhere.
I also think that Howard Stern had something to do with her son'sm death and who knows maybe Anna finally figured it out and he bumped her off, it is only my thought, but i just hope that my soaps and news shows don't be interrupted again about this mess, and wait until the local news comes on. Now all we have left to have shoved down our throats are Paris Hilton, Lindasy Lohan and Britney Spears. God help us all.

2809 days ago

We, are not amused.    

"...his moma..."
what the hell is a "moma"

2809 days ago


Good to see her go. Pillhead Whore.

2809 days ago


All I can say is Rest In Peace Anna .....what a hard life the woman lived and to lose her son so tragically had to be absolutely unbearable for her. Howard K Stern will pay for this. He should be ashamed of himself..He did not look after her like she needed to be. Friends don't let friends drive drunk or ply them full of drugs...

2809 days ago


look now at all the men coming forward and saying look at me im the babys daddy..its all one word MONEY and its all bs.. thats what anne said that she cant trust anyone... i feel that howard was with her for so many years but no she was not in love with to me she didnt love herself i feel she died of a broken heart she had to medicate herself to forget the lost of her son....but couldnt..Or just a thought she gave him methdom and couldnt live with his death...if im wrong some tell me

2809 days ago


The whole thing is Shakespearian. The cruel way she used that old man, not even around him for the last month of his life, and spends 10 years trying to get his money that is not in any will or document. Her greed came back to bite her in the form of Howard K. Stern, also out for the money, and both Daniel and she died under his control.

2809 days ago


WTF Where is Social Services? Go and get the baby already!!! WTF are you waiting for? At this point, no one is entitled to this baby. Someone has to step in. Get off your asses Judges of California, Supreme Court, somebody go an get the baby!!!

2809 days ago


ET and the Insider PAID Anna and Stern over a million dollars for those interviews. They BOUGHT their access, and Anna and Stern sold it, making over 2 million from the death of her own son.

2809 days ago


Anna was one of the most manipulative women that ever lived. The way she turned on the tape recorder with the old man, saying that she's supposed to get half, and flashing her breasts at him while she's saying it, it doesn't get any more manipulative than that.

2809 days ago
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