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Who's My Daddy? -- It's Michael Jackson!

2/10/2007 5:01 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

These are Michael Jackson's children, Prince Michael, Paris, and Prince Michael II (aka Blanket).

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2750 days ago


Yeah his sons name sure is Trey! TMZ needs to step up their game.

2750 days ago

I love it!    

aww come on their all cuties

2750 days ago


anyone who talks about a child calling them ugly you must be ugly yourself inside and out shame on you !!!!!!!!!!!!!

2750 days ago


Who in their right mind would call a child ugly? You must have been teased or bullied as a child.

2750 days ago


Didn't your mother ever teach you that if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all....

2750 days ago


I don't know if it's just b/c I can't stand both Tom Cruise and Katie Homely...but that baby, ugh, it looks like an unkempt muppet! Bad karma I guess...try to turn the world on to your bullsh!t "religion" and guess the true God has condemned you with one of the ugliest children I have ever seen....and I love it!

2750 days ago


I don't understand post #3--Will Smith's oldest son is named Trey. And your point is?

2750 days ago


I'm a different Susan, and I DO NOT think Matt Lauer's daughter is ugly. She's cute, just like all these kiddles.

2750 days ago

girl girl    

I find it soo funny that everyone took offense to the comment about matt's kid but not one reacted to the rude comment by Paula Jones

"2. Poor Hedi her baby doesn't look like it could've ever came out of her, It looks like a Negro, or a baby ugly monkey. It has tire lips....YUCK O!!!!!"

Hey Paula I hear the KKK is recruiting ..

2750 days ago


Good observation. To those posting comments, I guess it's ok to make disparaging remarks when the child is black?

2750 days ago

Talleulah Brahn    

Everyone is jumping on Susan, but no one responded to Paula Jones and her rude ass comment about Heidi Klum & Seal's son Henry. We are in the 21st Century people. How RUDE of you to use the word NEGRO. Do you not know any black/African-American people? That term has a very negative connotation to it. I suggest you get it together. And then you had the nerve to say he looks like a ugly monkey....once again....very derogatory! Some people!!!

2750 days ago


Correction, I mean Post #5. It was #3 before, now it's #5. I don't understand the comment about Trey's name. I assume it's a nickname for Will III.

2750 days ago

canadian girl    

sounds like susan is a little jealous of heidi klum haha. little overweight are ya susie. you are mean and should shut your fat mouth. the kid is gorgeous as is matt lauers daughter and his lovely wife. u big fat cow.....susan is a beotch.....susan is poo u big fat shithead

2750 days ago

Go Away Forever    

I suggest that everyone ignore Paula Jones. It is glaringly obvious that the post was meant to aggravate and irritate people. What a despicable excuse for life and a waste of space she is!

If a person is capable of looking at a blameless, innocent infant and the first thing they want to do is spew hatred and vitriol because of the color of the child's skin and its features, the only thing that person (and I say person because there's no other word to describe this pathetic individual) deserves is ostracism and the same venom they dished out.

Sooner or later (hopefully sooner), P.J. is going to say the wrong thing to the wrong person and end up in the ER or in a cemetery. It's inevitable. Payback is a cruel and unforgiving bitch.

2750 days ago
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