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Who's My Daddy? -- It's Michael Jackson!

2/10/2007 5:01 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

These are Michael Jackson's children, Prince Michael, Paris, and Prince Michael II (aka Blanket).

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Stephanie S.    

Paula Jones...Are you kidding me with this comment? How F'ing ignorant can you be? Go F yourself B****!

2817 days ago


Wow!!! Paula Jones ... what back woods trailer park did you scamper out of. Is your mom also your sister? I am quite surprised that you were able to figure out how use such advancement in technology like a computer when you are using outdated, not to mention, offensive terminology "Negro." How very before slavery of you! Thank you for reaffirming a need for education. Hey folks, please stay in school and get an education or you will wind up just like poor ignorant Paula Jones!!! Hey Paula, maybe you should concentrate on getting your GED, and leave other people's children alone. I wish you could attach a photo of yourself ... I'm sure you’re quite the beauty - if the inside of a horses ass is considered beautiful.

2817 days ago


To Truth or Die....

The ignorant is too good for you. And "Truth" ... HA!!!! Hello ... Are you listening? Listen very closely caucasians, or as you would say back home in your trailer park, "white folks" are the number one race on welfare! The truth is caucasians are running up your taxes - you're probably the main one. Is that enough truth for you!!!

2817 days ago


I'd love for someone to show some stats on that last welfare comment. I'd also like to see them divided by state.

2817 days ago


Ijust want to let #2 paula jones know that they are a f***ing racist dick for the comment they made about seal and heidi's baby, i have nothing else to say to you other than that, b/c nothing i say is going to change your warped f***ed up mind.

2817 days ago


the comment thatwa smade about heidis baby is cruel and ihope god stricks down on you for that , no child is responsible for who ther parents are and yo are a racist and very bias. dont get o the net . some good poeple actually read these and dont want to waste time readuign this bullsh*t

2817 days ago


paula you are a sick bitch you llok like a little sh*t head. i hope nothing good comesto you because of this coment. and by the way im amn "AFRICAN -AMERICAN TOO!!!!!!!!!!!stupid bitch

2817 days ago


well hello there, TRUTH?? i guess that is what you think you are spitting these days, i just want to advise you that you are nothing and just like paula jones there is nothing that can be said over the computer that is going to change your mind, so get back at me i would love for us to meet, i feel that i can change your mind about african americans, because the sh*t you were talking about doesn't even make sense there are just as many ignorant and destructive white people as any other race, just like you, but anyways i'm done making you look like an idiot for now, so if you want to exchange some words let me know b/c i'm more than ready for people like you.

2817 days ago


Come on Paula Jones. That is not cool to speak so ill of people children. Don't you know some / most people will kill for their kids.

You must don't have children. Watch out for when you do - the LORD is going to hit you good and hard - with an ugly child.......

I have two kids one adult and a teen and we as parents think all our kids / children are cute.

Maybe you should share some of your children pictures if you have any so we can write our opinion on your child.......

May God Bless You...

2817 days ago


Don't these people groom their kids they all need haircuts & bath's

2817 days ago



2817 days ago


Ms. Paula must don't have children. The way you ragged on Heidi is sad.

If you don't have any kids - don't, you're going to be in BIG TROUBLE......

If you think her child is ugly - her money can buy BEAUTY.........can you????

2817 days ago


All children are beautiful in GODS EYES. We are here not to judge. They are all miracles. Granted they may not be beautiful but they still are little ones with a heart. That's why society today is so SCREWED UP. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Kids now are so sensitive to this issue and it scars them for life!!!!!!!!!!! Remember they may not be drop georgous now, but wait till later when they have blossomed. You will see them on one of those shows look at me NOW.....

2817 days ago

Miss Jane    

Dear God, Paula, do you have any idea what a mean spirited, nasty bitch you are? I feel very sorry for you as your life must be pretty horrible to feel the need to post something like that. Now be a good girl and just go back to the redneck hills from whence you came.

2817 days ago

christiana a time where we are One of, if not The Most Hated Country in the World, it saddens me to think we could be that hateful to each other or to a child who doesn't choose its parents. Beauty is so superficial and children especially bi-racial children are that much more special and beautiful. And they are also very lucky to be subjected to more than one culture by being born into a bi-racial relationship and they seem to be more accepting of a person because of who they are not what color they are. When our country was under attack, weren't we being judged just as some of you have choosen to judge these babies? Because we are American and give our people the freedom to live their lives as they choose to? I'm not trying to be judgemental...just providing another point of view.

2816 days ago
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