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Anna's Death Fridge --

Methadone and Slim-Fast

2/11/2007 2:46 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a photo of the inside of Anna Nicole Smith's refrigerator taken after she died, and the contents are shocking on several levels. TMZ has 100 percent verified the authenticity of this photo.

Contents of fridge
The refrigerator, which was inside Anna Nicole's bedroom in the Bahamas, contained methadone (5 mg per 5 ml). The small refrigerator contained cans of Slim-Fast -- ironic, since Smith was TRIMSPA's spokesperson. Several bottles of TRIMSPA sat right next to the fridge.

The fridge also contained Miracle 2000 (marketed as a nutritional supplement for "today's active lifestyle"), French's Worcestershire Sauce, yogurt and spray butter. It also appears there are vials of injectable medicines.

The methadone is compelling, as Smith's son Daniel died from a combination of drugs that included methadone. Law enforcement sources in the Bahamas tell TMZ that at least one witness has come forward and said Howard K. Stern supplied Daniel with methadone just before he died, and flushed the remaining stash down the toilet. That witness is expected to testify next month at the coroner's inquest into Daniel's death.

Now Stern is placed in the same home with another stash of methadone -- the home he shared with Smith.

TMZ has confirmed that law enforcement in the Bahamas is aware of the contents of the refrigerator.

Anna Nicole Smith


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Dot Driggs    

Howard Stern was a good person and obviously, Anna Nicole realized he was the one for her; moving to Bahamas and having a baby with him; even planning a wedding. Larry Birkhead is and was jealous of their relationship. Could be the reason he is being such a pain with his lawsuit(s). By the way, who is paying for his legal team?
Anna's mother should be ashamed of herself. Let's get real! Anna hated her for more reasons than we could imagine. How dare she go on TV and say Howard is getting millions of $$$. He has received 0, but she is getting paid! I wonder by whom? I hope Howard decides to sue her and others for accusing him of murder. I can see why Anna wanted nothing to do with her so called relatives and friends.

2801 days ago

Deidre Farley    

Such an awful shame. I do not believe the fridge photo...I do not believe that Stern killed her or Daniel. I believe Daniel did die because of drugs and Anna died of a broken heart. The Opri is a real b---h, and that judge should be removed at once from these proceedings....he makes Judge Ito look like a king.

2801 days ago

Deidre Farley    

I cannot imagine what poor Anna went through. I lost my 22 year old son in a car accident and wanted to die...Anna had just had a C-section (I had 3 of them), recovering from this surgery, plus the crazy hormones immediately after the birth of the child, and then the death of her cherished son. Too much for poor Anna. I was able to live through my son's death with the help of friends and my dog. I did not have the world watching me and making up stories to sell copy. I do think that her face was terribly swollen, especially her lips. I wondered if she had used the new lipstick which is supposed to pump up yours lips...but the botox theory could have something to it. I would love to see the autopsy results come back with drugs not the cause of death. And by the way, if someone had come to my house right after my son was killed they would find me on the drug Kolopin alone with Effexor, just so I could be lucid. I hope Anna is with Daniel and they both found peace. D

2801 days ago

Brenda Lomax    

In one of her show's,she was shown giving Daniel a mixed drink and he was under age. I can't help but wonder what else she was giving him. And ole Howard was there too. Someone need's to get that child away from him.
And Anna telling the nanny to under feed this child because she wanted her to be sexy.
What in the world was Anna thinking?

2801 days ago


Makes you wonder what's in that freezer cpmpartment, doesn't it?

2801 days ago


Hey for those of you baffled, as I was, that whenever the refrigerator contents are listed they keep listing as present, "injectable drugs", I zoomed in on the photo and figured out the "injectable drugs" are Vitamin B-12 (cyanocobalamine, you can just make out the last half). Just wanted to share my detective skills...

2801 days ago


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2801 days ago


I live with chrinic, severe pain all the time. I am never free of it one second of my life. I have learned to live with it, with some medication, but prefer not to go thru life in a haze, and risk the kind of thing that happens to some like Anna. It is never easy, but I prefer to do it my way. I am also much older than she was. What happened to her is a tragedy. BUT in my opinion, well-known people like her, seem to be able to get all kinds of these drugs that, my self, or Joe Shmo, could never get. Look at Elvis, and Marilyn Monroe. Need I say more? What happened to Anna, and her son, was very sad, but keeping this strong medication around is very risky. In my opinion, Anna is to blame, not only for her own untimely death, but her son's as well. She had, had drug and alcohol problems for years. Everyone it is ridiculous to blame Howard Stern, or anyone else. No doubt, the reason Anna was so totally overwhelmed with grief, is because she knew she had made a horrible mistake...having methadone around. Had she not made it available, her son might not have died, and they both might still be alive....Very, very sad. But noone else is to blame, for this horrible tragedy.

2801 days ago

Deborah Baker    

If the world is blind to the truth, shame on all of you. Howard Stern, the worm, allowed Anna and her son to die. And he claims to have loved them? If that is love, I really wonder what hate is. In all of this, I hope they find Larry--the father of that baby. Out of all the so "wannabe fathers", Larry seems to be the only straight-and-narrow one in all this. I have one question for Howard: What are you going to do now that your bread and butter is gone? Who's skirt are you gonna ride on now. Your sister's? You are Anna's so-called "lawyer", why haven't you made any attempts to exonerate yourself with the judge? And your excuse for not giving a DNA sample is because you "don't want to give Larry what he wants?" Oh Puh-leese! Not all of us fell off the turnip truck yesterday.

2801 days ago


RE:post 1703
You say Howard allowed anna and daniel to die, then you say your one question is to him-who's gonna be his bread and butter now??? DUH-if anna was his brea and butter why would he allow her to die???Explain that!
No one knows what Howard and Anna's true relationship was -all they do is speculate and people that dont like Howard for whatever reason of course are going to blame him-Anna didnt have to have him around if she didnt want to and she obviously had problems well before he was in her life. Amd if a person has a drug problem and want to be self destructive-they are going to no matter how much someone trys to watch over them------look at Elvis-how many people tried helping hiom and watching out for him-did he stop doing his drugs??? You are entitled to your opinion and thats all it is-none of us should be judging Howard-it is not our plae to do so.

2801 days ago


Arrest Stern for being a creep? And just when was the "creep" law passed? Why is everyone so quick to blame stern? It was Anna's name on the methadone. She was the meth addict.

I think she killed herself because she knew the upcoming inquest would reveal that she gave her son the methadone and she didn't want to be arrested. I think the crap about Stern flushing pills down the toilet is a lie. The methaone she was presribed was in liquid form, not pills. I bet he drank it which is why he ended up taking too much.

2801 days ago


Did anyone else see the lawyer from the Bahamas with the paper showing that Stern was the one who purchased 4 plots. Anna's name wasn't on the purchase slip. I haven't heard anyone else report this while reporting that Anna wanted to be burried in the Bahamas.

2801 days ago


If Anna took a fall in the bathtub the day she died.........Why were there no bruses found by the corner.There were several first reports for those around her who said she had fallen in the tub prior to going to bed.
"NO BRUSES" found on the body.
So was this socall fall a lie.

I've heard no more about the fall. YOU ! ! !

2801 days ago


Anna was haunted by demons that no one could have saved her from, I believe that Anna was in a fast moving downward spiral, her life has been full of drama since marrying her billionaire husband. She lost the only man who truly loved her unconditionally, Daniel her son. I believe Anna knew what her life was going to become in the coming months with all of the court cases, and she couldn't bare to fight anymore. I believe that Anna Loves DanniLynn, but just couldn't take life without Daniel, and all of the court problems. The important thing now is to make sure that the baby is taken care of, and let Anna finally rest in peace.

2801 days ago


It appears as if Anna Nicole Smith was in an abusive relationship and an abuser of drugs. In an abusive relationship - someone controls the actions of another person - in this one, it appears as if Howard K Stern exerted contol over Anna's actions. In all honesty, would you stay with someone in a quasi-relationship if you believed that the partner had in fact contributed to the death of your child? You might, if you were in a drug induced haze, but not if you were in full control of your own actions.
An abused person in a relationship might not be able to contact her parents - therefore, the lack of contact with her parents. As I see the story, she basically cut off relationship with her parents when Howard came on the scene.
Howard Stern is a useless human being. He was being supported by his parents (according to his sister), and by Anna Nicole Smith. No independent sense of self, except through the control he could exert over Anna Nicole, and in the process gain control over her money.
Because of this possibility, Anna's parents should have the right to step in and make a determintion as to the events preceeding her death, the actual father of the child, and have a say as well as play a part in the upbringing of the child. The child must and should come first - Howard's needs do not and should not amount to a hill of beans in this at this time.

2801 days ago
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