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Howard Cashes in on Anna's Death

2/11/2007 5:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There's a huge buzz going on among people connected with Anna Nicole who are outraged over the fact that Howard K. Stern sat down with "Entertainment Tonight" for an exclusive interview just days after her death. The inside scoop is that Stern was paid a bundle for the interview, which will air during the all-important sweeps period. The sit-down has created enormous bitterness among some people in Anna Nicole's inner circle.


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Patricia - This isn't really the website to be pushing your views. Take your bible-beating elsewhere! I laughed my ass off when I read your comment! It is SICK and WRONG that Howard has already done an interview. I heard somewhere that Larry Birkhead was inconsolable and unable to speak - which seems to me to be a much more appropriate reaction then sitting down to a paid interview two days later. I think Howard contributed to Anna's death by enabling her and by keeping her drugged up. Anyone who watched her reality show knows she couldn't stand Howard. But now all of the sudden she's married to him? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!! HKS is a snake and a liar! I cannot wait until little Dannielynn is returned to her father - Larry Birkhead. Other than the baby being with her father and Anna resting in peace, I don't give a crap what happens to everyone else in this freak show.

2808 days ago

auto-erotic asphyxia    

Who cares if he is making money off it! Isn't that what Anna and he did all along?

2808 days ago


Well done howard!
You are probably one of the few people who actually knew what was really happening in ANS' tormented and troubled life. You are probably one of the few people who has the right to talk about her and to put the record straight.
And by talking about your grief is one of the best first steps you can take to deal with with the terrible grief you must be dealing with.

2808 days ago


should we blame howard for taking the money, or entertainment tonight for offering it? et is easily the worst and most obnoxious show on tv, run by people who have less morals than those celebs they are covering. mark steines et al claim to have become so close to anna, but perhaps if they had truly cared about her, they would have stepped in and offered help when she was clearly incoherent, drugged up, and depressed. the sad truth is, no one cared about this woman, not her biological family, not her chosen family, not her tv/et family. she was used for money, laughs, and "breaking news" tv spots. howard may not be innocent of crimes against anna, but neither is anyone else involved.

2808 days ago


Why the hell would Debra Opri and Larry Birkhead be criminally liable for anything? It is STANDARD PROCEDURE for the person who caused everyone to go to court to have to pay the legal fees. If Anna had submitted Dannielynn for a paternity test the minute she was born Larry Birkhead wouldn't have $300,000.00 in legal fees. Therefore, Anna is responsible for paying his fees. That isn't abnormal at all. It happens every day. I really do not understand all the people calling Larry Birkhead a dick, liar, etc. This guy just wants his kid back. Is he supposed to just sit around while his baby lived in that drugged up world???? What else is he supposed to do??? Seriously? WFT?????? Give that man his baby NOW!!!!!!

2808 days ago


Maybe its only TMZ that is upset it didn't get the exclusive interview with Howard?
I agree with those who point out that Anna and Howard had a close relationship with "Entertainment Tonight" for some time. I bet that lots of journalists have been trying to talk to Howard... he is obviously going to talk to the journalist he has a trusting relationship with at what must be a very hard time for him.

2808 days ago


Murder plain and simple. Mr Stern has everything to gain from the two deaths!!

2808 days ago


I want to respond to what Patricia wrote (#10). I wrote yesterday that they should not judge Howard K. Stern...I was (#66,67). I still believe that he loved her very much and that he was also in love with her, long before the money came into play. He has never shown anything but kindness toward her and joy was always on his face when he was with Anna and could also see and feel Howards pain after the death of Daniel...He may have faults as we all do but he is not a killer and I believe that if he is not the father by blood he is the father by heart which is so much more important especially since Anna hand choose him. People should open their eyes and hearts to this sad story....I am on Howard's side until someone proves that he is any different than what our eyes have shown us....again, Anna's mother is the one who should stay away....that woman is the one Anna didn't trust nor want in her life....and Larry, he may have had an affair but in the end there were reasons Anna was not with him.

2808 days ago


Shayna - First of all, I don't consider myself a Bible thumper, and second, I have just as much right to say what's on my mind as your dumb ass does. Obviously you do not know what the statement "Do not pass judgement" means. I feel sorry for you, but don't ever tell me to take my opinions somewhere else. I have the exact same rights as you and I will use them the same as you. And as far as that goes, good thing this is a written communication because if you were in my face, I would slap your brains out. Bitch.

2808 days ago


He's sleezy!

2808 days ago


Technically speaking Howard WAS her inner circle. I don't think he's the monster he's made out to be but I also don't think he's the father. Birkhead has to be at least 95% sure he's the father or he wouldn't be making an ass out of himself on a daily basis trying to prove he is. Motives are questionable, especially while Anna was alive, but now, if he is the biological father it is his right as long as he is a fit parent, to gain custody. Just how the cookie crumbles. I'm just surprised, although I shouldn't be, at how family courts don't think this is an emergency...that poor baby is without a mother and her real father is not known.

2808 days ago


Patricia - Maybe you need to read your bible again you middle-aged hag! Threatening to slap someone is not something jesus would advocate. BITCH!!!!!!!! Yeah, you are entitled to your stupid opinions but TMZ isn't exactly the format for bible beating.

2808 days ago


Don't be too quick to judge him. He deserves his chance to tell his side of the story. He has probably done alot for Anna and her son. Her drug abuse is not his fault. And don't we want to hear from anyway? Her life is tragic and she did succeed in making her way to celebrity.

2808 days ago

Allred Tree    

Thanks to Rosie O'Donnell, Barbara Walters certainly won't be getting a chance to "sit down with her latest get!" I hope any more interviews are done by Diane Sawyer - remember Scott Peterson's tear-filled interview with her.

2808 days ago

Katherine Theriault    

I just find it funny that after anna went to the supreme court of the united states and won that all of the sudden danny dies and then she did and HKS must have know she had a good chance of getting all that money she had been fighting 12 years for Rest in peace anna just rest

2808 days ago
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