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Howard Cashes in on Anna's Death

2/11/2007 5:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There's a huge buzz going on among people connected with Anna Nicole who are outraged over the fact that Howard K. Stern sat down with "Entertainment Tonight" for an exclusive interview just days after her death. The inside scoop is that Stern was paid a bundle for the interview, which will air during the all-important sweeps period. The sit-down has created enormous bitterness among some people in Anna Nicole's inner circle.


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howard k is a letch. Did he ever do any lawyering? nope. He just ran around behind anna.

2778 days ago


patricia /Tiffany,
I am so agree with you ,
ofcourse after all the interviews lately Mark of ET became a vriend
and ofcourse is good they pay Hks for the interviews
what do you think of the 1 million they pay that guy fot the last moment anna nicole whas fighting for her life....that s what s not so fine ..
everything is there personal bussyness and
i hate the people who hurt here so much like here so call mother /sister
and exboyfriend who is also responseble for here suffering
please give hks respect and peace.
rip anna nicole you where the most beautiful on earth

2778 days ago


Mark you really have a sick mind

2778 days ago


I agree with Patricia. Has anyone ever heard of "contempt prior to investigation". How can you people be so harsh when you don't know ANY facts? Just let "their business" play out without interference of the ignorant. Sheeeesh....I work with people like you and I don't understand how you can live with your "know it all negative attitude". Your comments say a lot about the kind of person you are. Why not try compassion for all involved in this very sad story.

2778 days ago


I am surprised to see how many people in here have crystal balls and can see the outsome of the autopsy lol NO ONE knows what Anna died from. There were NO pills in her stomach they have to wait for the blood tests to come back but it seems there are a lot of "insiders" here that already know what happened. The estate is a mess so how can anyone know that he wanted her money and killed her and her son of roflmao. Anna received NO money from her last husbands estate it is still a court battle,the will hasn't even been read and they have no idea if they even can find one and Stern is going to have a good time if he happens to be the attorney who drew up her will because all the people who want a drama will say he screwed her over and killed her lol Malinging a man who has done nothing wrong or has not been convicted of any wrong doing? Come on people it seems like there has always got to be a drama in your life lol

2778 days ago

Billie Jo Gribble    

How can you make comments about Howard Stern when you don't know the
whole story. Give the guy a break! Withhold judgement until all the facts are in!!
I FEEK SORRY FOR ALL OF THEM!! This whole story is a tradegy in anybodies book!! Maybe she would of been able to handle her son's death, if she had been
given time to properly handle her grief. Shame on the press, Larry Birkhead and
her mother!!!!!

2777 days ago

My two cents    

I think some of us here are getting ahead of ourselves here. While I am one of the ones to believe that Howard had his hand in Daniels death, I do not think he had a direct hand in Anna's death, except for the fact that he enabled her drug addictions. I do not believe Howard is the father of baby Dani and I doubt highly that Howard Marshall is the father either. Some of these posts that say Howard is just trying to cash in on Dani and the Marshall fortune. IF baby Dani is the child of Howard Marshall, how on earth does anyone think that Howard K. Stern can get his hands on the Marshall fortune if Dani is the heir of Howard Marshall??? Dani would not end up in Sterns hands if Dani was Marshalls child, so none of that makes sense to me. The ONLY financial benefit Stern would have for Anna's death is to bilk the tabloid system and probably write a book about Anna and her last years, which would probably fetch him millions of dollars. I called THIS a couple of months ago. No one should be surprised that Stern has already sat down for an interview with Entertainment Tonight. His meal ticket is deseased and he needs to be "set up" for life at this point because his "lawyering" days are over. Anna's life was a big tragedy....her death even more so. The sad part of all of this is that Anna's life could have been so much different. She was a beautiful woman and had the world at her feet had she done things so differently, but somehow she chose a path in her life that destroyed so much. No matter how I felt about her personally, her death is such a very sad thing to me. I hope she finally found the peace she needed.

2777 days ago


Like I posted on another thread, Whatever happened to Kimmie her assistant..........?????????
Just curious.
Howard would be getting a DNA test you would think. But negative attention is better than none in their opinion. Some take the very low road and are satisfied with that. No morals or value of life.

You would have thought he would want to care and protect her and her son.

I don't blame him, Anna was a big girl. No one forced her to take pills, or drink. She had family. He just told her what she wanted to hear and manipulated her from there. It's not hard to do. I think deep down she was innocent in many worldly ways, and smart in others. But in the end things end badly or they would never end.

2777 days ago


book and movie deals, interviews, doing the rounds. Strike while the iron is hot. He can't have not been that ignorant to not know how wasted she was. Not a very good friend or attorney for letting her go on. Ever here of an intervention Howard?

2777 days ago


I believe he had a hand in Daniels Death and like you say enabled Anna all the way to her Death. Sure he is going to need money. Even if he isn't convicted in a court for the Deaths OJ JR. here still can be sued for wrongful death buy Daniles father and Virgie. Civil cases do not need to prove he actually killed either one .

2777 days ago


Her MOM did an interview the day after she died too. Why is Howard being blogged about and not her. What kind of mother would cash in on their daughters death?

2777 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

Who's surprised by this? The guy's lower than slime. And, as for him "needing to make a living" as some other poster has indicated, ANS & he sold their "post Daniel's passing" interview to ET & the Insider for a reported $2 Million total, for which they were paid 1 month ago. They didn't have cash problems, and had just purchased a 39' boat last month. This lowlife loser is just taking a page out of ANS's manual; he's trying to sway things (getting the baby heir for himself & blocking all others, so as to have a shot at the REAL money later on) by appealing to everyone's emotions in the court of public opinion.

I say do the DNA test on ANS & the baby; then do it on Birkhead & this loser. I'll bet we find out the father is NOT this slimeball Stern. Personally, I don't think ANS even knew who the father was (she did sleep around a lot; witness the 10-15 guys who have come forward to say they boffed her); maybe that's the reason she tried to block any testing in the first place.

2777 days ago


Chris ,Sean, and others,,
wich planet do you live on?
ofcourse he get paid, they ALL get paid ,EVERYONE get paid ,
( what they do with the money is there bussiness)
how you think the magazines, tv show 's do it ?
its big bussiness, they make money from them , so why should they not pay them?
And then all the people who talk so dirty about Anna Nicole and Howard
are quilty on her dead
its to dirty for words , imagin it , she give birt to a baby (postbirth ..probems)
then after 3 days her son die, and then the people are talking dirty about her or Howard S. killing him or things like that , its not our bussiness let the right people for that ,do there job and give some respect for people in such a very
sad and heavy time
Evelyn .S md

2777 days ago


How many times do you hear about some as& hole killing someone off for money? Seems funny how he will not let Anna's mom even see the baby.Gosh he must have something to hide! Also for someone that is greiving Stern sure can have the nads to get up on tv really fast! Sure not Larry Birkhead. For sure Anna was addicted to drugs but he was contributing to it too. Who in their right mind will stand by and watch the one they love kill themselves? He is a gold digger just like Anna was . He just made sure he could keep the money and probably will do the baby in next! Someone needs to pull their head out their arses and get that baby into protective custody ASAP!

2777 days ago



Maybe had the afforded Daniel some respect when he died people may have done the same for them.

Having a "commitment ceremony" and leaving him lay in the funeral home for 39 days was not a way to show respect. Waiting till you have a dress made was not showing respect. Not allowing Family to be at the funeral is not showing respect. Daniels own Father was not allowed there.

Anna and Howie only thought of themselves nobody else. If you wish to close your eyes to that fact then so be it but I think alot of people have seen enough of the HURT these two people have caused many others and are no longer willing to stand by and allow them to do the same to Dannylinn.
They want to see her with her REAL FATHER not someone that is being called her father because his name is on the Birth certificate and in the Bahamas that is good enough for them.
They want Ben to have his home back and not be forced to allow Howie to continue to squat there in a home that was helped to be taken from by the wonderful Shane Gibson.

Look at it this way everything we have seen in regards to justice in the Bahamas has been slighted in Their favor by a corrupt system. Why do you think so many people wrote letter pushing for a inquest in Daniel's death?
Because his own mother wouldn't do it. Many more letters are going out to make sure Dannilynn is being watched carefully while in this mans hands.

Hey this is great for Bahamas' tourism they are making a bundle off them now also.

2777 days ago
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