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Report: Anna Had Recent Surgery

2/11/2007 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole Smith with Danielynn tattooMSNBC's Rita Cosby reports that Anna Nicole may have had recent breast surgery to repair one of her implants.

Cosby also reports the former Playmate had also been prescribed over 10 different types of pain medication, and may have been taking excessive amounts because she developed a tolerance to the effects.

In addition, Cosby's sources tell her that Anna Nicole was found by a member of her staff -- unresponsive and nude in her bed, with a sheet pulled over her face.

Death from cosmetic plastic surgeries occurs in one out of 57,000 cases, per the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Two million plastic surgeries were performed in the United States in 2005.

Adverse reactions to surgery could become serious; there are numerous documented cases of seizures, heart attacks and high fevers leading to death. Recent published research shows that inflammation caused by common respiratory and urinary tract infections like bronchitis, pneumonia and cystitis, may contribute to in increased risk of heart attack and stroke, and the greatest risk is in the earliest stages of infection.

If Anna did have a recent cosmetic procedure, and she exhibited "flu like symptoms" over the last few days, it's quite possible that the star died of a massive infection, perhaps complicated by an accidental overdose of prescription drugs.


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I've seen a bunch of pics from when Anna was in Florida in January. Theres one where she has her shades off and you can see shes bruised under the eyes and Howard K is touching under one eye. Looks like she had botox injections or maybe they put some fat in there to make her look younger. Plus, her lips look like a hive full of bees stung them; they're alot bigger than in other pics. Those must be the procedures she had, not breast surgery as someone else reported. The coroner said there had been no breast surgery and I would think he would be able to tell.

2804 days ago

breast augmentation MD    

plastic surgery is for self esteem

2797 days ago


Breast Augmentation does not necessarily leave scars and don't believe everything the press/medical examier/and everyone else tells you. I'm sure there is a lot more going on behind the scenes.

On one hadn, I feel sorry for ANS.....she may have been depressed her entire life and didn't know it. Her career was on the skids, her weight fluctuated constantly, she had tons of people around her, but could probably trust none of them, except her son. When she lost him, she lost the will to live.

For those who think someone else is always having a better time than them, think again. The expensive houses/cars/nightlife/etc., aren't all what it is cracked up to be.

Sad indeed.

2797 days ago


Cosmetic surgery is for self-esteem and other reasons. But in ANS case, it was for her career.

I'm sure she had self-esteem i ssues. Larry King (and I don't usually watch Larry King but the OSCARS were soooooo bad last night) had an interview he did with her back in 2002. This is a woman who clearly had issues...I mean, can you imagine how she felt when she had to fight for the money of her late husband, Marshall? She had no pre-nup, this man was a gazillionaire, and his son decided she wasn't going to get any of the money. Well, now it's pretty much a non-issue (except of course for the sole heir, baby Smith) Both are dead. Which just leads me to believe that nothing is important in life except life itself, because eventually we are all going to die. That is a given. We all fight about the silliest things (yes, even me) and in the end, it's all passing away.

2795 days ago



2791 days ago


Anything is possible...instead of all the speculation that's been flooding blogs all over the web, why not just wait and see how it pans out? C'mon, it's been a trainwreck from the beginning, it's (unfortunately) not over yet.
Meanwhile, give her a break..

2810 days ago

Save Shiloh from Angelina ~    

Gosh ! to die of plastic surgery :( let that be a lesson !

but if she had a private nurse ?????? WTF ?!

I have heard it is common to have a private nurse after plastic surgery but why didn't the nurse catch on ??? ANS had a high fever ?!

But ... back to the DNA testing ! this is the most important part of this drama . The five month old baby should come first here .

2810 days ago


I agree with sk8rgurl
Too many people have made strong statements and judgements out of ignorance on this site - or used ANS' death as a way to vent their own frustration or unhapiness. There's just too much people dont know!

2810 days ago


Nude in her bed, just like Marilyn Monroe. RIP Anna! This story is so sad, that poor baby.

2810 days ago

Tess T Cull    

Pretty sure a massive infection you describe would have been apparent in the autopsy.

2810 days ago


If she had such a bad infection that it killed her, there would have been signs of it at autopsy. There wasn't.

If you have to wait weeks for toxicology results to come in to declare what killed her, it is almost always drugs. She, obviously, has been on too many drugs for a long time.

It would have only taken a few more, probably due to the death of her beloved son, to be lethal.

Howard K. Stern should have made sure she was in rehab, not hiding away from the real father of her baby. Anna Nicole has been very fragile for a long time, coincidentially (?) since HKS has been two feet away from her the past ten years or so.

Get that baby away from him and all the other people who lived off of her and didn't get her the help she so obviously needed.

I'm glad she is at least with her son, who she obviously loved so very much.

2810 days ago


I thought the medical examiner said there were no signs of recent surgery? I wonder what else he is hiding if this report is true? This gets worse and worse every day. I really hope that that fat scumbag mother of hers (if you can even call her that) is kept the hell away from that poor baby. RIP Anna

2810 days ago

Sher Norton    

I was so sad of the News,I Really admired her,her confidenceand just being herself,I cant recallher ever making a bad comment about anyone.I will miss her she was a beautiful womanGod Bless Dannilynn,i hopethe prince is her Daddy.The Lawyerhas to go.
Anna you'll be missed by me and i'm sure others feel as i doYou wereone of a kindRIP

2810 days ago


I agree with sk8rgurl, anything could have happened, why not just wait for the autopsy? I'm tired of every reporter, "friend," "person in room" or "hospital employee" speculating on what happened to Anna. Let's just wait. And why report what may or may not have occurred anyway? It just leaves room for rumors that will circulate until so many people hear it becomes another false "fact."

2810 days ago

chi chi    

It's interesting to note that Stern's family never saw the baby that supposedly is their grandchild till Anna died. So is it that his family wasnt allowed near her either or they knew it wasnt their kin?

2810 days ago
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