TRIMSPA Prez: Anna's Slim-Fast a "Violation"

2/12/2007 8:08 PM PST
A nervous TRIMSPA baron, Alex Goen, acknowledged that Anna Nicole Smith would have been in hot water if the stash of Slim-Fast pictured in the shocking refrigerator photo, exclusively obtained by TMZ, was discovered while she was alive.

During a studio interview with Lisa Bloom on Court TV's "Catherine Crier Live," Goen, who was creating a windstorm with his rapid blinking, admitted that if the competitor's product belonged to Anna, "It would definitely be a violation ... it would definitely be one of those things we would question. We would not want her taking any other weight loss products." Hey, you gotta wash TRIMSPA down with something!

The photo, which shows the curious contents of Anna Nicole Smith's refrigerator, was taken after she died. In addition to at least five cans of Slim-Fast, the fridge also contained spray butter ... and a jumbo bottle of methadone.