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Is NUTS for Shakira

2/12/2007 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

All that booty-shaking was a little too much for Wyclef to handle at last night's Grammy performance.

The former Fugee couldn't keep his hands off of himself during the erotic performance -- grabbing his package every chance he could.

As 'Clef and Shakira belted out their hit, "Hips Don't Lie," Wyclef adjusted his junk at least eight times on live television.

Richard Simmons would be so proud!


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to # 14 as a black woman and mother, it appauls me that you seem to think only blacks ggrab their crotch! I have seen white american teens doing so as well. I do not understand why every issue that has a black man, woam or child mentioned becomes such a racially motivated coversation. There are so many issues that we as "americans" should be united to fight instead of pointing out our diferences. When terrorist attacked do you think they let the black people off the planes. Do you thin they called a head and told all the whites to stay home cause planes were gonna hit bulidings no. When we went to war did Bush only send blacks or did he also send whites? So instead of pointing out differneces remember, we are in this mess together. Now on to Wyclef and Shakira they are entertainers, you people watched the performance, they got coverage and paid so pooh on you!

2798 days ago

Only in    

Its called personal hygiene, just another dirty black mon.

2808 days ago

Anna's baby daddy    

They make a cream for that I'm sure!

2808 days ago

no pervs allowed    

looks like he trying to do his best Mikey Jackson imitation--- now where are those little boys,,,,

2808 days ago

Intelligent Guy    

Wyclef isn't diseased....crotch grabbing for african american men is an ugly, learned response that is supposed to reinforce that they are anatomically gifted. I doubt Wyclef or Chris Brown who did it like 50x are diseased, they are simply acting on a dumb impulse. given the fact that they wear their pants so low it looks even more ridiculous. Its silly for us to think that all these people have diseases etc...

2808 days ago


Um, maybe he has an STD?

Who was looking at him???

How could anyone be looking at him....while she was shake-n like that? She is VERY sexy.....I don't know many men that don't touch them self when they see her dance......

2808 days ago


I think he has the clap!

2808 days ago

Big Mac    

Doesn't look like he has much to grab.

Who really wants to watch that ugly fool do that anyway? She is way too hot to be on the same stage as him.

2808 days ago

Big Mac    

I think he is TRYING to make himself look bigger, to no avail.
If he only he knew that size doesn't matter.

2808 days ago

Richard Liriano    

I wonder what "clef " decided to do in his dressing room after the set.

Shakira, "Te Amo".



2808 days ago


Either way, it looked tacky. It is possible to be sexy without looking nasty. Also, Wyclef is very unattractive.

2808 days ago

Cory Roberson    

A little education lesson for you all: STOP making this into a racial case. Listen to yourselves crotch grabbing an "african american learned response". Come on, please! How about its a "entertainer's learned response"

You don't see people (african americans, and others) walking down the street and grabbing their crotch, but you do see entertainers doing that. I do see young people grabbing their crotch to keep their pants up if they are sagging and by the way alot of young people (white, black, asian, and latino) sag these days.

2808 days ago


all you pale skinned racist need diversity training....that's for every racist that had something to say. quick to say some sh*t about a black man, what about your herpes infested bone-bitch Paris. f*** her and f*** you too if u feel how the original poster feels. go take some valtrex bitches

2808 days ago


all you racist idiots should rot in your worthless pale skin

2808 days ago


Regardless to why he did it....




2808 days ago
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