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Anna's Mom Lawyers Up

2/13/2007 4:48 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Virgie Arthur and Larry BirkheadTMZ has learned Anna Nicole Smith's mother has hired a Florida lawyer to get Anna's body released for burial.

We've confirmed that Virgie Arthur has hired Coral Gables attorney Stephen Tunstall to secure the body. But there's a catch: There are two outstanding California court orders preventing burial. A judge has put a hold on the release of the body; a second order demands a DNA sample from Smith.

We're told Larry Birkhead's lawyer, Debra Opri, will ask a Miami court to "domesticate" both orders from the California court. If granted, the orders would have full force and effect in Florida. We're told Opri is making the requests in Florida today and tomorrow.

But there's a twist. We're told Birkhead has no objections to releasing the body, provided he gets a DNA sample sent to the lab he selected. For some reason, we're told Stephen Tunstall has not agreed to release the DNA to Birkhead's lab.

TMZ spoke with Tunstall, who said "I have been retained by Virgie. I do not wish to have any contact with anybody in the media."


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This woman needs to crawl back under the rock that she came out from.

What she is doing absolutely makes me sick!

2817 days ago


I just hope that icky woman has enough compassion for Anna and Daniel to let them be buried together.. I honestly think that will be the ONLY place Anna will be able to rest in peace....

2817 days ago


I'm predicting the involvement of another a few more attorneys before this is done...we still need one for her sister, one for her aunt, one for Howard's family, one for her best friend, one for Shane Gibson, one for Prince Asshalt, one for the former bodyguard, one for Mr. and Mrs. Trim Spa as they defend against Trim Spa lawsuits and probably a suit from China (oh, and one for China), one for the dead husband's sperm (I'm sure it needs someone to speak for it).

And maybe Ron Rale and Debra Opri can hire their own counsel. I'm sure they're bound to get into trouble with someone in one of these places soon.

2817 days ago


How absurd! You now Anna wanted to be buried next to her son Daniel. She hates her mother. What a nightmare.

2817 days ago

Supa WhiteGurl    


Remember to her family she is still VickLynn Hogan. That's how they remember her. And I pray Anna's mom can peacfully raise Dannilynn. I can't really imagine the Mom going off on a shopping spree. I think she's really sincere.

After all, this is also her child.

2817 days ago


Mama is an opportunistic manipulator just like her deceased daughter. How tacky. The woman hasn't even been buried yet.

2817 days ago


Figures She would lawyer Up she claims she dont want any of Anna's money but She would take the body. Of course after all said and done I hope Anna's child father is release to the public and the Child can start having a life of some sorts And I hope it isnt Howard cause I feel he had something to do with the murders of Daneil and Anna. And if he is the father Lord have mercy on her cause he would gain control of the money she inhearited untill she was 18 but dont be shocked if she dont make it to 18 and left it all to howard all of the sudden this is how I see it HKS isnt just his Initials It stands for HOWARD KILLED THE SMITHS!!

2817 days ago


Anna's Mom, Virgie should go home and shut up!!!. Anna was very troubled and had a lot of issues as a result of her turbulent childhood. There is something WRONG with this woman. Anna would not have HATED her so much, if she were in fact a loving parent. She should not be able to touch Anna's baby as she raised Anna who maintained self destructive habits because of her mental instability. This Mother should be tried and sentenced for being an unfit parent. Did she not watch the interviews where Anna clearly state dthat she DESPISED HER!!!!!!!

2817 days ago


This makes my stomache curdle. Woman you are a blood sucking money grubbing ass clown. Vergie you were not a part of Anna Nicole's life when she was alive why would you be apart of it now and who is fianancing your love for Anna. If I am not mistaken it is ABC . You spew venom from your mouth about your daughter in life and death and in her time of need at the loss of her son saying terrible things about your daughter and now you want to claim her body. You are dispicable.

2817 days ago


Anna's mother just needs to back off. First of all, she wants the publicity. She's gonna sell a bunch of interview with her about Anna's death so she can get the $$$. Anna hated her, let the people who really mattered to her work it out!

2817 days ago


Oh great. Yes, have her raise Dannielynn. This is the same woamn who RAISED VickyLynn. At least she already has the trailer park name.

The woman should bury Anna in a ditch and Larry should get Daniel's kid.

2817 days ago


I'm glad Vergie is moving forward in securing burial for her daughter. However, I'm sure if Anna had her wishes, she would want to hang out for as long as the publicity "hangs on". Three days or seven days folks is tops, put her in the ground already!!!! Will someone tell James Brown's family the same!!! Gawd! That being said, Larry truly does need to get DNA from the people he recommends, because at this point, I don't trust the autopsy report that was given to the public via TV; certainly after what TMZ reported what was in her fridge. Her fridge certainly does not look like my fridge. If you're not using, why carry?

2817 days ago


Though Anna Nichole was angry with her mother, perhaps it might have been partially because her mother did not tell her what she wanted to hear. Anna Nicole was obviously rebellious and had a drugs addiction, though she seemed to be a very kind person and loving mother. Families have fall outs for all kinds of reasons, but in the end, they still are family. Her mother probably would have been telling her what Anna Nicole wanted to hear if she were just somehow interested in money or greed. I think Virgie Hogan just lost a daughter and a grandson, and though things became tragically dysfunctional in their relationship, she still was the woman that gave birth to and rasied Anna Nicole and I believe it is truly the exception that a mother, even in cases of extreme fallout, would not love and want the best for their child underneath it all. I truly believe she does want to look out for her granddaughter and truly is concerned with the extremely suspicous circumstances that led to her daughter and grandson's deaths. I trust her in all of this more than anyone else and I'm sorry that they were not able to bridge their differences before her death. Very tragic, but maybe she can honor her daughter by helping provide all the love and stability and family identity she can for her innocent, tragically orphaned granddaughter who has so very much to overcome.

2817 days ago


I don't really think that her mom was the reason for the way ANS turned out. It is a long standing truism that any girl from Texas is either a nut or a slut. ANS went two for two.

2817 days ago


Come on people, Anna's mom is doing what a loving grandma would do all over the world,it's taking the baby.What grandmother would not want their grandchild even if there was'nt a large price tag dangling on the child.Anna's problem's with her mom are nothing for us as a public to take sides on because we were not there and it's strange that Anna would allow her to raise her Son and then say she was a awful mother to her.As we can see their were sinister force at work in anna's immediate company.Howard K.Stern should be investigated for murdering Anna and her son.There are powerful drugs in the bahama's that can be not immediatly indetected,this man is the killer of both.Once Anna announced she was pregnant and he felt he could possibliy be the father his plan for murder went into effect.The safest place for this child is her grandma.

2817 days ago
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