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Tug of War Over Anna's Body

2/13/2007 1:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that a fight is brewing over Anna Nicole's lifeless body lying in a Florida morgue.

Sources tell TMZ that Anna's mother, Virgie Arthur, wants to claim her daughter's body as soon as possible, paving the way for a proper burial. But Anna's mother, TMZ has learned, is not the only one who wants to claim the former Playmate's body.

We're told Anna's people have contacted Larry Birkhead's reps and tried to bargain. You see, Birkhead has a legal hold on the body per a Los Angeles Judge. If Birkhead releases that hold, Anna's reps promise to give him a sample of her DNA. But here's the catch: Anna's reps have not agreed to give Birkhead a DNA sample of the baby.

Even if Birkhead strikes a deal, it's unlikely Stern could claim the body since he had no legal relationship with Anna -- they were never married. It would seem that in this battle, Anna's Anna Nicole Smith Gallery: Click to launch photosmother has the upper hand.


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# 14 all your hate you have built up, are you her mother vergie????? well i am one of a few who hopes howard will give not a snot rag to blow her texas nose with

2795 days ago


# 168, Linda i hope your mother is creamated so we all will be able to wipe our asses on her ashes then we can throw you to hell, now Linda did you honestly think your smart or funny even, maybe some day one of your parents will pass and want creamation, what ya going to say about that? remember she is someones mother ok.

2795 days ago


QUESTIONS I NEED ANWSERS TOO????? did anyone hear the 911 tape yet? why was a nurse in the room with her calling 911 while the [BODYGUARD] gave her c.p.r? anna nicole gave an interview to E.T the night befor she died and the police were asking howard questions about fLushing daniels drugs down the toilet,and the next day anna is dead!!!what was in her fridge ? oh yeah methadone same thing daniel died from PLEASE FIND LIL DANNIELYNNS DADDY AND LET ANNAS SOUL REST IN PEACE DANNIELYNN YOU ARE YOUR MOTHERS DAUGHTER AND AMERICAS LIL SWEETHEART AND STAR OF THE WORLD BEFORE YOUR TIME XOXO STAY SAFE LIL ONE HAS ANYONE HEARD THE 911 TAPE I DID THE NURSE IS TO CALM FOR SOMEONE WHO WAS ALREADY GONE IF THAT WAS MY FAMILY OR THE PERSON HO TRAVELLED WITH ANNA FOR ALL THAT TIME I WOULD BE A LIL SHAKEN UP

2811 days ago

Only in    

All you RACIST "crackers" making fun at James Brown funeral,now how do you like it. I couldn't have made this sh** up. I will never give up my fight and will expose all you closet RACIST! NO PEACE, NO JUSTICE!!!

2811 days ago


her mom is a piece of sh*t

2811 days ago


Anna has a will. If it contains, as most wills do, burial instructions, then those would take precedence over her mother's wishes.

2811 days ago


Poor Anna Nicole. Even in death, she cannot rest in peace. The parasites are circling...from out of the woodwork, watch them line up for a piece of the "pie." This whole story is gonna get worse, real fast....and we all know why. Together now" m-o-n-e-y!"

2811 days ago


This is so sad...why can't they just let this women's life be at peace now...I wasn't a big fan of hers when she was alive but I have been following the details of her death and it's a shame what people, including her family are doing to the situation. I feel sorry for Howard too....he seems to be the only one that has stuck by her side through every ordeal she's gone through and he has absolutely no say in what happens. He probably knows every detail of Anna's life and how she would have wanted things. People are trying to cash in and its sickening!

2811 days ago


Right on farrah....

2811 days ago


Uh everybody needs to back up, the body will not be released without a court order. As the executor of Annas estate HE has the upper hand. As of last night Virgie Aurthur hadnt even inquired to see Annas body much less bury it. Me thinks TMZ makes up sh*t.

2811 days ago



2811 days ago


I wonder how many men's DNA was found in ANS during the autopsy? Maybe Perper added his to the mix once he got involved!

2811 days ago


oh put a f***in cork in it farrah!

2811 days ago


Anna hated her mother, Virgie Arthur. In fact, she more than hated her, she actually despised her. What's more, is that Anna bought a plot for herself next to Daniel's grave in the Bahamas. That is where she wanted her final resting place to be.
Don't you think Anna's wishes shoud be the most important here. Give Howard the body for Christ's sake. He loved her, and that's what she wanted, not to be lying in Texas away from everyone she really ever loved!!!!

2811 days ago

in the know    

Oh my God? How ironic. In Anna's last interview, her worst fears were her mother trying to see her baby, and she expressed how clearly she hated her Mom. I cannot believe she will be allowed and in charge of burying her. Anna's spirit will never rest in peace. Anna's mother will milk this death for every dime she can. I hope Birkhead isn't the dad because he will give the mother access to the baby. My God, what a nightmare! I called an attorney to draft a will as soon as I saw this article. If this situation doesn't scare you into making plans for your death, nothing will.

2811 days ago
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