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Grammy Contest Winner Booted from "Idol"

2/14/2007 2:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comRobyn Troup was good enough to sing with Justin Timberlake on the Grammys on Sunday, but she was canned from the Hollywood hopefuls on last night's "American Idol."

With her "Idol" rejection taped long before she won the "My Grammy Moment" contest, Troup had a Jennifer Hudson moment by landing a major break after getting the "Idol" ax.

Now, it's either a record deal for the 18-year-old Houston native -- or a trip to "The Surreal Life." Good luck!


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Hey Farrah,
Um.........Like Randy is black?
What about Fantasia and Ruben?

2811 days ago


Farrah ... how could someone fight for something they are just as guilty of... your post above states and i quote "They let this no talent fat a**"cracker" go the next round.I will never give up my Fight against RACISM! NO PEACE ,NO JUSTICE!!!" calling someone a fat a** cracker is a racist comment!! the door swings both ways
you cant be upset of someone attacking your skin color while you are in the middle of attacking someone elses skin color!!!
that cracker comment is as bad as the N word in my opinion... when its used its meant to hurt someone just as bad as the N word so im my eyes its equal!!
Maybe you should check your own racism building within before being quick to attack someone elses.

2807 days ago


Just because a black person didn't get through that does not automatically mean that it was racist. You are a hypocrite yourself for reffering to the girl as a "fat ass cracker" that is just racist and unacceptable, the very thing you say you are fighting against you yourself are promoting it. What a pity. This is comming from another black person by the way.

2806 days ago


I can't understand why they don't get rid of Simon everone can see he can't judge for shit because the people he and Paula pick to win don't get any where but the people they boot or get second place is the ones that seem to make it!

2806 days ago


Uh, Farrah. It's NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE. At least try to get that part right.

2806 days ago


I couldn't have imagined her on American Idol, so Robin chose another arena to display her talent. I think that some Grammy people don't like American Idol, so they did this contest to one up on them. Sing with a major artist instead of the grueling 12-weeks that they have to go through. She sounded good with Justin Timberlake and his live band.

2797 days ago


When they showed her name on screen last night I thought it was familiar for some reason.

2816 days ago

Only in    

Once again American Idol shows its true colors. This Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul are RACIST. The sisters had a voice and they cut them. They let this no talent fat a**"cracker" go the next round.I will never give up my Fight against RACISM! NO PEACE ,NO JUSTICE!!!

2816 days ago

Get over "Christian Hollywood"    

Farrah, enough with you screaming racism all the damn time over every f***in' thing! Damn, what about Fantasia? I mean, personally, I have Jamaican and Caribbean roots, so I hope I'm not being "racist" when I'm saying that the girl wasn't singing great during that tape. Maybe it was nerves, but c'mon. Girl had another shot, and rocked the Grammy's...

Does that mean that JT was being racist because he picked an Afro-American chick to sing with him? COME ON. There's plenty of REAL discrimination with ya picking a fight over every stupid thing. Fight over real racism, like that in Sudan between the Arab Muslims and the African Muslims.

2816 days ago


I think you just showed your true colors, Farrah. It's clear by your foul gibberish and terrible grammar that you have a third grade education.

It has absolutely nothing to do with race when Simon and Paula make decisions. And if you haven't noticed, Paula has a multi-racial background. Get your facts straight next time.

2816 days ago


Not only was she booted by a confused and Oxycontin popping Paula but they chose a fat, hick from Tn. who not only sounded bad but forgot the words to the song-for the second time???? That shows the rigged and biased styles of the show-that was proof . I hope she tunrs into a Jennifer Hudsend and gets a Golden Globe award being that A.I. has shown that it isnt about talent.

2816 days ago


Everytime a black hopeful doesn't get through on AI or any other program - racism is to blame. That's ridiculous! She didn't do well on American Idol; she seemed nervous to me. Hearing her sing, I wouldn't have chosen her either. However, on the Grammy's I thought she did a much better job. Please stop with all the crazy racist crap. Go ahead, be ignorant, call me a racist - you know nothing about me.

2816 days ago


Looks like Robyn Troup must of not read her Idol agreement contract.

I bet it says a person couldn't have won another contest/TV show to participate so there would not be a conflict of interest as it would give her a one up, as people had seen her on T.V. before.

Always read the fine print before you sign anything.

2816 days ago

Canuck's pride    

Farrah, can't you just go awayfor Christ sake,i'm a Canuk brother living in Montreal, and i'm fed up of your NO PEACE ,NO JUSTICE!!! bull****. Due us a favor by keeping your f**** mouth shut!

2816 days ago


gettign kicked off american idol is going to become the next " I lost on star search. Justin timberlake and Rosie odonnell are both people who lost and went on to huge sucess. I can see idol having the same thing.

2816 days ago
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