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Bobby Trendy Salutes Anna's "Genitalia"

2/15/2007 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bobby TrendyTMZ spoke with uber-fabulous designer Bobby Trendy, who was fired by Anna Nicole and Howard during the filming of her reality show.

A misty and poetic Bobby asked that we tell the world and Anna (er, ok?) that he wants to "Thank Anna for making me famous. When you think of Anna, think of red, white and pink hearts. She was love as she taught love. She was the breadwinner and supported four people by baring her breasts and genitals for men and women. She was an entertainer who will be missed."

Consider it done, hon.


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3. Bobby Trendy ripped her off by making cheap sh*t, hot-glued to more cheap sh*t, remember? That's all he's famous for-- being a rip-off.

Cheap sh*t for a cheap without class woman. She OUGHT to have loved it.
'nuff said.

2806 days ago

kathy borja    

where the hell is Kimmy ? did she forget that Anna bought her a car for her b-day? is she popping pills too ? she's MIA... Bobby Trendy Rock's !!!! you go girl !

2806 days ago


ya know, before bobby even mentioned it, I was in the store the other day and walked by iced heart shaped cookies, valentines no doubt, and immediatley thought of Anna!, Dont sweat these bitches bobby, thier jealous! You and Birkhead are the only 2 with class I see

2806 days ago


Uh, what's that on his lips? Big herpes blisters?

2805 days ago

denise hursak    

why is everyone down on howard?????????? he was the only true loving friend anna had besides her bodyguard moe. i must say though i think larry b is the father and howard and anna both new that thats why they went to the bahamas howard should do the right thing and call larry to come get his baby!!!!!!!

2803 days ago

unique creations plus    

ha ha ha ha ha ha lol!! When this so called rip off artist designer Bobby Trendy was on the ANS show- I just wanted to find him and bitch slap him! I wasn't that fond of the whole show especially how she had to buy her friends in order to have someone around, she must have felt lonely. She could have had such a good life, I guess her life for the whole world to view made us common folk more proud to be commoners, and I am really glad my hubby and I are old fogies and enjoy each others company and have no riches for all the relatives to come visit and live-in in order to get on the free ride band wagon like this girl did. But she needed something more than drugs, alcohol, boyfriends, and friends in her life. She is surely resting in peace now. Bobby Trendy- you can thank your lucky stars that you had your 15 minutes of fame, give up the pink, do some real designing and earn your fame now.

2802 days ago

denise hursak    

today i watched the court case. HOWARD IS NOT THE MONSTER MOST PEOPLE THINK. he truly loved anna. I HOPE ANNA NEW HOW LUCKY SHE WAS TO HAVE THIS GREAT SMART HANDSOME MAN. i believe he was out for her best interest. i hope larry b will let himstay in dannielynns life. her mother SHOULD BE KICKED TO THE CURB!11111111111111111

2802 days ago


What happened to Trendy's lips? DAMN!!! She looks like a blowfish!!

2802 days ago


ya right howard wasnt with her for anything but money , the latest clown video of anna 8 months prego and high as a damn kite . shows that how pathetic he videos it and then says ohhh this is worth money !!! exactly ! just shows his true self , what i dont get is her so called will said she intentionally omitted future hubby's and kids . so why the hell is he able to be in contention for the money he claims to be her hubby and the baby under those terms shouldnt get the money either if they go with what the will states is her wishes , why hasn't anyone mentioned this to the judge i bet then howard would hand that poor baby over to the real daddy faster then a hot potato unless he wanted to keep her and use her for money too . i am sick of howards whinny coward ass wish he would do everyone a favor and give the baby to the real father and disappear off the face of the earth .

howard i don't see how you can live with yourself , look at the clown video buddy it shows your true self !!! your sick for what you did to this women , i hope you get what you deserve in the end and remember what goes around comes around and you will get yours one way or another and judgement day will come . i just hope hell has room for you even though i think hell is too good for you !

2802 days ago


This is the type of TRASH that goes on TV and gives nice, decent gay people a bad rap. If he is so rich, why doesn't he go get some real diamonds and wear them and get a chemical peel to reduce that ugly mug of his. There is not enough pancake batter in the world to make him as pretty as he thinks he is. Also, I have driven down the street where is shop is, and I don't see people standing outside to get his advice on furniture. If someone wanted feathers and satin, they sell the same shit at "Hello Kitty" for a much better price.

2801 days ago


Bobby...Bobby...Bobby!!!! You are just sooooo full of yourself!!! I can not believe that all you could think to say in regard to what Anna 's legacy was that she was a "breadwinner, who bared her breasts and genitalia" is in very bad taste!!! What you said seems to be more degrading to her memory than anything anyone else could possibly say or do!!!
I'm wondering if all the "pink fluff" has gone to your teeny tiny little brain!
One more thing, before you start being critical of others appearance, you should really try to "deflate" those huge lips...that big mouth has nothing intelligent coming out of it!!!!

2799 days ago


william,you think that fag knew he knew shit...hes a nasty ungodly yuk of a human,he just wants to get his face in there,NO ONE REALLY KNEW ANNA,SO QUIT BLAMING STERN,HE SHOULD HAVE GOT MONEY FROM ANNA,HE WORKED FOR HER AND DROPPED HIS NORMAL JOB WAT EVER IT WAS THE POINT IS ANNA NEEDED HIM TO HELP HER IN EVERYDAY LIFE SOBE IT,NO ONES FUCKIN BUSSINESS...people are weird,howard was thee only person that hasent knocked her after she died,i would feel blessed knowing that after i died one fucking person stuck up for me,this is all bull-shit!!!

2796 days ago


When was the last time Bobby spoke to a friend. According to Moo, Ann's bodyguard, Bobby Trendy and Anna have not spoken in years yet his face seems to be showing up everyplace with "information" regarding Anna's "wants". He has no idea so why ask?!? Just another no body trying to get a piece of the action!

2792 days ago


William from post 12.....seriously, when was the last time Bobby spoke to Anna? Again, according to her body guard, they have not spoken since the reality show!

2792 days ago


The only reason I watched the anna nicole show was to watch bobby trendy. I love him, and personally if he had his own design show, he would be over the top and outragous. He has attitude, and can see him on the big screen! I love him...

2790 days ago
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