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Prince Frederic Files Paternity Suit

2/15/2007 8:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

And the saga continues...

Prince Frederic von Anhalt, the husband of Zsa Zsa Gabor, has just filed court papers in Santa Monica, seeking to establish paternity of Anna Nicole Smith's baby daughter Dannielynn.

The "prince" says he had a sexual relationship with the former Playboy Playmate in January 2006, when the baby was likely conceived, and says he will take responsibility for the little girl should it be proved that he is the father.

Von Anhalt held a press conference outside the court, where he called Smith's Bahamian wedding to Howard K. Stern "a joke," and in his own wacky way, explained that he understands he may not be the father. He said, "It could be me, it could be another three, it could be another ten, who knows? ... I know when I have an affair with someone I don't ask what you did yesterday and what you do tomorrow," and added, "those are the rules when you're in bed!"

Affairs 101 from a Prince, fantastic!


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Come on this old milkshake doesn't have any bullets left does he? His bullets have to be powder if they exist. I heard Kermit the Frog is the father.

2773 days ago


We all know Larry B is the father. Howard talks about Danielynn as "that baby" and the bodyguard is just looking for another gig. Prince-What's-His-Name should be kicked to the curb by Zsa Zsa for even insinuating that he could bed a bombshell like Anna Nicole. She wasn't after a married man - she wanted a man of her own from whom to benefit. tsk tsk on this loser.

2773 days ago


Howard K would make the best father-figure. (for those of us who were born of donors but know what a real FATHER is...

2773 days ago

Darla McDonell    

And one wonders why Daniel was on anti-depressants...and Anna...these kind of people in your life..MAJOR DEPRESSION / DEGRADATION comes..and DanniLynn in Sterns care..Gabor imbarrassed (cause of the "Prince" & Hugh Hefner / the personal trainer,etc and all these other free spirit nemphomanic's way of life). Anna's baby will be embarrassed all her life. In the name of truth/deceincy ( sorry I am not good on spelling) Stern get tested on DNA and give that child a break at life...and Vergie...let her be buried by her son...none of then need to be in the USA with gold-diggers/oportunists around.

2772 days ago


And all this for money, if it wasn't for the money involved nobody would claim to the father of this little girl, they should all be a shame

2772 days ago

vc hart    

Is there any white trash left in the world who didn't have sex with that train wreck?

2772 days ago


Zsa Zsa: Please, please DIVORCE this horrifying, disgusting person. Has poor Zsa Zsa no-one to help her??? Someone, please tell Zsa Zsa - she does not deserve this vile treatment! And - Keep the gold-diggers away from Anna's dear baby!

2772 days ago


Kaiser ichbin einscheidt von Umlaut now sez he the father, ja? Nein. No if the Copslapper hausfrau has any say in the matter, dahling....

2772 days ago


Without meaning ANY disrespect or disgust, is it possible ( with all the sperm freezing and negotiating) that anna could have carried ( by invetro fertilization) Daniels child? Could that be why Stern is so quick to produce Annas will and so slow at produceing his own DNA sample? He KNEW what her will left to whom and to whom it would be going to. Also Marshall left Danny a great deal of money, where is it now? The childs name indicates it was named "after" Danny. Can Dannys DNA be tested now? iI this were to become a real scenerio, it would explain ALOT of the actions,secrets and mysteries. It has been indicated by more than one,and needs researched. Again i intend absolutely NO disrespect and wish only for Anna and Danny to rest in peace, the baby to be well cared for and not be traumatized by those that lived off her mother for so long

2771 days ago


Holy Paternity Batman!! If I recall my reproductive biology---a woman has a certain number of days to get knocked up. or if all else fails-28 days. Jeez Louuweez! Just how many times in ONE month, did she hump the stump?! Now all crackpot and nympomaniac men, are running to stand in line so they may hit lotto!
Breaking news!
Now the Washington Monument is claiming to be the father of DanielLynn.

2771 days ago


Prince Giggolo is the classic Hollywood Hanger on that will do or say anything to get a headline. A pathetic creature who married another pathetic creature, then they declared themselves Prince and Princess. Imagine the Princess dead -stuffed and sitting in a wheelchair appearing to look out the window while Prince Giggolo is writing more bad checks.
We should all be collectively em bare assed by even commenting on this sicko.
For the time being all NEWS CHANNELS are banned from my television until this circus is over.
Please do what I have done and write to FOX- CNBC - and CNN
advising them they will be boycotted until such time as they desist
from 24 hour a day wall to wall coverage of this nonesense.
By the way I was on a flight approximately 15 months ago, Ms Smith was also a passenger. Could I be the father?

2770 days ago

fred sessoms    

“You can fake your way to the top.” I remember thinking, wow, when I first heard that Dreamgirls tune back in 1981 at the Imperial in New York. Eddie, you and Beyonce were great in the movie adaptation, but nobody could possibly best the originals; Cleavant Derricks and Jennifer Holliday. I can’t help but wonder if Frederic Prinz von Anhalt, one of the world’s greatest “mythomaniacs” of all time might too have been in the audience prior to his 1986 marriage to Zsa Zsa Gabor.

Fake his way, he has. Anhalt’s schitck is that he was adopted in 1980 by Princess Marie Auguste of Anhalt at which time he changed his name from Hans Robert Lichtenberg or Hans-Georg Lichtenberg, depending on who you believe. The adoption and name change did not confer any title or nobility, and the Ducal Family of Anhalt does not include Prinz von Anhalt as a member. Further, Germany’s monarchy was extinct by 1919. Frederic has said that he was a friend of Princess Marie Auguste's only child, Prince Karl of Prussia who died in a 1975 automobile accident, and that the grieving mother adopted him out of kindness and gave him the name Prince Frederic von Anhalt of Munich, the Duke of Saxony.

However, according to other sources, Princess Marie Auguste was bankrupt and the adoption was a business deal pioneered by Hans Hermann Weyer, a former window dresser who became an “honorary consul” of Bolivia, SA in Luxembourg. Weyer became better known in the 1960s as a “title broker,” for selling certificates of nobility, decorations, and degrees from invented colleges and universities. Jailed several times on fraud charges, he was described in 1982 by John Vinocur, then chief of The New York Times in Bonn as the greatest hotel “lobby rat," and, “a Munich rogue who sold phony titles to men who presumably wanted nothing better than being summoned to the phone." Weyer himself was “adopted” as an adult, in 1996, by a Countess of Yorck of Wartenberg, a 78-year-old German noblewoman, and now uses the name Consul Weyer Graf von Yorck. Do not miss the web site and “who’s who” of all the familiar faces by clicking here.

Anyhow, I guess in effort to keep himself current, Frederic decided to insert himself in the Anna Nicole Smith saga and called a news conference at Zsa Zsa’s Bel Air estate in Los Angeles and offered his account;

"She (Anna Nicole) had quite a few enemies and very, very few friends, almost no friends at all," the 62? year old lamented. “Smith's burning ambition,” he said, “was to be a real princess and wear a tiara. I told her the only thing I could do was to adopt you, but of course my wife was very much against it, I said I won't get a divorce just to make you a princess." A bird in the mansion, I guess.

Of course, had he adopted Anna Nicole and were it true that Frederick actually parented Danielynn, that would mean she is the Step Great Aunt of Paris Hilton. Imagine that.

“Round and around, and it’s always so real, yeah, when you’re comin’ down.”

“Everybody Is Up To Something.”

2764 days ago


Ok.. common misconception... GESTATION PERIOD IS ACTUALLY 10 MONTHS (40 weeks)

That would mean Anna became pregnant in late November or December. This "pseudo" prince is actually talking out of his ass (hole). I'm really starting to get a rage on for all these ignorant no minded pricks that keep coming out of the woodwork.

Rot in hell scumbags

2774 days ago

Give it a rest    

Damn. Fathers day is going to be a real bitch for Danielynn. Not to mention other holidays. Thank god she'll have enough money to help her out while shopping for gifts.

2774 days ago


Poor lil Dannilyn . Hope she can Find peace in this life. These Daddys are coming out of the wood work !! i heard there is now a 6 th Daddy.

2774 days ago
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