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Trump to McMahon: "I'll Kick Your Ass!"

2/15/2007 2:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's being billed as the Battle of the Billionaires -- Donald Trump vs. WWE mogul Vince McMahon.

The two are set to settle their brewing feud on "WWE Raw," with the loser being forced to shave his head. Unfortunately, The Donald himself won't be stepping into the ring to fight, with both McMahon and Trump sending in WWE fighters to do their dirty work for them.

Trump stripped of his infamous hair? Rosie O'Donnell might even tune in to see that! It all goes down tonight on USA, leading up to WrestleMania 23, airing April 1st on Pay Per View.


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I watch wrestling and have since Vince McMahon was color commentary beside old JR. This is crazy. has trump and mcmahon lost their minds let the wrestle be the show not two has beens sorry never beens,

2804 days ago


OMG i am a huge wrestling fan and on April 1st i hope "The Donlad" picks the best guy he can(in my mind the Undertaker)to destroy McMahon's guy so Macmahon's head can finally be shaved!!!

2803 days ago


Rayan, Taker is going for the World Heavyweight Champion which is Batista.

2803 days ago

Richard Ott    

I've been watching this McMahon/Trump feud unfold,
and if I wasn't amused before when Mr. McMahon
picked on Rosie O'Donnell, I'm so amused now,
I keep forgetting to laugh. My pick for this hair match
at Wrestlemania 23 will be Mr. McMahon's guy
to get the Trump's head shaved. And yes, I'm going
to say it now. I had a dream that I was at a WWE show
wearing a Baltimore Orioles jersey in Baltimore,
where the entire Boston Red Sox was visiting..
All I wanted to do was represent for my home
town in Baltimore MD., but in this dream, Mr.
McMahon told me that the day the Orioles wins
the World Series would be the day hell freezes
over, and to root for the Boston Red Sox, or I
would be forced to join his elite kissing club,
if you will. I have no choice this year, but to do
as he says, which means risking the worst
possible outcome of McMahon Vs. Trump at
Wrestlemania 23, Trump getting his head shaved.
If I have to root for the Boston Red Sox in Baseball,
(this coming from a man who once owned the
XFL Football francise), I'll do it, with the back-up
plan being Mr. McMahon beats Donald Trump
at Wrestlemania 23, no April foolin' around!

2802 days ago


There is great potential here for some positive public relations/image building for both of these guys. What they should do is tape the entire head-shaving session, have fans take sides and be willing to get their heads shaved if their side loses, and sell the video with proceeds going to charity. Even better, if they do this video, is have the loser decide to get his shaved at the end, as well, since it is for charity. It would be great positive publicity for 2 egotists and do some good other than making this a huge pisssing contest.

2800 days ago


Donald SHUT UP and GO AWAY !!!
GO ROSIE !! The VIEW has Never been better !!!

2799 days ago


Umm, only losers and 12 year olds get emotional over wresting. It isn't real people.

2798 days ago


This is sooo fake!!! But I for one would love to see Trump get his ass kicked. Just because this man has money he wants to run off at the mouth...Well Mr Trump money does not give you the right to run everyone's life

2798 days ago

Tony Oakes    

Go gettum' Trump...I'm a rabid wrestling fan and I tire of hearing Mr. McMahon...The Donald rules!!!

2798 days ago

Mike Torres    

Regarding Anna Nicole smith and Judge Larry Seidlin;
It's a real shame that Anna did not have sincere, astute, and compassionate men in her life like Judge Larry Seidlin. It took her death to bring out a true American Hero that openly shared his emotions and his compassion for the tradegy that so many people are now trying to reap profits from !

Time magazine should name Judge Larry Seidlin as Person of the Year, 2007
God bless you, Judge, and may you somehow put this behind you and not dwell on the darkness you have seen in these past days.

2798 days ago

wrestling fan for life    

i dont really care what all you people say,to me wrestling is else do they get injured or get bruises?wrestling is one of the best sports out there.i will be watching on april 1 and rooting for whoever.i really dont care who wins as long as i see someones head shaved.everyone watch wrestlemania 23.its the event that everyone knows about.its all around the whether you like it or not wrestling is always going to be here.

2798 days ago

duh...totally !    


both are IDIOTS and anyone who thinks that crap is are an IDIOT also !

wake up Hicks !

2798 days ago

duh...totally !    

Wrestling IS real ...if it is on the mat, or the Olympic Level....not that 'entertainment' in the ring.....that is FAKE !

story lines and stunts...wake up !

2798 days ago


Why does the "golden boy" from NY, constantly need to be in the eye of the public? He's far from entertaining, he's a spoiled rich kid who isn't a self made anything, his daddy handed him, I think it was $60,000,000.00 that's 60 million for those of you who aren't good with Zero's except this guy! LOL

I think "The Donald Duck" as he likes to see himself is suffering from some sort of a pyscological insecurity. Maybe the aging process is his biggest threat, but look at Hugh Heffner, the man is 80, cool calm and collected and nobody seems to dislike him, like they do "Quack Quack" lol

If the press would remove Paris Hilton and The Donald from our view for the next 100 years, they'd be doing, the celeb world a huge huge favor, and throw Jennifer Aniston, Brittney, and all the gossip over the late Anna Nicole out with that used up bathwater too! K Fed, go get a real job, we aren't enthralled with you anymore than we were with Achey Breaky Heart himself, the hillbilly without a shirt to wear. lmao Let's have a house cleaning in the media why don't we?

2797 days ago


Trump is proof-positive that intelligence and the ability to amass large sums of money are not part and parcel to each other. I doubt that Trump has ever actually read a book, and the books he's "written" were obviously ghost-written for him. We are clearly in the midst of an age where people become celebrated for no particular reason (i.e. Paris Hilton). Hopefully this vacuous age will come to an end at some point and some semblence of sanity will return, wherein someone actually has to accomplish something more than simply acquiring vast sums of money to become a celebrity.

2796 days ago
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