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Anna Nicole's Will

2/16/2007 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the will of Anna Nicole Smith, aka Vickie Lynn Marshall. The will is dated July 30, 2001 and was drafted prior to Dannielynn's birth and Daniel's death, and therefore indicates that Anna only had a son.

The will entrusts all of Anna's property and names Howard K. Stern as executor.

There were two witnesses to the will's signing, one of which was Kimberly Walther, Anna's former assistant.


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jamie peters    

I guess HKS must have signed a new contract with ET as they now plan to show her "lost" tapes. Got the answer to my question. This guy is a sick parasite. Used her in life and now in death

2774 days ago


Does the word, "I intentionally omit" . . . translate legally into "I disinherit". It seems to be vague language. The wills I have seen use the word "disinheit" or a similar very specific legal term defined as same. Since Daniel is deceased, under the law, isn't the will no longer valid because it does not provide any further instruction upon her demise and so her estate is like any other without a legitimate will at this point to be determined by the Court.

2774 days ago


I would hope that if Larry Birkhead or Anna's mother get the baby, they will exhume Daniel's body and bury himnext to Anna Nichole's in Forest Lawn Cemetery and Mausoleum. Her fan club would like that. I think a poll should be taken as to where they think she should be buried.They have tours of celebrities funeral sites and I think that is the appropiate place to inter her, in a great big monument. She was much larger in death than life.I don't think she picked that grave site out in the Bahamas. She was too stoned.I think Stern had it there so she would not be slapped with a supoena while on American soil.Just look at where she was upon death. In a hotel on Indian Land.Howard is a schrewd one.I think the will should be thrown out and all those groupies that she was supporting will now have to get a job.I think those pictures in the computer were there for blackmail purposes.if she ever left him or to get the Bahamian officials to do his bidding.

2774 days ago

um who cares    


2774 days ago

Cat Kil    

THE BODYGUARD (MO) IS ON THE INSIDER & ET LYING! His story has CHANGED from one show to the next!!!

In describing where he was when Anna was found in her hotel room:
On Insider he said he was in the room right next to her suite. Then on ET he said he was WITH HK$. Then the next sentence he said he called HK$ to get there something was wrong. WTF???

In describing the swimming pool incident he said that ANS said "Why didn't you just leave me down there"? But on the other show he said she thanked him for saving her!

He was shifty eyed & wouldn't even look up or at the interviewer until asked if HK$ killed ANS then he made a point to look in the camera & say no.

BTW The are now showing ANS w/ DannieLynn in the bathtub...NEW PHOTOS! Okay, HK$ IF all the photos were stolen then WHERE did THESE photos come from?? Supposedly the photos were took w/ ANS's digital camera...which was stolen along w/ the pc hard drive.
PLEEZEE!!! If you insist on telling lies at least make them believable!!!

2774 days ago


wait untill the IRS gets hold of it-- 40% death tax? - also more than likley Mr. Stearn will be contested on his ability to be an executor and trustee

2774 days ago


I think the Last Will & Testament that surfaced is the one that HKS wanted to show up. I can imagine there was a more recent version, that was less beneficial to him.

2774 days ago

Hollywood Heartbreaker    

Team TMZ:
1. Find Kimmy by any means necessary!!! Now!! Not one more moment to lose!
2. Ironic how with Daniel predeceasing Anna, Howard gets everything! Can we say M-O-T-I-V-E!??? Claiming the baby for this reason??
3. If Kimmy turns up dead, I think we have a real problem on our hands...where did she go anyway? Anna kept the other losers around, so why did kimmy leave??

2774 days ago

um who cares    

402 HEY MICHELLE, you have no idea what you are talking about ANS remains go to HKS she was a bohemian citizen & there laws govern all of her things etc her mother gets donut hole! nothing you hear nothign not even her body! Her remains go to HKS No matter what the FL judge rules As he can't! he has no jurisdication better consult ask lawyer .com honey! SHe was a BOHEMAIN CITIZEN & her body goes to HKS weather you like it or not. Her mother is shoudl of stepped up & been a mother! then she wouldn't have been left out in the cold!
So hello Nassau For ANNA that is where she wants to be next to Daniel ! WHy bother Daniel he is resting just give him his mother! The only true person whom cared about her!
Blood maybe blood sweetie by the long arm of the law always wins! Anna hated her mother get it hated!
so sorry for vergie she goes home the loser! Face the facts!

2774 days ago

Not a Virgie Fan    

Please find KIMMIE!!!!

Anna's mother needs to go back to Texas! Anna should be burried near her son! It's clear that is what she wanted! It's also clear that she wanted nothing to do with her mother! Virgie............get your ass back to Texas!

2774 days ago

jamie peters    

What ET did not reveal in this interview is that the boat dealer that HKS was with stated on FOX that Stern got the phone call from Moe between 1 and 1:15. She questioned him three times about the time of that phone call and he was as sure as he could be that the time he says HKS got that call was right. So how come 911 did not get a phone call until 1:39? She didn't have to die. How much ya wanna bet it comes out both Moe and the nurse were under orders of HKS not to call anyone before clearing it with him???

2774 days ago


Isn't it ironic that all these years Howard and Anna Nicole has been disputing the will left by Mr. Marshall - when he left her 8 million dollars, and Howard claims as his legal wife - Anna Nicole is entitled to half of his estate (although she certainly had nothing to do with his accruing it over 89 years!) and here Anna Nicole has written a will indicating that a future spouse or child would not get any money, but only Daniel! Seems to me she feels that a person has a write to give as much or as little as they want to a spouse. So why should Anna get the Marshall's money - give it back to his family!

2774 days ago

truth sleuth    

250. This is not the latest version of the will.

If it doesn't show up then I'll know H. W. Stern is responsible in more ways than one.

Posted at 4:52PM on Feb 16th 2007 by Bob Bain

Bob Bain? As in the Producer? How do you know there is another will?

2774 days ago


I agree with #15 . . .Howard Stern should have had Anna Nicole update her will. ANS named Howard K. Stern as her executor in 2001, so HKS had all this time to set up his strategy. When Daniel died that meant that everything would go to HKS and soon after Anna Nicole dies . . .something is not right at all!! HKS was only looking out for himself. Now, HKS can not leave Danielynne alone to go to Florida as the judge has requested because he does not want to leave her alone. .but that did not seem to be a problem when ANS and HKS left her to go to Florida. Something is very wrong here, very wrong and it is so obvious!!! Can some one please explain to me why a lawyer would not have had Anna up-date her will considering the circumstances, that is part of his job . . .to make sure the legal papers are in order. This was HKS’s plan!! Even when HKS was crying on E! Did anybody notice how for a split second before he was about to cry, he looked at the camera before putting his head in his hands to cry? Well . . . he did. .look at the interview again for his crocodile tears. If my friend had a 105 fever she would have been at the hospital regardless. That means there is/was a serious infection. What kind of nurse was with her???? Why don't they find Kimmie and question her . . .I bet she can tell many, many things. .especially where HKS is concerned. HKS fed ANS more drugs, like giving a baby cookie . . .. the baby will keep eating the cookies if given to the baby. HKS took advantage of a person who wanted to beloved and wanted a attention for the lack of as a child . . .when one does not get the attention as a child, they look for it and look for it from men too. I do not understand the type of friend that HKS was to Anna Nicole Smith and I look forward to hearing what that witness has to say when he/she comes forward in regards to what happened in that hospital room when Daniel was alive. I know when her son died, he did her in emotionally. HKS could not see this and yet he leaves her purchase the boat and they leave the baby at home too when she needed to be with that baby to keep her spirits up. Drinking and hanging out only enhances the feelings of depression that are already present, even more so after losing her son Daniel. Why would HKS leave her alone with a fever and depressed????? For a boat????? Why are the authorities not seeing any of this????

2774 days ago


Has it ever crossed anyones mind that If Virgie Gets Annas body that Daniels father and Virgie may bring Daniel home also. There are also people that have said Anna wanted to bury Daniel in Cali. but couldn't because she told them she could never come back here or Larry would Make her take that paternity test. That is why she buried him in the Bahamas'. Howard looked up all the laws about single parenting in the Bahamas' he knew where to take Dannilynn so as to make this more difficult for Larry to get Dannilynn or prove he was the father.

I believe the trip he was planning to take to Dubois was being planned not to get Anna off drugs but was their next move to get Dannilynn out to yet another place where Larry would have had to start all over again. Virgie seen that and thats why she put a top to him taking this child out of the Bahamas'.

Hopefully Tues. this judge will see just what kind of person Larry and Virgie are dealing with. Some may not be as blind as others.

2774 days ago
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