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Checks Into Rehab

Out a Day Later

2/16/2007 5:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0216_brit_details-1TMZ has learned that while Britney Spears checked-in to rehab, she refused to stay and checked out -- less than twenty-four hours later!

As "EXTRA" first reported, the pop star entered a rehab facility two days ago. Now TMZ has learned that the center was located outside of the country, and she refused to stay. PEOPLE confirms that Brit was at Eric Clapton's Crossroads rehab facility in Antigua.

TMZ is told that Britney checked in at the urging of riends and family, after being seen intoxicated in public places and was so "exhausted" on New Year's Eve she collapsed.

Britney spearsAccording to TMZ sources, Britney is on her way back to Los Angeles.

A rep for Britney could not immediately be reached for comment.


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Her career got tarnished when she hooked up with scuzzbag KFed. Anyone in their right mind wouldnt hook up with a guy who leaves his pregnant girlfriend...gross. I think she wanted the family life & kids so desperately she took the first guy that was willing to try and settle down. If she expects to keep her kids she needs to get help ASAP or the custody battle will get nasty.

2772 days ago


Britney needs to grw up and ast how old she is. a mature adult would not go out because she is drunk, forget about your kids and go get your head sheved off and two brand new tattoos. no wonder they say blondes are dumb. ( no affense ) but britney is a stupid blonde. she would fit in with all thos dumb blonde jokes!

2771 days ago


I think this girl has a real problem and apparently thinks so herself or would not have checked into treatment. She needs to get her shit togehter before it really starts impacting her kids, if it hasn't already

2770 days ago


Just because Britney Spears has lost ALL discretion or good judgment regarding her public actions, words, and behavior DOES NOT give anyone on here (or any other forum or media) the excuse to do the same as her while responding about or talking to others. Have some respect for others who post here (not to mention yourself), and don’t use obscene language & phrases, or embarrass others with cruel words and demeaning comments.
I am not nor have I ever been a fan of Britney, although I do believe she deserves to NOT be judged the way SOME (not all) on this board have done the past few days. Saying F-you and “her babies should be taken away from her” – seriously, do you think her babies are with her going in and out of rehab? - or wishing someone to disappear or die is SO wrong on every level. People are going to talk, but at least be semi-productive with your comments, especially since the chance of a celebrity reading these forums is extremely unlikely. Help others who actually read this board and could be going through the same problems as the celebrity (like dependency problems) or offer encouragement instead.
Hey, I understand you have free speech and will use it, but having anonymity seems today to mean forgetting that these are actual people being posted and responded about. You may not agree with their actions or the way they live their lives…I don’t either when it has come to Britney Spears, but it’s sick how much aggression is being taken out on someone you probably have never met. Honestly, ask yourself if you’d really want to be treated in such a negative way? Once, twice, you’d probably tell yourself you could just blow it off, but hundreds of times in a period of days? I really doubt it. I believe just about everyone on this board is more stable than what Britney Spears has shown the past couple of weeks, and it’s obvious there’s some type of problem. So please reconsider before publicly dissing someone unnecessarily while they’re down. And it’s not an excuse that America is just that way, or the media builds people up just to tear them down. Why not be the one person who decides NOT to do that to other people?

2770 days ago


Da bitch done loss her mind!!!!!!!!


2768 days ago


what do u expect really.. 2 failed marriages 2 kids w/ kevin ferderline , i would b all f*#!ed up myself wouldn't u? i say shave your head, eat some xanax and do acouple oc's and youll b fine brit....... just kiding.. this b&%#@h need some real expensive help and i don't think she has any money lef to do that.. but shes only human right we all make mistaks.. hang in there or hang onto the banwagon just hang onto something so u don't fall down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

2768 days ago


2767 days ago


Thats what happen when America takes white trash and makes them famous. What is she famous for? She has no intelligence, cannot hold a conversation and always chewing gun in the middle of an interview. I hope Kevin gets custody of the kids and teach her a lesson. You dont go around making an ass of yourself because you have money. Get your act together bitch.

2766 days ago


these r the druds talking, she needs help & should just let it happen & STAY AWAY FROM THE PARIS HILTON GROUP! britney you will be ok, your children are ur support,focus on yourself & your family this will get u much better.
you have been thru alot & thats what god gives us to see how we handle things. be strong girl! u can do it! don't forget their are 2 babies waiting for u to come home clean.
we kno the paparazzi don't help! so leave her alone,it must be a terrible life to entertain us & then in return have paparazzi as your inner camera's on EVERYTHING you do. lets give her a break,so she can get back to take great care of her children.

2765 days ago


I dont think brit will make it this time from a person with a past like that you can only get help if you want it it looks like she doesnt want it whatso ever if she did she who have stayed in the first time i think this is all for attention.

2760 days ago


britneys awsome she just needs a little help shes not self disructin just havin some problems jeez ppl give her a break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

2748 days ago

WWE does it right.    

This girl thinks she is going to have a comeback? Haha, yeah. Right. Britney is done.

2775 days ago


She's out of control and yesterday's news. She needs a cold dose of reality and take care of her kids.

2775 days ago


Big surprise! She needs a psychiatrist not rehab! Was her and ANS sisters?

2775 days ago


They probably told her it was a "fat farm" and she bolted when she learned there was no booze

2775 days ago
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