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Brit's Hair -- A Lock on E-Bay

2/18/2007 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney's $20 haircut may have been on the house, but the salon where the fallen pop princess chopped off her locks is cleaning up big time.

The owners say they saved every strand of Brit's hair and plan to peddle it on eBay. "We will probably auction it off for charity," co-owner JT Tognozzi tells E! Online.

And that's not the only way the salon is raking in the dough. The owners admit they are now charging $200 a pop to get the "Brit Buzz Special."

Did Too Much Google Kill Anna?

Looks like another member of Anna Nicole's entourage is cashing in on her death. In an upcoming interview with "Entertainment Tonight," reports the New York Post, Anna Nicole's bodyguard, "Big Moe," describes the chaos in her hotel room before paramedics arrived.

After getting a phone call from his wife (the nurse who was in the room), Moe sped to the scene and found his wife on top of Smith pounding on her chest. He then got in on the action and slapped the blonde bombshell in the face in an attempt to revive her before performing CPR. "I knew she [was] gone because of what I do for a living. I know the signs," he says.

So what does he think killed her? All the negative press she was getting. "She always ... Googled her name, and she would read these articles that spoke badly about her, and she was just sad about that," he says.

Salon Owner: Pay Up Foxy

A Florida beauty shop owner, who was allegedly attacked by Foxy Brown, is already expecting big bucks from a lawsuit he plans to file against the rapper. "I hired a lawyer. I hope to pay off my mortgage with whatever I get," Hayssam Ghoneim tells the New York Post. "She definitely has to pay for what she did -- one way or another." Brown was arrested after allegedly attacking him with hair glue and dropping F-bombs left and right after he told her the store was closing.

Party Favors: Justin and Cameron Spotted Together ... Spice Girls Ready to Reunite ... David Crosby Postpones Tour

PEOPLE magazine reports that Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz were spotted hanging out together at the Whisky Bar in the West Hollywood Sunset Marquis Hotel. There was no canoodling, and the ex-couple was being "very discreet" and "friendly," says a source. ... After splitting in 2001, the Spice Girls are planning to reunite for a tour -- for a hefty fee. They are reportedly demanding $5 million each for the broadcast rights to the tour. ... David Crosby and Graham Nash have postponed their upcoming tour, citing Crosby's "medical issues."

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No Avatar


I loved the ET interview on Friday with "Big Moe"! Really shows brains.

He says at the end of the call from his wife she told him to please call 911, because she cant get to the phone.......... yep that's right they both should get a PhD out of this one folks.

2768 days ago

J Doe    

who ever buys britneys hair,get it tested for drug use.....

2768 days ago


Oh and why is ET kissing the butts on anyone of the HKS?

I loved how he went into a great detail of how big moe rushed back to the hotel risking his life in traffice and OMG ran red lights to try to save his friends life.

Dude maybe if your wife called 911 instead of everyone and their brother first, ANS would have been saved.

2768 days ago

Brother Harold, S.J.    


2768 days ago

Sherri Jones    

Maybe when Brittany went to the rehab center they checked her for bugs. Saw pictures where she had been trading clothes, with others. If she had caught something it could have upset her enough to leave. Hence shaving head & hospital visit.

2768 days ago

truth sleuth    

yeah and risking everyone else on the roads life along with his..HKS interview should have read, "gee sorry Mr Jones but you see, ANS was OD'ing and he was in a hurry, he didnt mean to plow into your wife and kids and take your entire family away from you, if he would have had access to a car when he smashed into your wife with his while chattering on the phone with his wife that had no access to a phone well I guess you wouldnt be so gosh darn out of luck here so therefore I suggest you sue the phone companies and the automobile companies for a gazillion dollars and I just so happen to be an attorney with a free schedule now....."

2768 days ago

The Original D..    

"After getting a phone call from his wife (the nurse who was in the room), Moe sped to the scene and found his wife on top of Smith pounding on her chest. He then got in on the action and slapped the blonde bombshell in the face in an attempt to revive her before performing CPR. "I knew she [was] gone because of what I do for a living. I know the signs," he says. "

MOE said, he pulled the cover's down, if his wife was doing CPR or whatever, why would she have "cover's " aka sheet on her?
It does not add up.

Moe, also said, ANS was a MOTHER, no matter what a Mother..

That's right Moe, Anna had a mother too..
No matter what...

His poor wife, didn't have a phone.. *rme*

2768 days ago


brittney's upset because poor anna nicole is "stealing" the spotlight. so she shaves her head for attention. what a sick girl she is. i NEVER thought i would say this..but...give the babies to k-fed immediately.

2768 days ago

my opinion    

Since HKS is currently out of a job maybe he should advertise.

"Available for live in position 24/7. SWM experienced in the law, pharmacology, travel, baby sitting and media relations. Will relocate to your estate, mansion or hotel suite. "

Mama Spears, Britney needs a new keeper.

2768 days ago


What happen to give someone a berak? Britney just had two babies in two years, her hormons are not settled yet. She is young and working everytime she moves the public judges her. GIVE HER A BREAK!!!!!!!!!! she is young and human and if she wants to shave her head so be it! Many famous women have done it. I have never seen so many people sit in Judgment.She is still a beautiful person she will find her way the public needs to help her instead of talk crap about her.

2768 days ago


You know I used to like ET they seemed like a legit show, but now I think they suck they are milking tha ANS and HKS, I'd rather read the enquier! ET is the lowest of lows

2768 days ago


I must have missed the part in CPR training to SLAP the face first.


2768 days ago


And what nurse would do CPR on a bed and not hard surface?

Moe did not rush to save a life, Moe rushed to flush drugs that were in the room. Guess his wife didnt know what to get ride off.

I hope they really look into this death. What 3-4 calls were made by the so-called nurse and paranedic and only after that 911 was called? I guess after pushing her in the pool didnt work they REALLY wanted to make sure she was dead.

2768 days ago


Oh and Moe, I really hope you dont google your name. Howie pass the methadone to Moe.

2768 days ago


Anna would google her name and read THAT NO ONE WAS BUYING HER LIES!
No one but ET, of course.
Weds. Feb. 7th televised interview with ET. was so jammed packed full of bull sh*t, I shut off the TV and said, she's going to dead within a week....
I'm sure Anna watched that interview at the hotel as well, and went to the bar and started getting ripped. Anyone with any brains, including Anna, knew there was no way she was going to get out of this mess she and Howard created alive.
It's obvious, Howard is writing Moe's scripts now........
It's also obvious that Bonnie Stern is another one of Howards scripted puppets.

2768 days ago
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