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Posh Snaps at Disneyland

2/19/2007 2:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Disneyland wasn't the "Happiest Place on Earth" for the Beckhams over the weekend.

Victoria and her two sons, Brooklyn and Romeo, were completely swarmed by paparazzi as they tried to walk through Disneyland's New Orleans Square -- pushing Posh over the edge!

The photogs, including one with festive Tigger ears, made it nearly impossible to walk the tykes through the park, prompting Posh to get in the face of one camera-weilding man and yell, "Stop that! Can you not take a picture?!"

Beckham even needed to have a friend hold her back -- damn, don't piss off Posh!


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The woman took her kid to Disneyland, where is the surprise? What did she think the photographers would do except their job. If she wants privacy, she should have rented the park . This woman is a moron and she's playing you people.

2803 days ago


Isnt this what she wanted, otherwise why move to LA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111HAHAHHAHAHHA

2803 days ago


I don't care how much I hate a celebrity, the papparazzi is always in the wrong. Now in this case I actually like Beckham, but nonetheless I am so sick and tired of the papparazzi intruding in people's private space. I understand if they want to take picture of a wedding, or out clubbing, but I'm not particularly so desperate to want to know about the Beckham's outting to Disneyland. Normal families do that too..I don't feel its necessary to intrude, especially when children are involved. It's a sick sad world.

2803 days ago

a girl    

Can someone tell me where her third son is? I swear she has another tyke named Cruz you never see him. If someone knows that would be great

2803 days ago


Damn you people are Disgusting.

Is it FAIR PLAY when the kids are involved???? Was it all that fair when the kids were seen CRYING and SCARED when Posh tried to take them to dinner for V-day.....and now at Disney Land.....

I don't think it's all that FAIR FOR THE KIDS

If you want to make a living being a PAP fine, but when they are out and about with their KIDS LEAVE THEM ALONE..


2803 days ago


She asked for every bit of it when she cashed the check and moved to LA. It's a free country and every one of those photographers paid admission to enter the park. You will notice that there were plenty of "real people" snapping pictures of her, too. Those kids should be confiscated and raised by some parents who are fame-addicted whores.

Meanwhile, Posh's manager, Simon Fuller is documenting every bit of this for a new "reality show," so she's probably loving every second of it. Why else would she be going out to Disneyland on a holiday wkend or The Cheesecake factory at the Grove mall!?!!

Wake up, people. The Beckhams are crap and it's the kids who suffer.

2803 days ago

Only in    

Her other child Cruz is in New York doing another Satinic taping with Matt Lauer. Oh bye the way Tom, go fu**k yourself

2803 days ago


Welcome tot he U.S. Sweetie where alot of the photos are excons. Child molesters, thieves and batterers are cozying up to your kids. Kiss freedom goodbye.

Maybe if your wore a bra and were pleasant you'd attract less attention.

2803 days ago


If she wants the stardom, which she obviously does, she and her family have to make sacrafices. That may be not being able to take her kids to Disneyland. Tough. My heart bleeds.

2803 days ago


-Why people on here telling other posters they are crap, just becasue they express an opinion on an interaction between the Pap ans osme publicity hungry has been

---If she know that camera trigger her sons condition, simple, buy out the part for the day or travel to the midwest to go to Six Flags

---Seems she can move to the middle of nowhere in Kansas and let her husband commute, however I beleive this is someone who loves the limelight and revels in it..otherwise why LA..

---It is her responsibility to keep her child out of the limelight, after all people like Kevin Bacon et have kids and htey are never in the limelight, how do htey mange that???Hmm seems like some parents jsut love the limelight

---SO whose fault is it...she coudl have taken out an add in the newspaper tellign the paps about ther sone reaction to flashes, you odnt expect the paps to know such things....

---Simple, she made a descision and her sons wellbeing was not well thought out , so why insult others here for airing thier opinion.............

--Just another celebrity poor choice..Husband makes enough money to buy out the whole park for weekend son end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2803 days ago


You are correct but people are such morons and illiterate and don't know a what a seizure can actually do!

2803 days ago


Janie: Sorry to tell you but David Beckham would not be interested in have the manners of a pig and sound like white trash from the trailer park. You need a desperate makeover to attract any man!

2803 days ago


Janie: get a life, an education and some class!

2803 days ago

Only in    

Puss Spice I'm gonna take your man away from you. It won't be hard believe me. He probably never had a real women before. You see.. wait a minute ,excuse me ,Oh Brad honey change the diapers on the little one's, where was I .......

2803 days ago


I have epilepsy and I know what flashing lights can do...They should be arrested...and ashamed..if that child has epilepsy...and they are flashing those cameras in his face

2803 days ago
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