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Posh Snaps at Disneyland

2/19/2007 2:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Disneyland wasn't the "Happiest Place on Earth" for the Beckhams over the weekend.

Victoria and her two sons, Brooklyn and Romeo, were completely swarmed by paparazzi as they tried to walk through Disneyland's New Orleans Square -- pushing Posh over the edge!

The photogs, including one with festive Tigger ears, made it nearly impossible to walk the tykes through the park, prompting Posh to get in the face of one camera-weilding man and yell, "Stop that! Can you not take a picture?!"

Beckham even needed to have a friend hold her back -- damn, don't piss off Posh!


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CALI ????? WTF IS A CALI ??????

2773 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

So tell me.....Why oh why did Disney ALLOW this to happen??????????
Sucks to be famous sometimes.....

2773 days ago


Sorry no sympathy here (except for her kids) - you don't go to Disneyland and expect privacy to enjoy a family day. She courted this celebrity yet she wants to turn it on and off as she wishes; sorry doesn't work that way Posh.

And get that kid a haircut!

2773 days ago


If your son has epilespy and camera flashes will possibly trigger an attack, then perhaps do not go to a public place where you know there will be hoardes of photographers waiting to take your photo.

2773 days ago


Hey poster 64 - for someone who hates Americans and our celebs you certainly do know a lot about them. Deep down you know you wish you were an American...jealousy is such an ugly emotion. Maybe we will stop coming to your country to spend our money...see where you would be then.

Keep your Posh - we don't want her.

2773 days ago


Exactly WHAT has Victoria Adams Beckham done since the breakup of the "legendary" Spice Girls? Besides marrying a famous soccer/football player and shitting out three kids - absolutely nothing!

So then why does the paparazzi follow her around? Nobody cares about her, anyway.

2773 days ago


It makes me sad to see this. I refuse to watch anymore videos including celebrity children. Why the F#%@ would she be seeking publicity by taking her children to Disneyland? All people from around the world go there to take their children but to accuse this woman of doing wrong is unfathomable and incredibly wrong. Her children are innocent. They just wanted to see Disney but your photogs have to hound them every minute. TAKE ONE PIC and leave them alone. You photogs and Paparazzi's are getting out of control. YOu are blood-sucking, bottom feeders and we all think you are scum. We are not interested in this shit anymore. You will all burn in Hell for your self-serving, maniacal pieces of shit. You can take one picture than move the fuck on. Seriously people, celebrity or not, this is ridiculous. EVERYONE deserves privacy. This is shit.

2773 days ago


Why don't celebrities hire photograpers to follow some of these main paparazzi and follow them and their families relentlessly day and night. i'm sure they could afford to hire two or three and turn the situation around.

2773 days ago


#79: Nobody want to be an American, believe me! Now in these days of Georgie Bush and Company starting unprovoked wars on Third World Countries.

American celebrities are something to covet, for sure: Whores like Paris Hilton, Wacky Britney Spears, and a slew of untalented anorexic, coke whores.

Yeah, everyone's beating down the door to be an "American" (whatever THAT's supposed to mean!).

Arrogance and ignorance are bad traits.

2773 days ago

Ginger Winchester    

Can you NOT care so effing much about what a celebrity does when they are trying to have some private time???

I don't like her - but I don't blame her. It's pretty obvious the press is more arrogant than the celebrity they are blaming for an understandable outburst. Enough is ENOUGH.

2773 days ago


Welcome to America. Maybe you need to go home. You're noone special here.

2773 days ago


There have been many the paparazzi want pics of ...who go to any Disneyland park, without this much drama. I have seen a few who seem to have set up the visit at the parks for their family.....plan ahead next time- the kids would have enjoy the visit.

2773 days ago

Vanessa Somerville    

Am no big Posh fan but the papparazzi and TMZ must make her life impossible at times. Shouldn't the caption to the photo read: Look! We bugged the crap out of Posh and ruined her family outing! And even better! She told us we were assholes!

2773 days ago


Posh knows she is going to be hunted down by the paparazzi, so why doesn't she rent out the park for the day...after all she has enough money. She is going to regret coming to L.A.... I don't get these celebrities....they have millions, enough to retire young go live somewhere quite out of the spotlight, raise thier kids up healthy, away from the circus of the spotlight, but they choose not to. I like Beckham...he is HOT and a good soccer player, but did he really need any more money, this guy can buy his own country.

2773 days ago

george vieto    

If Posh can't stand the paparazzi then grow a moustache or shave her head. Now get out of here you knuckleheads.

2773 days ago
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