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Pre-Bald Brit -- Liar, Liar Hair on Fire!

2/19/2007 1:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Just hours before Britney put herself in the running to be Mr. Clean's stunt double, the pop party mom told one huge bald-faced lie to a photog about ever-changing hair.

As Britney trekked through LAX Friday afternoon, following her post-one-day-in-rehab commercial flight from Miami, a photog commented on Brit's new hair color, saying "I love the brown hair." In true Pinocchian form, Britney replied, "Thanks, I think I'm going to keep it this way," as her nose grows.

That night, Brit found her way into a hair salon in Tarzana, and then to a tattoo parlor in Sherman Oaks, where KABC-TV 7 in L.A. caught the Vin Diesel wannabe. For the full video of Brit's bald visit, click here.


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Changing her hair after she said, "I THINK I'm going to keep it this way" makes her a liar?

2774 days ago


Britney shaved her head so she wouldn't have to submit to any HAIR FOLLICLE tests......that rehab place she ran from probably wanted to do a hair strand test so they could see what kind of drug addiction they were dealing with and she freaked, because she knew that would prove she had done drugs before, during and after her pregnancies. Now, if she's smart, she would STOP druggin' , clean up her act and grow back a clean head a hair!

2774 days ago


and...what's the point?

2774 days ago


Maybe she REALLY wants to be left alone and doesn't care what WE think. She wears wigs anyway like Cher, Dolly Parton, and many others â%u20AC¦ even Natalie Portman did this (for a movie role) and who the hell in celebrityville doesn't wear hair extension and/or color their hair wild-ass colors? Perez-pink-wanna-be. Do people really think she called the paps to photo all this crap? Anyone know how many stars actually have their REAL hair all the time? Also, the drug testing thing doesn't fly, she kept her eyebrows, etc and if she was worried about it, she wouldn't have left it at the salon on the floor where anyone could get it ,,, is drug testing why her ex-Kfed shaved his head or any other guy that isn't going bald naturally? Anyone thought about her aunt just dying of cancer? Anyone know what chemo and radiation can do to a person's body and hair? How many people get tattoos as a symbol for people they've lost ... or to make a point? I'll say this again â%u20AC¦ I lost wads of hair about 4 months after the birth of each of my 3 children and whacked my hair off each time â%u20AC¦ and normally I have enough hair for 3 people. I'm not taking up for her, but sheesh, we don't KNOW what she is doing, only assuming. Everyone ragged her about being fat â%u20AC¦ surprise, she was pregnant for the 2nd time. Maybe she wants a tattoo on her scalp â%u20AC¦ many do. Maybe it is ALL part of videos for a new album. She can't go the to bathroom without people timing and reporting on it. I feel sorry for her. I would go ape-sh*t nuts to have this kind of scrutiny. Yea, she is a celebrity, but no human being deserves this crap. Alright, hit me with all the funky foul, you are 16, delusional Britney fan postings if you want. Nothing can hurt me more than my own husband that got caught by my 17 year daughter (in my OWN home) with my â%u20AC%u0153bestâ%u20AC friend and had to admit to having an affair for over 14 years right under my nose â%u20AC¦ how big of a fool am I for trusting people, people I love/d? I just want to protect my kids â%u20AC¦ no one knows what is going on in another personâ%u20AC%u2122s life, but them. Pictures that show â%u20AC%u0153momentsâ%u20AC%u2122 do NOT give you the entire picture of their life or who they are. Treat her or anyone else like YOU and I would like to be treated, with kindness. Kindness humbles me now like it never has. Sorry for the typos and bad grammar for those that it matters to. I just want to be a better person and show the kindness I desperately need myself. I come here and read celebrity gossip for an escape from all the BS in my real life. Honestly, my state of mind, heart and soul have been scraped to the bone after everything that has happened. Most of you are kind and compassionate â%u20AC¦ and it is appreciated beyond anything I can put into words.
One last thing ... I wouldn't tell the paparazzi the truth about anything if I were her or any celebrity.

2774 days ago

Gloria Picchetti    

Is TMZ certain that she lied? Is she allowed to change her mind? If she doesn't cut nor dye her hair again she will be a complete fox.

2774 days ago


i think Brit had a meltdown predicated by all the media attention focused on Anna Nicole. she was feeling neglected. i wonder who's next, - lindsay, paris? i think the media should call a moritorium on these babes, shut 'em down!! focus on stars who are worthy!!

2774 days ago


PUBLICITY - PUBLICITY - PUBLICITY STUNT. Somebody's trying to keep their name in the public eye because somebody's career is clearly over.

2774 days ago


Zoe, good points but I suppose it's Entertainment News and people buy this crap.

2774 days ago


I think what the media assaults are doing to this young woman is criminal. Her life is none of their damm buisness; or ours for that matter. All it does is give the fat hacks like Rosie, Baba wawa, and Mary Hart something to use to try to save their own careers; which were clearly over years ago. Please stop to think how you would feel if this were you child, sister or someone close to you. God help them; and anyone whose goals and careers depend on the distruction of another human beings life. Dorothy

2774 days ago


2774 days ago


ch, ch, ch, ch, changes... turn and face the strange.. ch, ch, changes..

2774 days ago


Just one word............ SKANK!

2774 days ago


Good job shaving your hair! Anyways what is trying to prove with shaving your hair? Obviously people already know you are gay. So cut the crap and go straight to the point.

Someone bought her hair on Ebay for 10 grand.

The end of comments.

2774 days ago


she doesn't want rehab and she doesn't want to be left alone!!

2774 days ago

tmz is full crap    


2774 days ago
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