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Stern: Virgie Accused Me & Anna of Killing Daniel

2/20/2007 4:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Howard K. Stern just told the court that Anna Nicole was "really bothered" that Virgie Arthur, her mother, told the media that he or Anna had murdered Anna's son Daniel Smith. Stern is testifying with regard to Anna's relationship with her mother.

Tapes of interviews in which an emotional Anna Nicole accuses Arthur of physical abuse have been introduced in the hearing.

Stern also added that he is not a beneficiary of Anna Nicole's will.


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he didn't do it!

2711 days ago


HEs lieing to somebody and its starting to piss me off. he said on ET that he was, or one of those shows. He said earlier today they've been in a relationship since 2000, on ET he said it started 2 years ago. As a lawyer, Id think hed know what perjury is!

2711 days ago

neva letourneau    

Anna did not bury Daniel in Texas but the Bahamas. End of story.
Her mother is after money.

2711 days ago


If he didn't kill her or her son, he is still just as guilty being thier, helping Anna get all those drugs, watch her take those drugs, using drugs while she was carrying that poor baby. With that kind of a friend, lover, attorney, WHO NEEDS EMEMIES!!!

2711 days ago

Inspector Gadget    

Stern in the study with the candlestick - I am sure of it !

2711 days ago


He didn't do it, Jen? O.J. is innocent too!!!!

Get real, you clown.

2711 days ago


JUdge is not too happy with that tape... Texas go eaasy you are winning in my eyes.......

2711 days ago

K. Jackson    

ANS's mother needs to take her ugly, fat ass back to Texas and leave everyone the hell alone. I feel total disgust when I see her face! When justice is finally done, she'll be a nobody just like she always has been! I say, "Go back to hell where you came from Bitch."

2711 days ago


Big flip! Who give a sh*t. It's just a body not a person. Stick a bone up her dead @ss and let coyotes drag it out to the desert. Then all of you vultures can pick the meat off the bones.

A junkie by any other name...................................

2711 days ago


I believe Howard. I saw the ET tapes where Anna was REALLY upset with her mother for saying they had killed Daniel. I got the impression that Anna felt her mother was trying to make money off of Daniel's death -- sad, sad, sad. Perhaps Anna & Howard made money off of it, too...but, at least their money would go to DannieLynn and not just to the selfish greedy grandmother.

2711 days ago


That woman has abuser written all over her. Seeing ANS speak of her on the ET interviews she was vibrating with hatered when she spoke of her.

2711 days ago


ROCK on, annamyazz!!! That's the shit I'M talkin about!!!

That skanky slut should be tossed through a wood chipper over the Atlantic ocean - and turned into CHUM.

2711 days ago


Regardless of one's thoughts on Virgie or on Howard, the fact remains that Anna buried Daniel in the Bahamas. She loved Daniel. She bought a burial space next to him. Seems pretty clear cut to me. Let the poor woman rest near her son. Any mother (meaning Virgie) who can't see that is not thinking of her daughter, only herself. Anna clearly didn't get to speak for herself very often, but she did here. Someone ought to listen....for once!

2711 days ago


vergie said that she didn't like the company nor the lifestyle anna kept...
( do you blame her?). She said she believed that Daniel was kill because there were drugs all around. She didn't directly blame either of them. She did say that howard controlled Anna, and when she called anna, howard wouldn't let her talk, and later had her number changed when Vergie tried to call her again about daniels death.

2711 days ago

Elizabeth Higgins    

She did kill her kid... if the substance abuser didn't have the substance prevailant in her life then the kid wouln't have had access to it... either through the sleazy Stern or herself..... This isn't rocket science. The kid grew up surrounded by his mother's substance abuse and his mother's lawyer pushing it.... It is Anna's fault. She would be guiltless if she was clean... Good God her and Howie made $$$$$ off of it. The more images of Anna making the fool out of herself all doped up the more $$$$ If Stern really loved that woman he would have done what Brit's friends and family are doing for her... getting her help! Anna knew she was doing wrong... she may have spoken highly of her child but who cares? She didn't do anything to eliminate the probability that the kid used also. Like a good parent would!!

2711 days ago
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