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Judge Seidlin "Very Impressed" with Birkhead

2/21/2007 7:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Judge Larry Seidlin finished a long, contentious day in court just moments ago, proclaiming himself "very impressed" with Larry Birkhead's testimony, and adding that Birkhead had "put a lot of meat" on the bones of the Anna Nicole Smith body-disposition case. Seidlin quite pointedly didn't make similar remarks after Howard K. Stern vacated the witness stand.

The judge said that Birkhead would continue to testify tomorrow, starting at 10:30 a.m. EST, and that he wanted the respective litigants' attorneys to submit their recommendations for judgment in the case tomorro by 5 p.m. Seidlin has maintained that he will render his judgment or, as he likes to put it, "fashion a remedy," for the conflict by Friday morning.


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Cherry Simpson    

King Solomon had a similar case. You remember 2 mothers one baby. This one is 2 fathers one baby. One father gives the mother drugs and lets the mother overdose. The other father tried to stop the mother from killing her self and their child. Guess who the real father is. Howard is all about the money. He wanted her drugged so he could control her and sell the footage. Just look at the clown video. He controlled her by demeaning her and drugging her. Heaven help the baby.

2764 days ago


I KNOW that Larry was honest....and his attorney is the best! All of the lies are catching up w/ you will get what you deserve! Dannielynn will know real love when Larry holds her in his arms!! That little girl has felt nothing but tension in her home and it is heartbreaking!! HKS doesn;t know what love is b/c love is honest and he is not!

2764 days ago


HOWARD STERN SEEMS TO BE THE ONLY PERSON IN MOURNING! Virgie's snot snorting was all about herself.
Birkhead, well, he's a giggling fool. Child like man.

2764 days ago


I love you Larry!

2764 days ago

The Original D..    

Cathy you are showing so much disrespect for ANS by saying some of the things you are saying. you guys cool it, this is larry's thread.
Also the rest of you anti-Larry's go to another thread.

2764 days ago

Celebrity Status...Unknown    

Why are people stating that if Anna delivered Dannielynn on September 10, that Anna had to be pregnant before December 31st and Larry isn't the father... I don't understand this reasoning... The doctor always gives or takes two weeks.. And she could have delivered a week or two early and/or late what are you talking about. Nothing is certain everything is too close for comfort... This is totally a joke. WHy not get the DNA test and prove who is the father no matter who it turns out to be.

I myself would be shocked if the baby is HOWARD's but she may be... Only a DNA test will give the true answer...

2764 days ago

Tanya Franks    

Hey, did anyone else notice the blond lawyer for H Stern walk across the court room at the end of the day when everyone was milling around and pick up the water cup that Larry Birkhead had been using, maybe i watch too much CSI but she now has Larry B's DNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

2764 days ago

Brit_ney Rulez    

I'm so with ya, AD Jones. I could reach through my t.v. and throttle Seidlin. If he has to wonder why no lawyer in that courtroom respects him, then the dude should watch the same footage the viewers saw. This thing is a big joke. Whether Larry B is completely honest will all come out in the wash, just like with all the other witnesses, but to Larry's credit I noticed he didn't take some of the joke bait that the judge dangled in front of him. At least he tried to at times direct everything back to the topic at hand.

2764 days ago


Dear Dumbass, Larry doesn't do drugs! Talk only about what you KNOW!!
Thank you very much!

2764 days ago


I think Ms Opri should be disbarred for using stolen evidence to promote her case.

It shows that she will stoop to any level in order to get what she wants rather than going by the letter of the law.


2764 days ago


Hey, B rud in post number 66, why do you think Anna Nicole's wishes are the only consideration in determining paternity? It takes a man and a woman to make a baby. Both have responsibilities as parents, and both have rights. If Larry is the daddy, he should cet custody. Howard can't possibly be the daddy because snakes can't breed with humans.

I wish that poor Dannielynn could have been born into a loving nuclear family, with a mom and dad, but mom was a selfish drug addict, and she fled the country with her parasitic sleazebag lawyer to deny the dad paternity and access to his little girl.

2764 days ago

Lone Ranger    

Totally agree. He is the only one who almost broke into tears as he tried to explain how he tried to help her and the judge was kind enough to let him take a minute to compose himself to go on answering. The only one yesterday who actually cried in the court room when Dr. Perper called.

2764 days ago


I have to say, I almost cried watching Larry tonight.... I wish they would give him his child right now. I never paid much attention to him but he, and his honestly, and how he showed he truly cared about ANS and his child...well, he had my heart. His Attorney is fantastic to! Good Luck, it really breaks my heart knowing what he had been through the past several months... trying to first have your partners and childs health, then wanting to see you child, having some jerk control what should be your family, study the laws and wisk your family away to another place...makes me sick. He has common sense to, Agreed, take ANS & Daniel near MM and let them rest. He was so clear about $$ from photos up front without hesitation, I respect that. Good Luck, Good Luck!!!! I am looking forward to seeing a picture of you finally holding your child!!!

2764 days ago

Kyle in Dallas    

Larry supports Vergie - Virgie said "she is a Texas girl" and those of us from Texas always come home. Anna's husband is here and she and Danny should be brought here..

2764 days ago


(#3 & 13) I know it is confusing but this is not a jury trial. The only opinion that counts is the judges! He decides after hearing from all participants.

2764 days ago
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