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Smokin' Hot Beyonce Not Hot with Anti-Smokers

2/21/2007 2:49 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Australia based anti-smoking group, Quit, is puffing mad over ads promoting Beyonce's upcoming Aussie concerts.
The posters feature the irreplaceable superstar holding an old-fashioned cigarette, which Quit believes could be seen as promoting a smoking product --an illegal action down under! Members of Quit are "disappointed" with Beyonce's choice of props, but they are not the first to ring the alarm on her photo shoot accessories.

Other photos from the same set of publicity shots for her latest album, "B-Day," featured Beyonce posing with live alligators, which on top of her excessive use of fur, caused PETA to ambush the star. What's next? Will the National Association of Swimsuit Models issue a statement complaining that Beyonce's Sports Illustrated cover put them out of work?


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Settle Down    

I am really surprised at the anger included in these posts. Do any of you know Beyonce personally? She is obviously gifted if you continue to see her face everywhere you look. I am not a fan either way, except that I think she is a good actress. I feel sorry for those of you that have nothing better to do with your lives than post angry, resentful posts about Beyonce. I am sure some time meditating and reflecting on your own character defects will help aliviate some of your hostility.

2710 days ago


You can't advertise smoking in Australia? Now that's brilliant! When are we going to wake up and do the same?

And I have to agree with Quit on this. It is advertising cigarettes. When a beautiful, talented superstar is holding a cigarette to look sexy and cool, who do you think benefits from that? Sure as heck aint the kids that start smoking...


2710 days ago


Please Get her off the news and let us appreciate her……’s tooooooo much to handle…every time you turn a round you see her everywhere… by doing this maybe she’ll get some class in English Grammar.

2710 days ago

Team Aniston    

I think her wearing real fur is worse than this.... The fact that an animal had to die so she can TRY and look good makes me want to hurl fur balls.

#12 .... Sorry... but you're no better here. Everyone is allowed to express there feelings ...whether they are angry ones or nice ones. And to tell someone who writes an angry post that they have nothing better to do with their lives b/c the post isn't to your liking is a contradiction, being.. you are responding to you TOO must not have a life!!!

2710 days ago


Hatin' ho's! Beyonce is beyond beautiful and she is loved by millions. PETA can go to hell. They are just a bunch of ugly, no life having, poodle kissing, cat loving psycho nut-jobs. Nobody cares what PETA thinks about anything. They are crazy. Now we can't even take pictures with animals? Jeez! Beyonce' didn't harm those alligators in the picture shoot, if anything she kept them alive longer before they ended up as a pair of shoes or a lovely handbag. Whenever you need a shoulder to cry on Beyonce'--I'm here for you!

2710 days ago

Team Aniston    

Good actress???? We are talking about the same person here...right/....Beyonce??!!! lololololololol..... No way.... I mean she's been in what 1 maybe 2 movies.... Good actresses... pheweee....
Nicole Kidman.... Sally Fields..... Penolope Cruz..... THOSE are REAL actresses and didn't have to wear lil outfits that show their ass to get anywhere either..unlike her.

I'm not a fan due to the un-godly way she acts and then credits god. In NO WAY does it say in the bible that making men lust for you is something god wants you to do.... As a matter of fact.. I believe its a SIN!!!

2710 days ago

Team Aniston    

#14.... your right.... there's no "real" talent here. Her daddy is the biggest money grubber I've seen. HE was the reason for this. And I tell you...what real man who cares about their daughter throw them into that type of scene??? All the short clothes and stuff?? What "REAL" dad is okay with that??

2710 days ago



2710 days ago


#12….I can’t believe you said she could act……the girl can’t speak English correctly…………

2710 days ago


if you don't smoke, but drive a car? shut the fuck up! OR take my non smokers challenge! this is how the challenge goes: about twenty or more of my friends will sit in my single car garage, door closed and chain smoke for 1 hour. after we walk out ALIVE but hoarse, we fill a mini van with non smokers park it in my single car garage, door closed and let that van run for 1 hour. i think we all know what will happen. stangely enough no non smoker has taken me up on this little contest yet. stop blaming smokers for the pollution that comes from cars and industry! ya hear me all those non smokers who own more than one car? keep it idling while you pick up your dry cleaning parked in a handicap spot hippocrytes? go suck on a fuckin tail pipe make sure the car is running too!

2710 days ago


sex sales......I don't care what level of educations you have. sex sells.......that's why she's on the SI.........please put it back in your pants and zip it......

2710 days ago


#18 Strangely enough, you have no valid points whatsoever. Quit trying to justify your habits that are killing you.

Beyonce is very overrated. Her father and Joe Simpson should get together, go bowling and compare notes on their daughter's racks.

2710 days ago


#18.....u have serious issues.............

2710 days ago


... just another mediocre talent "superstar" with sh*t for brains...

2710 days ago

Team Aniston    

lolol..... That's great #19 ....

They really should....maybe they can find new ways to exploit them!!

2710 days ago
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