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Anna Paid For EVERYthing, Now Folks Do

2/21/2007 6:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Howard K. Stern just said in court that he currently has no income of his own, and that he is "borrowing money from my parents" to support himself. He also revealed that Anna Nicole Smith paid in full for his lodging and for his expenses, including dinners and even shoes.

He said he made approximately "$60,000 - $70,000" in 2002. Stern said he made a measly $12,500 from the E! reality series "The Anna Nicole Show."

Stern just testified, however, that if Anna's estate wins its battle with Marshall family, he stands to collect 6% of the total.


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Thats real professional TMZ, no matter what your opinion is of HKS, keep the kiddie games for just that- your child like closed minds.

2764 days ago


Barbara, you're a moron. Go back to the recliner and sip your highball.

2764 days ago


Every dog has his day! Howard took advantage of Anna for so long, especailly during a very depressing, difficult time in her life. He knew she was very vulnerable, and would basically play her like a piano. Giving her drugs and making her think he was her friend, while tagging along for the free ride and photo opps. Did any of you see the video on TMZ of Anna with a painted clown face? Howard was the one behind the camera laughing and basically egging her on to make a fool out of herself on the camera. If thats what friends do to friends, then who needs enemies? He could have done an Intervention and gotten her the help she desperately need at anytime. I cant wait for them to prove Howard is NOT the father and Larry gets to take her away from him.

2764 days ago


Now he is showing his true colors. What a Loser.

2764 days ago


# 54- That is exactly the way it should play out! Danielynn should be with her biological father and bury Anna with her son. Be done with it! Give all her money and possessions to Danielynn! She should get everything. The biological father should put it all in a trust for her and shouldn't be allowed to touch anything. They are all there! Get their DNA and decide it. Maybe we should call Maury....

2764 days ago


Good LORD, this will never be done by tHURSDAY I love that howie boy looks and smells like a fish!@!!!

2764 days ago

Lost in Beyonce's fat rolls    

Hahahaha-They have put a red "L" over his head on the picture.

2764 days ago

Jamie is a liar and he/she knows it    

TMZ who the f are you to put the L on Howards face. You are sleezier than you accuse him of being. You are not judge and jury and have no right to post the crap you post here. You even lied about tom brady. I am watching the trial live and you post things out of context.

Now to this judge, you are letting that smelly fat pig of a liar mother get away with lying on the stand and you said you feel for her tears. You are either stupid or just are in the pocket of these people. Your court room has been a circus and you have continually given the respect to call larry by his first name and the mother you give into her just because she is a mother. Come on some woman in the carolinas drowned all her kids would you have given into her?

You have formed an opinion about howard and that is not your job. YOu are suppose to let the attorneys present their case and that does not mean allowing birkheads attorneys there.

Anna expressed her wishes and you are ignoring it? Give me

They even were proving that the mother was paid by Splash but the judge let her get away with her lies. To howard you cannot sell me the brooklyn bridge.

This judge is a loser and I am going to look into his career. You sir are just pissed off because you cannot get venue about who is the father.

So far I have seen him help out Texas with what questions to ask, and even has his own probate authors there. The judge is making this a circus.

2764 days ago


Thank you Team Birkhead - I'm on the team too.

Pratt, you're making me mad again!!! LOL

The L was hilarious - GO TMZ!!!!!!

Stern is a P.O.S.

2764 days ago


He is a disgrace to the practice of law. No wonder he liked Anna all drugged up he got a free ride all these years! They had that in common with each other.

2764 days ago

celebs sux    

I thought Howard Stern was worth millions after signing with Sirrius radio.

2764 days ago



2764 days ago


69 - It wasn't his lawyers asking Virgie how much she was worth and what her house was worth - it was the lameass judge who does not belong anywhere near a bench.

He has taken a simple issue like who gets to decide where the body is buried and turned it into a fiasco.

2764 days ago

Just me??    

I sign off this is absolutely ridiculous.... When will she be buried????????????? This judge allows any question, any subject............................................

2764 days ago


Juia0(#33) - Re: Photos of Dannielynn

I have been concerned since day 1 about the potential for exploitation of this child. If it's not his "reuniting with baby" photos, it will be "Sad daddy and baby"photos, then "Little baby without mommy at mommy's funeral" photos, then ""look how daddy and little baby are doing one month after funeral" photos, then "sad little baby at first birthday without mommy" photos, ad nauseum.

No one around ANS did anything for free. You can be sure there is a great deal of money that has changed hands around her and HK$ has had his hands on it one way or the other.

She just inconveniently died before he could get all his paperwork finished.

2764 days ago
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