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Howard K.'s Lawyer is Pissed

2/22/2007 5:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In a moment of sheer and utter frustration, Howard K. Stern's lawyer, Krista Barth, exclaimed that she "objected to everything ... under the sun." The steaming blonde attorney was obviously fed up with the carnival-like atmosphere in Judge Larry Seidlin's courtoom.

Virgie Arthur's lawyer, John "Texas" O'Quinn, telephoned the father of Daniel Smith to testify about the disposition of Daniel's body, without verification or deposition, causing Barth to hit the roof.

Watch Krista Barth lose her s**t in front of the judge.


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She is just posturing to set herself up to be able to appeal his decision if it doesn't go her way.

The judge had to cut off testimony for both sides and she just wants to have her cake and eat it, too.

2736 days ago

Cat Kil    

Please sign the online petition SAVE DANNIELYNN and forward to everyone you know:


I just ran across this article which seems to be in HK$'s favor.
There is no justice if that bastard HK$ gets away w/ this mess.

Please read & I urge LB supporters to email the Royal Bahamas Police Force IMMEDIATELY as COURT DATE IS FEB 22, 2207 Thursday.
Royal Bahamas Police Force (Paul H. Farquharson)

Hopefully strength in numbers will force the Bahamian government to request
a DNA test on DannieLynn.
And ultimately for Larry to get custody of his daughter.

Court Battle Set For Anna Nicole’s Baby
The custody battle over the late American celebrity Anna Nicole Smith’s five-month old daughter, Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern, is set for a Bahamian court on Thursday (Feb.22, 2007).

Paternity Law May Work To Stern’s Advantage

2736 days ago


Good for her! This has been a bunch of crap and how sad for this baby to have this all go that way! HKS is protecting ANS wishes

2736 days ago

deez s    

I like her way better than Larry Birkheads lawyer.

2736 days ago


UGH. I cannot stand this shrill bitch. She is a valley girl to the max. K-mart variety chick.

Outside the courtroom she is equally as stupid and rude yelling at photographers and media.

Bitch, you are a joke.

2736 days ago


Boooooo hooooo Krista Barf!!!!

2736 days ago


I hope that works Cat Kil....DONE!!!

2736 days ago


I hope to God that Larry is found to be the father!!!

Bahamian Government: Get this over with for this precious little baby and do it SOON!!

2736 days ago

just wondering    

Why in the world would Billy Smith be called. He was never a part of Daniel's life. Why should he have a say as to where Daniel should be buried????

2736 days ago


Who cares what this BIMBO thinks, or ifr she's mad or not ? Straight to hell with her and Howard Stern. He's a pussy Whipped wimp mand she's a whore !! It will come out that he's NOT the father too.

2736 days ago


Well if this windbag lawyer is so upset why dosen't she get her lying ass client to submit a DNA sample and then this whole thing would be over. Dumb sh*thead.

2736 days ago


Couldn't this matter have been handled in an hour!!!!....The intent was there ....why make it such a circus....Mother not a part of her life for 10 years - Billy Smith not around for 17 years of Daniel's life..WHAT A JOKE this legal system!!!!!!

2736 days ago


Krista Barth was completely professional and did a superior job, without trickery or lying. Debra Opri is/was a Jackson Family lawyer also, no wonder the circus and deceit that was uncovered. Larry Birkhead is definitely Opri’s new cash cow. DebraOpri is why Shakespeare wanted to kill all the lawyers!

2736 days ago


Hearing Larry and Howard stories, it appears Anna Nicole Smith has Epilepsy

2736 days ago


Let me first say that this judge is full of sh*t. His stories are ridiculous. He's auditioning for his own show and it's disgusting that he's using this high profile case do it. He should be barred... It's unethical.

As for Krista Barth... Why is everyone attacking her? I don't understand why people are calling her a "BIMBO", "VALLEY GIRL", etc... Here's something to remember. She went to law school (which not everyone is capable of doing), she passed the Bar, and she's an attorney. She's doing her job.

All in all, Howard K. Stern got what he wanted. He wanted Anna buried in the Bahamas where her son is and the verdict is..... SHE WILL BE.....

2736 days ago
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