Opri: We Got Shut Down by Judge

2/22/2007 3:30 PM PST
Debra Opri, Larry Birkhead's lawyer, just spoke to the assembled press outside the courtroom, and called Birkhead "the good guy" in this case, adding that Howard K. Stern could not claim paternity in the Bahamas because Dannielynn, the child caught between the two men, is an American citizen.

Opri contended that she had gotten "shut down" in court by Judge Larry Seidlin, who seemed to cut Opri's questioning of Birkhead much shorter than she wanted. But, said Opri, "This fight is not over. We fight for every inch of dirt, and we are going over to the Bahamas" to continue the legal sparring.

The proceedings are scheduled to resume at 2:30 PM EST.