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Britney Who? Web Searchers Want "Idol" Vixen

2/23/2007 7:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

As it turns out, it's sex over psycho on the Internet.

Even though Britney Spears has been on everyone's lips this week with her crazy, rehab-hopping, umbrella-wielding antics, she's not what people really want to see. Shockingly enough, it's "American Idol" contestant Antonella Barba that everyone's curious about -- at least yesterday -- when more people searched for Barba on AOL Search than on Britney, who's one of the most looked-for people in the history of the Internet.

Salacious snaps, purportedly showing the buxom Barba, have popped up on numerous sites, though "Idol" producers haven't yet taken action against the singer as a consequence.

FOX had no comment on the photos or her search popularity.


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She's talented. I hope she goes far.

2713 days ago


like i didn't see this coming...she thinks she can be famous just because she's pretty but pretty doesn't get you everything in life. she is just another typical boring low self esteemed girl looking for attention

2713 days ago


Cool more white trash to enjoy . what is with these people ? , now photo's of her peeing and topless . What's next head shaving LOL like looine spears BIG LOL , what a bunch of fools , each one more stupid then the next . I don't ever want to be famous , I might go crazy or take compromising photo's . NOT ! , Have a nice day

2713 days ago

Kyle & Missy    

ITs funny how YOU GUYS have to mention BRITNEY to get hits LMFAO....WOW pathetic much??? And Britney is the #1 searched for person EVERY DAY and EVERY WEEK so get your facts str8 you 1 post away from PerezHilton status morons...HARVEY LEVIN IS PATHETIC NOW anyway and used to be someone people liked and respected but hes now nothing more than a TABLOID...

HARVEY why dont you post that you guys were wrong yesterday with the whole KEVIN hearing huh???? OH wait because you dont want epople to know it. Well peeps KEVINS LAWYERS SAID NO SUCH CASE WAS ADMITTED or even given thought so in another words what TMZ posted was FALSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2713 days ago

4 real    

well i saw the pics and they are not over the top so give the girl some slack. the girl is talented so people just leave her alone.

2713 days ago


Most of you need to do more research before you say she is a "good girl". She definately is a "bad girl" and by the looks of the guy she was with, she has "bad taste" too!

2713 days ago


nothing will happen to this girl because she is white.
Remember Frenchie- she would have won idol her year because she had a killer voice BUT because she posed in lingerie for some website...she was given the boot.

There was a black guy who was given the boot because he was arrested for selling pot LONG before he auditioned for idol....but the Idol producers kicked him off cause of it ( yeah, and I'm sure all the Idol producers don't puff puff pass)

This Antonella c**t, whatever her name is, is lucky she is a cute white girl -mark my words NOTHING will happen to her, the Idol producers will NOT kick her off because there are pics of her floating around sucking dick......

Now, let some nude or questionable pics turn up of one of the black girls and she will be asked to sit at the back of the

just wait....and see

2713 days ago


I don't know if I agree entirely with you NewYork, but you have a point. Females today are pathetic. They have no self-esteem, no dignity. They think if they blow a guy on film or sex up on another girl, guys will really "want" them. Idiots. Guys laugh at you. It's time they learn that there are consequences for their actions. You want to be a whore (and make sure it's documented on film), don't try out for a show like AI. Go hit the porn circuit. You're going to get there eventually. You can't sing for crap.

2713 days ago


I just saw the photo's on the link's posted . Ya she's a good girl , right ! . Question I have is this , all you defender's of bad behavor , is there ever a price to pay for said action's ? , or not ? , or is it the rule of (I.E.) he/she has some talent , therfore they get a pass ? . Please explain this one to me , I just dont seem to understand your concept of reality ? , No really I just dont get it , am I dense or what ? . Please use little word's on account i'm not too brite . LOL . Have a nice day

2713 days ago


she should be kicked off because others have done the same and they were kicked off, this should be no different.

as for talent, she has none. zero. she's off key.

2713 days ago

Jennifer Hunter    

So I looked at the American Idol site(after reading this). Stumbled upon something really funny, in her interview it asked if she had any lucky charms and she replied only with skim milk! FYI smart girl!

2713 days ago


The only reason she's the most searched flavor of the day is because the word spread about the BJ pics. This girl is typical jersey shore trash like pretty much the rest of jersey. I lived there all my life until recently & can tell you that there is nothing but low-lifes, who pretend they are better then everyone else, living there. Which is exactly why I got the hell out of the "Armpit of America" state. Way ta represent Antonella! Thanks for proving me right! Now go home!

2713 days ago

Team K-Fed    

she's awful I have to say, but so is Britney

2713 days ago

I guarantee she now gets work after Idol because of her pics giving head.

2713 days ago


She has marginal talent and ain't so hot! I was surprised she wasn't thrown off the island last night. Oh well, there's always next week.

2713 days ago
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