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Dannielynn's Paternity Hearing in Progress

2/23/2007 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A hearing in Florida hearing on the paternity of Anna Nicole Smith's daughter Dannielynn is now in session. Larry Birkhead is present with his legal team; Howard K. Stern is not, though his lawyers are. They are meeting in the chambers of Judge Lawrence Korda.

An attorney for Larry Birkhead is expected to ask the judge to order a DNA sample to be collected from the 5-month-old baby from the Bahamas, or for the baby to go to Florida for the testing.

This hearing comes a day after Birkhead, Howard K. Stern and Anna's mother Virgie Arthur came to the reluctant agreement that Anna Nicole Smith's body will be buried in the Bahamas next to her son.

To catch all the action as it happens, tune in to the live feed from Miami's WTVJ, right here.


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I hope it's Larry Birk's and Howard Stern looks like a complete gold-digging murderer.

2768 days ago




By INDIRIA SAUNDERS, Guardian Staff Reporter

The legal battle for custody of Anna Nicole Smith's baby, Dannielynn Hope, has been postponed until Monday afternoon when all witnesses will likely be present, The Guardian has learned.

Although the attorney for Smith's estate, Wayne Munroe, reportedly admitted that he did not know what witnesses will likely be present at the court hearing on Monday, the attorney for Larry Birkhead, the man who claims to be Dannielynn's father,told reporters outside of a Florida courtroom yesterday that it was "on to the Bahamas".

Monday's 12.30 custody hearing will be held in closed court.

This comes after Florida judge Larry Seidlin ordered the counsel for Smith's mother, Virgie Arthur, her companion and the man listed as the father on the birth certificate, Howard K Stern, as well as the man who claims to be the baby's father, Larry Birkhead to be present in court during his presiding over Smith's body possession hearing in Florida.

When the attorney for Birkhead, Debra Opri, interjected that they all had a hearing in The Bahamas today at 2.00 pm, Judge Seidlin said: "We'll get The Bahamas on the phone, you're ordered to be here."

The attorney for Smith's estate, Wayne Munroe, told The Nassau Guardian that despite the absence of the other parties involved in the custody battle, there is a possibility that the court hearing may just go on without them.

"Yes! Why wouldn't it be able to [go on]? If the judge here feels that [the other parties involved] must be present, then he will adjourn the case," Mr Munroe said. "I don't know what the Supreme Court judge will want or not want."

Mr Munroe stated that the court hearing would not be a paternity hearing, but he could not further elaborate on what exactly the case would involve as a judge has placed a gag order on the parties involved.

"[what will the court hearing be about?] I cannot tell you simply because the judge has indicated we shouldn't be talking about it, it's not a paternity," he said.

The opposing lawyers have been going head-to-head in a Broward County Circuit Court for the past few days to decide where Ms Smith's final resting place should be; how much DNA sampling was necessary before her body can be released for burial; and whether or not a baby can legally be considered next of kin in the state of Florida. Florida attorney Richard Milstein was appointed a guardian to protect the interests of Ms Smith's five-month-old daughter, Dannielynn. Attorney Shane Kelley was appointed to suggest to whom the body should be consigned, and where it will be buried.

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2768 days ago


FINALLY can't wait to get the daddy results in. Although it would have made way better television to do this on Jerry Springer (JERRY JERRY!!!!!)

2768 days ago


MSNBC just made a great point, nobody has had the guts to talk about money yet. Does anybody, ANYBODY, on the face of this earth think money is part of this? Not one party in this case could afford JUST ONE of the lawyers they have fighting for them.

Sound off at

2768 days ago


The only question I have is, who is the father, larry says he is stern says he is, but when you concieve a baby you go a full 10 months, I hade three I should know. Now the baby was born is sept, that means she was concieved in dec, now my secound son was concieved in mid nov, yes i remeber the day, he was born the end of aug. You go 10 months from the day you conceive till the day you deliver. Now ever one has said that anna was in south carloina in nov and dec of 05, so in less anna had the baby 3to 4 weeks early how is larry the father? and I know stern isnt so who is.

2768 days ago


From minute one, I've been saying give this baby to Brangelina. I know that unless Brangelina came forward to get Danielynn, it would never happen. I've thought about all the players involved. I don't see any of them being fit to care for this little girl. So, I think what would really be best for her is to change her name and put her up for adoption. There are plenty of childless couples around that would give her a normal, loving home.

2768 days ago




WE LOVE YOU LARRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2768 days ago


read people's new article about bahamian police report...

2768 days ago


i bet none of the men that have come forward are the father. its probably some guy that doesnt even remember being with her. and going by the videos, she wouldnt have known either.
Poor kid, either way she was in for a bad time of it from the beginning.

2768 days ago

crazier every second-samantha    

Howard "baby stealer" is not in the hearing today. I bet he is plotting his next move right now. I hope someone is keeping an eye on that man

2768 days ago


Is anyone ever going to get this test done? This fighting is just outlandish. One way or the other, let the truth be known.

2768 days ago


This judge is being a major jerk! he keeps interupting, has a bad attitude. What is problem of just ordering that DannieLynn being tested good grief. Give them what they need, just order that she be tested, and they have everything they need to take to Bahamas if necessary to get this RESOLVED geesh!

2768 days ago


im not even going to watch the live feed because if it was anything like the last 3 days of court precedings I'LL OBEJECT TO EVERYTHING!

2768 days ago


This Damn Judge is another JOKE. Does anyone want to help this man ? I dont like this judge ...he is an ass, too. a lay-z ass. He does not want to help them it is painfully obvious. Damn ...give the man his baby. the longer they wait the worse it is going to be. I wonder how he would feel if the shoe wason the other foot and it was his child.

2768 days ago


Why can't I hear the live feed through the link? All I get is music.

2768 days ago
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