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Larry Birkhead -- Meet Dannielynn

2/26/2007 5:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Larry Birkhead has met the infant he believes is his daughter.

As we first reported, Birkhead and Howard K. Stern have been in settlement negotiations for several days. Birkhead's lawyer, Debra Opri, told TMZ paternity and custody of the little girl are not negotiable. But it would seem Stern is showing signs of bending by allowing Birkhead to visit with the baby.

The meeting took place this past weekend at Horizons in the Bahamas, the house in which Stern is currently living.


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Someone has to take care of her while Howard is in jail for Daniels death and ANS's. Or leat for the being the drug supplier. HKS is going to have a lot of trouble with the U.S. Irs and Feds. He said on the stand he only made 12k one year in the last few years. The IRS is going to audit the hell of his ass and ANS estate. Basically he was not reporting what Ana paid for as income. HKS will get what he deserves for not getting ANS treatment and being an enabler.

2760 days ago

Southern California Gal...    

HK$ what ever comes around will go around ...So fess up and give the baby back to Larry....Man!!!! Do the right thing...Clear your mind (thats if you got one to clear with all the drugs you gave ANS)....!!

I hope there is a solution.... !

2760 days ago

Jamie is a liar and he/she knows it    

Scary this picture of birkhead looks like the devil. He looks evil...............

2760 days ago


tk, I bet he did.

2760 days ago


Plus when G. Ben Thomson kicks Howard out of his house he might have to bunk with Larry. HKS probably can't afford to pay the nanny either.

2760 days ago


It all points to Larry being the father, why else would they have gone to the island. But, Anna didn't want Larry to be involved, why? Has anyone looked into his past? Why did he have a baby with her when he knew she was on drugs? What about all those emails to Anna, they weren't nice? Does he really deserve the baby either? There is a lot more to being a father then DNA....Here is a man that was a "nobody" before her, now he is a "star" and will end up a very wealthy father for it.

Howard has been with that baby from day one, he loved Anna (even if it was in a very strange way or relationship). Howard is the only link to Anna that baby will have, how can he just be taken out of the picture or her life. I don't think anyone is thinking "truley about the baby"!

As for her mother, she just needs to go crawl back under the rock she came from, she isn't a Mom in any sense of the word.

2760 days ago


Finally! I hope that it is true and Larry gets his baby ASAP!!

2760 days ago


I am glad to hear this. Howard knows the baby belongs to Larry or somebody but not him. It is time to let go. you ass.


2760 days ago

Down with stupid people!    

I hope they work it out. It is time to have this mess stop. Now comes the fight for the money. I hope it is not headlines for years to come. I hope the little girl does not turn out a emotional wreck.

2760 days ago


Money will never matter LB, you have the best part of Anna Nicole you could ever want, your child together.
Let HKS take the money, buy himself drugs and live the drugged up life he allowed Anna to live.
Her memory to the world will live on through that baby, not the money!!

2760 days ago

Amy NY    

Can Howie Killer Stern step up to the plate and be a man. Maybe he really isn`t such a freak after all, but then again I aint counting any chicken eggs until they are hatched.

2760 days ago

Jamie is a liar and he/she knows it    

Larry is NOOOOOOOOOOOOOoo saint and the email he sent Anna after he son was buried in the bahama's shows what a nasty evil man he can be with he is crossed.

That is the kind of man you want to raise a little girl? See you immature women think he is cute and that is the only reason you are defending him.

You do not know him from a hole in a wall he could be a pedaphile but you idiots would want him to win.

I hate stupid people.

2760 days ago


Go Larry! I am so happy for you!!

I can't wait to see the day that Howard Kidnapper Stern is sitting in jail!!!!!!

2760 days ago


I love Larry Birkhead.

2760 days ago

Sherry Kay    

Who is paying the lawyers?

2760 days ago
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