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When Greasy Bears Attack!

2/26/2007 2:59 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton's birthday bash left the heiress in tears.

Paris and her posse had a birthday meal at The Prime Grill in Beverly Hills, with party guests including Wrong-Way Nicole Richie and tatty boyfriend Joel Madden, a fuzz-lined Courtney Love, Brandon "Greasy Bear" Davis and wacky "American Idol" judge Paula Abdul. At around the 10:00 PM mark, according to Rush & Molloy, Greasy Bear got rowdy -- throwing flowers at Abdul, yelling "lick my [bleep]!" and telling Courtney Love "I want to squirt on you." Oh, the horror!

After ushering Abdul out of the party -- it appears she left early due to Greasy's antics -- Hilton publicist Elliot Mintz was seen talking to Davis, then mumbling, "It's going to be a very long evening" to TMZ's cameras, clearly aggravated.

Though Paris reportedly cried after the outburst, she appeared to be back in the party mood as she arrived to Chez Paris for the after-party. Courtney and Paula were no-shows, but Greasy pushed his sweaty luck and showed up -- though a security detail kept him separated from Paris for the rest of the evening.

The events didn't quash the friendship between the the blonde heiress and hyperhidrotic heir, as they were seen partying together again last night.


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maybe it was all planned out this way for paris to look like a poor little victim that her birthday parrrty was ruined>just a hunch
elliot never mubles to the cameras like that
happy birthday paris
and they were seen patying last night at the oscars?

2798 days ago

kari whore!!!!

2798 days ago


Could this guy get any more disgusting and vile? Good thing is he will die before he is 35. Being over weight, smoking , the drugs and partying. Why did Courtney bring Frances to a Paris party? That is mind boggling. I would not let my daughter anywhere near these herpes ridden cokeheads. Blech.

2798 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Does this greasy bear fellow have drug or alcohol problems?
Who acts like that in front of a lady, which Paula Abdul definitely is?
Time for rehab so this bear fellow can be degreased.

2798 days ago


paris is a herpes carrying whore with HORRIBLE taste in friends. I am no fan of Miss Abdul, but she certainly did not deserve to be treated like that! As for Miss Love didn't that skank learn ANYTHING in rehab? To bring her daughter into a cocaine party is just plain SICK! Shame on you courtney! They sold out Britney WTF makes you think you are any different?

2798 days ago

Lord Snooty    

Coutney Love : "CHANEL... COUTURE..." : oh my god!!! It's a shame Brandon didn't actually squirt right in her fugly face with her daughter watching. That would have been awesome. He's the most down to earth guy of them all together with poor old Elliot Mintz, that guy deserves a medal no mather how much he gets payed.

2798 days ago


they all need to go to rehab, paris, brandon, nicole camerion, all those drug addicts that hang togeather, then they should pick up lindsey lohen to. there all getting robed, thats the shiot that happens when your arounds drug dealers. there discusting.

2798 days ago


what a shame to have all this money and you choose to spend an evening with courtney love sharing mainlining and freebasing tips with jabba the bear! wearing chanel couture nonetheless. news flash courtney. ITS A FUCKING DRESS! and an ugly one at that. i would'nt wear that on the toilet!

2798 days ago


chanellll coutureeee. ugh, courtney makes my skin crawl.

2797 days ago

low blow    

Courtney Love should be humiliated trying to act all pretentious about her dress when it was a fake Knock off. omfg I'ld hide.

2795 days ago


This is what is wrong with America...spoiled rich people! I think all of us HARD WORKING AMERICANS would be better off if we just vaporized Hollywood. Boycott these's people like this who give America a bad name. What have the done to help this country? NOTHING. We can live without all the garbage, seriously. The only reason this hook nose skank is still making news is because she has money.

2782 days ago
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