When Greasy Bears Attack!

2/26/2007 2:59 PM PST

When Greasy Bears Attack!

Paris Hilton's birthday bash left the heiress in tears.

Paris and her posse had a birthday meal at The Prime Grill in Beverly Hills, with party guests including Wrong-Way Nicole Richie and tatty boyfriend Joel Madden, a fuzz-lined Courtney Love, Brandon "Greasy Bear" Davis and wacky "American Idol" judge Paula Abdul. At around the 10:00 PM mark, according to Rush & Molloy, Greasy Bear got rowdy -- throwing flowers at Abdul, yelling "lick my [bleep]!" and telling Courtney Love "I want to squirt on you." Oh, the horror!

After ushering Abdul out of the party -- it appears she left early due to Greasy's antics -- Hilton publicist Elliot Mintz was seen talking to Davis, then mumbling, "It's going to be a very long evening" to TMZ's cameras, clearly aggravated.

Though Paris reportedly cried after the outburst, she appeared to be back in the party mood as she arrived to Chez Paris for the after-party. Courtney and Paula were no-shows, but Greasy pushed his sweaty luck and showed up -- though a security detail kept him separated from Paris for the rest of the evening.

The events didn't quash the friendship between the the blonde heiress and hyperhidrotic heir, as they were seen partying together again last night.