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Eddie Storms Out After Sore Loss

2/27/2007 10:42 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Eddie Murphy was so steamed after losing his Oscar race to Alan Arkin, that he stormed off – and out of the Kodak Theater altogether.

Several sources report that Murphy was a real sore loser after the Best Supporting Actor was awarded – in an admittedly huge upset – to Arkin. The funnyman was decidedly not smiling as he left his seat, and didn't stick around to see co-star Jennifer Hudson win Best Supporting Actress, or watch the ladies of "Dreamgirls" sing their lungs out.

Meanwhile, Brad Pitt's absence from the show, even though he starred in one film that was nominated for Best Picture ("Babel"), and co-produced the eventual Best Picture winner ("The Departed"), was chalked up, as Page Six reports, to his shooting in New Orleans ... and that he wasn't nominated for anything.

"Idol" Vixen's Friends Say Sex Pics are Low Blow

Antonella Barba – the "American Idol" contestant who stirred up plenty of controversy last week with some racy photos – might be something of a sexpot, but she's not a porn star, at least according to her best friend.

In an interview with the Star-Ledger of Newark, Amanda Coluccio, who auditioned with the 20-year-old Barba in Hollywood, says that although some of the salacious snaps – like of Barba in various states of undress – are real, the ones of her engaged in a certain sex act are not. And the proof? Acrylic nail tips. "She's never had tips in her life. She's the least slutty person I know," affirms Coluccio.

One local resident, 17-year-old Mark Dillon, shares an interesting New Jersey-ite custom with the AP: "At least half the people in this town have pictures of their friends on the toilet. I've personally seen at least 20," referring to a pic of Barba mid-micturition.

Does Tom Have Katie in a Trance?

But seriously – what the Xenu is up with Katie Holmes? TMZ noted yesterday that girlfriend seemed a bit, shall we say, "scripted" walking the red carpet at an event on Saturday night, and then Us observes today that Holmes refused to take a picture at the Vanity Fair after-party without her master husband, even though Tom Cruise was urging lensmen to snap her solo. What's more, Holmes appeared to be led around by the hand by Cruise, says Us, "while he mingled and she remained silent." She would dutifully wait while Tom gabbed away, then follow him.

Party Favors: So Did Babwa Really Diss Rosie to Trump After All? ... Mirren Having Tea with Real Queen ... Van Halen Reunion Blows Up

When she was caught in the middle of the Rosie-Trump fracas, Barbara Walters says she didn't say all those nasty things about Ro to the Donald, as he so famously claimed. But, according to a profile of Babwa in New York magazine, Trump might not have been totally full of hot air. "She thinks she's saying something in private, and she doesn't expect it to be repeated. That's Barbara," says a producer. ...
Oscar winner Helen Mirren, after all her sweet-talking of Queen Elizabeth II at awards shows, may finally get an audience with the monarch herself, reports People. "We are looking at a number of options," says a Buckingham Palace spokesperson, adding frostily, "We are sure that the Queen will be pleased with Dame Helen's success." ... That Van Halen reunion we were all so stoked about? It's been "shut down," says a top official at Live Nation, the concert promoter, to the Los Angeles Times, because of what David Lee Roth calls "fragile politics."

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No Avatar


1: Okay, so everyone is goign PC , but really can healther mills dance or rather compete on just one leg...isnt it going to be a bit much for her or is this a publicity thing to get a focus on her Landmines project ............

2: Brad Pitt and Angelina are Pariah in Hellywierd, why do you think thy cant stay there..Angelina is lucky she already got her globes or she will never be voted for anything....Academy award it is but those who vote are defintely votong for people they like as well especially when the performances are that close, Eddie Murphy also did a big guffaw, in his case it more like Karma for dissing his unborn child and having that foolish woman edmonds, Eddie will jsut bring shame to the Statuette ahahhah adn to think it was his first and last chance at a nomination ahahhah!
Scientologist also do not win oscars!!!hahahahha

3: Speaking of Scientologists, hmmmm we already know how stupid holmes is so i am gettign tired of seeing such sheer stupidity especially when she has parents sitting on thier buts watching this spectacle go on...where are they...oh I hear LRON advises grandparents to be kept out of the house till they convert or else keep them away ahahhahahha!!

4: I always knew Trump would just tell an out and out lie............Bawba is a liar to save face , but who cares about Rosie anyway, she is despicable.......

5: Too bad abt Van Halen, wanted to hear the kid play to see if he is any good like his oldman..However I read in an interview Val Bertenelli did that DLR was such a dick that he totally made Eddie cry , apparently he was jealous of the attention Eddie got, while Alex was quite happy to have Alex seen as the guitar god

Finally Scary Spice must be laughing her pregnant ass off ahahhahahhahahha

2766 days ago


This wasn't the Black and Gay Oscar Awards Eddie boy. A few straight whites had to win you know. I'm sorry Dreamgirls garnered any nominations, including awards. All of the other pictures and actors/actresses nominated were based on more substance and talent than Dreamgirls. Dreamgirls was another version of pop goes the weasel. Too bad Hudson won, or she could've joined you Eddie boy and the two of you could've gone on a tirade hissy fit together, off into the sunset. Eddie boy pull back on the comic stuff and stay put with one woman this time.

2766 days ago

Mr. X    

I'm glad Eddie Murphy didn't win. Fuck him. He's nothing but an egotistical overgrown child.

2766 days ago

carol ard    

Yes barbara said exactly what Mr. trump said she did..She just did not expect trump to go public with it!
She hates Rosie as much as most of us!

2766 days ago


Tom's wife Katie is turning into his "Stepford Wife."

2766 days ago


Brad didn't go to the Oscars because Angelina wouldn't let him.
Cate Blanchett was there and she's filming the same movie.

Don't make excuse for celebrities.

2766 days ago


Yep she hacked up her face...............

Red comments 72 and 73

Where the fuck are the holmes family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and her pre TOM friends...

I guess I now see why "Nic" was attracted to Stepford wives..

In "Kate" he has another "Nic" , her starving body is even beginning look like Kidmans..he really wanted to tame "Nic" and the opportunity came when he run across a tall young emotionally fragile girl from the mid-west...she is even catholic to boot and she wears heels all the time, even though it makes her tower over him, is it to achiev e"Nic"s NORMAL Height. TLTC is totally crazy!!!

He is really specific about trimming his beard, not a hair out of place!!

2766 days ago

Joanne Williams    

Eddie Murphy should know by now that there is a quota system for people of color. I think the academy is political -- lots of nepotism (favoritism) and close nit circles. Oscars equates to money and they're not giving out too many for people of color even though many are long over due.

There is a quota for people of color when it comes to the Oscars, no more than two (2). I knew they were not giving out more than three (3) to a person of color. There are too many old gray-haired white men making the decisions for Oscars. Maybe once they all leave this world, the quota system might be abolished.

Now I know my comments will cause others to comment and perhaps get angry, but you know in your heart, this is true. There will be those of you that will say, why always make it out to be a race issue. Well because America has a race issue and there are those of you that are in denial because if you agree with me, you are afraid you will be giving up some of your golden privileges that you were born with.

2766 days ago


TH.... stfu!!!
dreamgirls was great your just mad thatr you lack the talent that you envy so much!! lOSER!!!

2766 days ago

Only in    

Eddie Murphy is a talented performer,he has entertained us for over 20 years,the brother deserves respect.He was upset at the Oscars,no more. Stop trying to make a big deal out of it. Some of the comments on this story are real close to black sterotype,my message to you, BACK_ _ OFF February is still Black History Month, and I would like to thank all my supporters in the Fight against RACISM!, NO PEACE, NO JUSTICE!!!

2766 days ago

US/STAR Lies    

Cate was nominated for Best Supporting Actress. Brad was not nominated. Don't you know that just because you are in the same film does not mean you have the same shooting schedule? Many people were not there this year for example, CSJones, MDouglass,HBerry, RZellwinger, CTheron, TRobbins, so don't single out Brad alone for not attending.

2766 days ago

Puh der Baer    

It's more like there's a quota system, in that every year blacks (or whatever they're calling themselves at this time) have to have a couple winners (no matter how bad the movies), so they don't throw hissy fits.

2766 days ago


I agree about Heather Mills. This is a total turnoff. I was glued to every show last time , but will not watch as long as she is still on, which may mean to the end because she is only there for sympathy. She is so hated in England she needs some good PR.

2766 days ago


"what the Xenu" !!! For Cruise's sake! In Cruise's name, that's the best thing ever.... seriously. such freaks

2766 days ago


cruise is hate to say it is probably a closet a gay man it's sad to say even in hollywood in the 21st century you still have to be in the closet what real women would go along with this charade is more of what people should be asking about, who would have ever thought a failed science fiction hollywood writer could begin some cult scientology in los angeles attracting all the closet cases and fag hags in the movie industry isn't it interesting a failed closet case science fiction writer in hollywood l.ron hubbard creates a cult scientology that attracts the current crop of closet cases and fag hags in the hollywood movie industry very very interesting i must say

2766 days ago
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