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The People Who Saved Britney

2/27/2007 5:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears had to be convinced, cajoled and even badgered into giving rehab a fair shot. We're told three people may have made all the difference.

Britney's mom, Lynne Spears, has been frustrated but undaunted in trying to convince her daughter that she had a problem and needed help. Before Kevin took custody, it was Lynne who protected the children. She has also made Britney and the kids the priority in her life. Britney has railed against her mother; but Lynne refused to back down.

We're told uber-lawyer Laura Wasser stuck with her client as Britney appeared to self-destruct. Many lawyers are notoriously impatient and even intolerant with clients who defy orders and reason. Wasser must have figured out Britney's problems were bigger than she -- and stuck by her side.

Kevin Federline has also been a staunch supporter of his estranged wife. According to several sources, K-Fed has "stepped up to the plate" in Brit's time of need, taking care of the kids and offering Britney and her family support. He has also shown the pop princess tough love; denying her access to their young boys, even when she begged him for it. That, our sources say, was excruciatingly painful for Kevin, but he knew it was the best thing for his wife and his children. We're also told he is being "extremely reasonable" in the divorce.


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I hope she gets all the help & support she needs!! Can't wait to see her back in action! She's been through SO much!! Her actions are totally understandable!

2760 days ago


I think it's way too early to claim she's been "saved"! Only time will tell..

2760 days ago



2760 days ago


Like i said b4 i really hope Britney gets the help she needs..shes such a beautiful woman and i do believe shes a good mom but when u have an illness its hard to know whats right or wrong. She has a loving family and 2 beautiful sons to get better i hope she stays and gets past all this negativity and moves on to a better place in her life.

2760 days ago


it's nice to know that she still has people rooting for her...good luck & get well soon britney!

2760 days ago



2760 days ago

Team Jon    

Now they are saying she has Post-Partum that’s bull you don’t go partying when you have Post-Partum

2760 days ago

lisa mae magillacuddy    

Good Luck Brit!!! You're bigger and better than this illness!! You will pull through!!

2760 days ago


It really helps to have loving people on your side when your going thru tough times I think it can make all the difference.

2760 days ago


maybe, her and kevin should give it another shot. its obvious that he kept her in check when they were together.

2760 days ago


What is her 'problem'?? Alcohol? Drugs? What is she in rehab for?

2760 days ago


She trumped you with, drugs, death, birth, and death again.
Check, and Mate.

2760 days ago


Good for all involved! Britney has been in the LIMELIGHT a really long time, and has grown up in this business! It does seem that after the birth of her second child, she went over board in everything and didn't seem to have the well to function in everyday life! I don't claim to know about PPD, but it does seem reasonable to me! You can't blame the girl for wanting to go out, alot of girls in their twenties want to go out, but the actions that she has been doing, just truly do not seem like the girl that she deep down truly is! It is conmendable of Kevin to step up and do what is necessary to help her! She has helped him in numerous ways, and maybe deep down these two really geniunely care about each other, but just are not compatiable to be in a intimate or long term relationship with each other! Britney was good to Kevin while they were togehter, and it seems other than him wanting to party alot and wanting to flirt with girl's while she was pregnant, maybe these two people deep down are decent people, and I hope that for their children sake that they both come on the other side better people, better parents and we should offer hope and care to them all and wish them all love, happiness and joy! Britney is a talented singer, but unfortunately for numerous reasons she didn't get the opportunity to find herself before she become a wife and mother! Maybe she has seen the light in all issues of her life, and hopefully she can get handle on all things negative in her life, and find inner peace for herself, and get a good rest and break from the craziness that seems to surround her every move! For her sake, I would like to see her move back to either Louisana or the West Coast, the Paparattzi doesn't seem to be as aggressive in NY as it does in Hollywood! I say no one should judge her until we have stepped foot in her shoes for one day! I couldn't breath or live under the pressure that she has for the past five years or so, that would have driven me crazy along time ago! Hopefully, she'll get a chance to breath and do some serious soul searching in what really Britney really needs and wants in her own life! Maybe this is a Blessing in the long run for Britney, and hopefully it will save her life! God Bless her, and keep her and her family in your Prays..

2760 days ago


I am a recovering alcoholic and it is a disease not a habit. It took a lot of help and support and mutiple tries at detoxes, rehabs and AA to eventualy understand my disease and to begin taking care of it.
I was 29 when I got sober and at 55 am still sober.
Too many people don't understand the disease aspect...they feel it is a moral weekness (I did) and that you can control it with will power.
I pray Britney stay in Rehab and gets all she can out of it. Even then it is only the first step in a long, hard yet ultimately incredible journey.
I am glad to see she has supportive people around her. Kat

2760 days ago


It's great to see that K-Fed could "step up to the plate"...they are his children after all!

It sounds as both Brit and K-Fed have been less than stellar parents. Why does Lynne seem to have them most of the time?

Sorry fellow readers. I'm not ready to buy the post-partum defense quite yet. I think Brit is a spoiled, self-indulgent pop star. That's the root of her problem. I've known a few moms with post-partum depression and they don't shave their heads and run around sans panties puking on the sidewalks..

2760 days ago
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