Baby's Guardian: We Want Friday Morning Burial

2/28/2007 12:25 PM PST
BREAKING NEWS: With Virgie Arthur, Howard K. Stern, and Dannielynn's appointed guardian Richard Milstein looking on, the judges of the Fourth District Court of Appeals in Florida heard brief arguments from lawyers on the burial of Anna Nicole Smith's body. An attorney for the court-appointed guardian of Anna Nicole's daughter told the court that a burial in the Bahamas had been set for this coming Friday at 10:30 AM, and that they'd like the case decided before then.

The judges appeared to cast a skeptical and critical eye on Arthur's position, which is that she, as mother, is next of kin -- and should be given the right to bury Anna Nicole. A camera in the courtroom caught a glimpse of a notebook held by Virgie Arthur that read, "I was her mother for the first 29 years of her life." By comparison, the judges gave the opposing side much more leeway to make their case without interruption.