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Anna to be Buried in the Bahamas

2/28/2007 6:21 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A Florida appeals court ruled today and uphold the previous decision ofJudge Larry Seidlin giving custody of the body of Anna Nicole Smith to baby Dannielynn's court-appointed advocate, Richard Milstein. This paves the way for Smith to be buried in the Bahamas next to her son, Daniel.

Justices Barry Stone, Mark Polen and George Shahood of the Fourth District Court of Appeals heard arguments on Wednesday from lawyers representing Virgie Arthur, Howard K. Stern and Dannielynn Smith. Arthur, Smith's mom, wanted the body to be buried in Texas, while the others wanted the body to be buried in the Bahamas.


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This is a sad circus    

AMEN!!!! Rest in Peace, Anna next to your beloved son.

And people, it doesn't cost thousands to hop a plane to the Bahamas. Anyway, these people didn't care about her in life, why all of a sudden now are they crying the blues that it will be too costly to ever go and see her. Give me a break!! Why bury the poor woman in Texas when she did everything possible to get away from there??? Give it up Vergie. If you were such as good mother as you say, you'd let your daughter rest in peace next to the one person who truly loved her.

2793 days ago


Bless the maker...Poor Anna. I think that this was the right decision. No one, not even the vicious Vergie can deny that Anna wanted to be buried in the Bahamas with Daniel. Vergie probably had some agreement with the local Mexia, TX government that would bring tourists to the gravesite there and thats why she is trying so desperatly to deny the wishes of her daughter and get her buried in Texas. Vergie should be ashamed of herself.
Also in regards to the appeal courts decision, I believe I heard them say that this decision can NOT be appealed again. So God willing, this will be it, and Anna's final wishes will be carried out.
To Anna, Rest in Peace, my dear. Spend eternity with your beloved son and may your beautiful smile warm our hearts.

2793 days ago


Thank god.....bury the woman. Virgie needs to go back to her own life.....f*** b****. There is a reason Anna Nicole buried her son in the Bahamas.....and that's where Anna needs to be.

2793 days ago


Thank God! Now Anna can rest in Peace. Evil Vergie.....GO HOME!!!!!!

2793 days ago


They should have cremated her and gave 1/2 the ashes to be placed in the coffin with her son and 1/2 to the mother and then everyone would be happy. Nobody wins here and a body is just waiting to be laid in the ground.

2793 days ago

Just me??    

Oh so HAPPY..Keep out of this now $irg$e

2793 days ago


Halla Frickin' Luia !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Virgie should just thank her lucky stars that the GAL is in charge, or I don't see anyway that woman would even be allowed at that funeral !!!!!!!!!!

2793 days ago


I hope they move quickly. Get her to the Bahamas, get her beside Danny. I'm tired of hearing how she is going to be alone there. Do you really think she is going to notice?

My father is buried 3000 miles from me. I have only been able to visit his grave once. I don't need to visit his grave to express my love for him, or feel him near me. Bury her body as a matter of respect.

Dannielynn by all accounts will have enough money to visit her mom's grave when she wants. She will likely have a home in the Bahamas to stay at from time to time, and people there who love her.

2793 days ago


finally, justice prevails. as far as someone stating that virgie can't afford to go to the bahamas. that's bull, if she brings in 3500- and her husband brings in 2400, and their 60,000 dollar home is almost paid off, she can find a way to make it there. hell, we bring home less than that, and have gone to jamaica, new zealand, disneyland, etc. she'll be fine, if it's important to her, then she will find a way.

2793 days ago


Wonderful!!! She will finally be laid to rest and hopefully she will find peace. Virgie, GO BACK TO TEXAS YA PIECE OF MONEY GRUBBING TRASH!!!!!!

2793 days ago


67. What happens when Howie gets kicked out of the Bahamas or goes to jail, Daniel and Anna will be left there all alone for the rest of their lives in a foreign country

Their lives are over already....And who says Howard is going to jail?? people need to stop watching all these biased news channels like "faux" news

2793 days ago

Team Birkhead    

Thank God, may ans rest in peace!

2793 days ago

Ignore HKS Paid Bloggers    


2793 days ago


Here it is.....
Anna hated her mother BECAUSE her mother didn't like her life style of drugs and stripping and her mother tried to get her off of them for years. Anna didn't want to listen to anyone who didn't agree with her. And her mom was very aggressive in trying to help her. So anna quit talking to her mom. The reason why anna buried Daniel in the Bahamas is because of pure SPITE!!!!! Her mother loved her and Daniel very much. All of anna's family lives in Texas and if anna wasen't so hateful and spiteful to her family all this would be very easy to figure out. THINK ABOUT IT.

2793 days ago


Well, all Jews and Gays got Anna. They can make money and have a place
to go party.

2793 days ago
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