The Clock Is Ticking -- Tick Tick Tick

2/28/2007 1:45 PM PST
The hepatitis scare triggered by an employee working for Wolfgang Puck's catering service is shrouded in mystery.

Puck catered 14 events between February 1 and February 20, at which an employee was infected with acute Hepatitis A. Puck's reps would only confirm one event to TMZ -- a Sports Illustrated party.

So what other events did Puck cater? They won't tell us. They say it's a matter of privacy and it's up to the Los Angeles County Health Department to notify individuals who may have been exposed. We've called the Health Department multiple times today and got the runaround. So what's the deal if someone was at the party and doesn't know he or she was exposed? Sounds pretty much like tough luck.