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Will Anna Nicole's Son Be Exhumed?

3/1/2007 11:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Daniel SmithThe biological father of Daniel Smith wants his son's body exhumed and moved from the Bahamas to Texas.

In a letter obtained by TMZ, Billy Smith -- through his lawyer, Kara S.P. Butler -- is asking The Chief Magistrate of the Bahamas, Roger Gomez, "permission to have the remains of Daniel Wayne Smith (deceased) exhumed from its current location here in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas and to be transferred where his father and family reside in the State of Texas."

Anna met Billy Smith at Jim's Krispy Fried Chicken in Mexia, Texas, where they both worked as teenagers. They married in 1985, and Daniel was born the following year.


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Good for him. He should have a say as to his son's final resting place. I totally agree with Brenda.

I hope he gets what he is asking for.

2794 days ago


All I can say is WOW! A father that was never involved in his son's life, wants his dead body closer to him. To me it just seems a way to get in the publics eye. Too bad that everyone is just thinking that he is a sorry excuse for a father!

2794 days ago


Daniel belongs in California. It was said in court that he didn't like the Bahamas and thought of California as home. He is only buried in the Bahamas because ANS was selfish and didn't want to go to the states to avoid the paternity case.

2794 days ago

Lenn K.    

Billy, It over just let go. Anna and your son had nothing to do with you so it's really and this is sad to say none of your business. It could had been if you were involved, but you weren't, so get over it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2794 days ago


Bullsh*t..... This man is out of his mind, he testified in COURT under OATH that he wanted Anna Buried next to Daniel in the Bahamas. No wonder ANNA didnt speak to her money grubbing FAMILY?

2794 days ago

Maggie Z.    

Billy should have spoken up a bit sooner - like right after the death of his son. Where was he then? Let them both rest in peace in the beautiful bahamas. F*** Texas.

2794 days ago


Didn't he testify last week by phone that he felt Anna should be buried in the Bahamas next to Daniel? Remember? It was Vergie's lawyer who called him, but the questioning backfired when he said they should be together in the Bahamas. This is crap. Thankfully, it is not nearly as easy to have a body exhumed there than it is here in the U.S. Daniel's mother payed for his funeral and chose to do so in the Bahamas. Mr. Wonderful didn't speak up then, so he shouldn't have a say now.

2794 days ago


I think this sorry excuse for a human being should stand in line next Vergie and Larry, all of them are in it for the 15 minutes of fame and for the money...what a disgrace!! Larry is no better...why should he hav e been involved with the decision in court? He had NO right to be there. That was not about paternity, it was about burial. He is a joke just as well as the others! Howard needs to take that child and do as Anna wanted...For him to raise her...GO HOWARD! GOD BLESS YOU!!!

2794 days ago


Daniel's father was not in his life and now is not the time to enter into it. I wish all of Anna's family and all the money hungry people would just back off. ....................
If she wanted things differently she would of told someone. Also, as far as I am concerned Howard Stern is the father. That is what Anna wanted on the birth certificate and everyone should respect that. IApparently, she didn't trust or think to highly of Larry B. My prayers are with Dannielynn that God be with her and guide her throughout her life. She deserves a chance to have a good, healthy, happy life. May there souls rest in peace Anna and Daniel.

2794 days ago


Good grief, Charlie Brown.....just WHEN is this circus going to end???? Let the kid rest in peace 'cause it certainly didn't seem as if he had that in life. I agree 1000% that this latest move is most likely at the prodding of Mommy Dearest Virgie and that there MUST be money involved for Daniel's "father". (In sperm only, that's for sure!)

2794 days ago


Oh I see, I didn't care to see my son in life and now I'm going to dig up his grave so I can go visit him in death. Hmmmmmm. Wonder who put him up to this (Vergie). It's funny that it never occurred to him to go visit him when he was alive, or frankly dig him up until now when clearly there's something for him to gain from it. I guess his meeting with Splash went like Vergie's meeting since like her, he didn't care where Daniel was buried or to go visit until someone paid him to care. I wonder if his check is going to be written to the sister-in-law too.



2794 days ago


VIRGIE you sorry excuse for a mother!!!!! Let Anna REST... WTF is your issue... Money??? you will make millions.. let the poor girl that you obviously didn't take good care of in life rest with the ONLY real person in her life that truly loved her unconditionally!!!!! BILLY you need to be ashamed of yourself.. You haven't seen nor talked to the poor boy in years...LET IT GO!!!!

2794 days ago


Between Virgie and now this... they are both giving Texas a bad name. This is so sad -- Im sure Virgie is behind this. She will stop at nothing she is a sorry excuse for a mother and can you really say that Billy is a father. He hadn't seen Daniel since he was two. They need to both get over it and realize they might just have to make money the old fashioned way and thats work for it.

2794 days ago


Good! I hope they both end up in Texas where they belong, and take Howard Marshall's ashes back there too. No matter what went on in that family, blood is blood, and they belong back where they were born. If Anna had stayed there, stopped doing drugs and whoring around in the first place, she and Daniel would still be alive right now. Dumbasses! Go Vergie and Billy! Stern kept you away from Anna for years with those drugs, now you can have your daugher back. And for those who bitched because Anna claimed she was raped, and Vergie didn't do anything about it, you don't know what really went on. Anna was always throwing her tits around. Maybe she did it one time too many and got what she asked for. You can't act like a pig and not expect someone to slop you!

2794 days ago

Not-V-A-Fan low will some folks go? None of those people are ever going to get any money out of that poor girls estate are they?.When it comes right down to it, isn't this what they all want? The ever lovin' greenback? If she was broke and with no hope of any $$ ever, would we still be here with all this fighting going on? Would Virgie still want her body? Would the Dad want Daniels body moved? I wonder, Has he been promised something to join in the fight w/ Virgie and her attorney's? Where were they (the parents) when she needed them? Where was this man (the dad) all Daniel's life? Why not just let them rest in peace?. Sweet sweet Anna. God rest your soul...

2794 days ago
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