Anna Nicole's Coffin Finally Gets to Church

3/2/2007 1:10 PM PST
The hearse containing the body of Anna Nicole Smith arrived just moments ago at the Sandy Port community church in the Bahamas, where hundreds of mourners will pay their last respects to Anna Nicole.

Anna's mother, Virgie Arthur, arrived with the casket, though her lawyers essentially tried to stop the funeral before the body arrived. A few minutes ago, the casket was carried up to the church on a long red carpet, Hollywood premiere-style. The casket was draped in a pink cloth of some kind, with long ribbons and feathers. Neither Howard K. Stern nor Larry Birkhead were pallbearers.

The brown casket was ferried to the church in a white hearse, guided by a police motorcycle and followed by a white Bentley sedan, snaking its way up the Bahamian coastline.