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Anna Nicole's Coffin Finally Gets to Church

3/2/2007 1:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The hearse containing the body of Anna Nicole Smith arrived just moments ago at the Sandy Port community church in the Bahamas, where hundreds of mourners will pay their last respects to Anna Nicole.

Anna's mother, Virgie Arthur, arrived with the casket, though her lawyers essentially tried to stop the funeral before the body arrived. A few minutes ago, the casket was carried up to the church on a long red carpet, Hollywood premiere-style. The casket was draped in a pink cloth of some kind, with long ribbons and feathers. Neither Howard K. Stern nor Larry Birkhead were pallbearers.

The brown casket was ferried to the church in a white hearse, guided by a police motorcycle and followed by a white Bentley sedan, snaking its way up the Bahamian coastline.


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87. That's a real scoop, genius. Did you think he would allow them to tape for free? idiot!

2791 days ago


ET will be given exclusive rights to video the gravesite burial. I'm so glad Howard is conducting this circus with such dignity. It's what Anna would have wanted....

2791 days ago


Watch out Larry she is coming after you for the custody of your daugher

2791 days ago


What happened to all the pink flowers I heard so much about? Instead there was an ugly, tacky, faded pink, ripped up throw on a brown casket..

2791 days ago


Well, I really don't know u Anna besides seeing u on tv, but despite everything seems like you've been though alot. I feel bad for everything that has happened. I know u are stress free now and happy u are with your son, I just hope they do whats best for the little innocent angel thats in the middle of it all, your daughter.

Rest in peace. Someone u would never know

2791 days ago


Howard K. Stern was a genius when he made his exclusive deal with ET! He's smart enough to know that he needs all the cash he can get his hands on right now. He's getting paid big buck for his exclusive interviews with ET Entertainment Tonight. He's facing criminal charges in the Bahamas regarding the death of Daniel Smith. Charges will be filed in the US regarding Anna Nicole's death. There will be wrongful death suits filed against HKS too.

2791 days ago


I bet to pallbearers are say to each other "this is a good place for a stick up." Hope the winds are favorable to the attendees today.

2791 days ago


Rest in Peace ANNA.
GOD BLESS YOU and Finally you get to be with YOUR son, those were your wishes and they Finally were granted YOU

2791 days ago


I just thought of something.... Howard K. Stern supposedly did not make any money in the 10 years he worked for Anna Nicole. He must think he's rolling in the dough now that ET has been depositing hefty checks in his bank account. Way to go Howard! Maybe now Howie can start paying his parents back their money.

2791 days ago

Yeah, you ARE nuts!    

#93 J -that one made me laugh out loud!

2791 days ago


WELL, I really don't know u Anna besides seeing u on tv, but it seems u have been through alot. I hope u are in a better place and I know u are happy u can finally be with your son. In Despite of everything that has happened and everything that is still going on, I hope who ever makes the decision does whats best for that innocent liitle angel u left behind, who is in the midst of it all. I hope your name finally gets to rest soon,but we all know how the media works, everything still is going to outrageous no matter what decisions is made everybody has something to say.

Rest in peace Anna

2791 days ago

Jan cook    

Anna, wish you could see, you are going out in style...pretty in pink.
Be with your son now, look over you baby girl and may the true daddy come forward with your wishes.
Your mom should be ashamed of herself still carrying on....this is your time.
Rest in Peace, everyone really liked you.

2791 days ago


Rest IN peace

2791 days ago

Jan cook    

Rest now Anna. You do not have that hanger on, HKS, leading you around by the nose and pretending all is your idea.
Two people die around him in the same fashion. come on now, Law, it's time for your to act.
Daniel's dad and Anna's mom may deserve to have their children back in Texas, but not that precious baby. Only real daddy.

2791 days ago


This gold digger is now once again a pain in the butt for the expired Pierce Marshall, spitting in the face of the people that she took advantage of spending their $$$$ on this
CIRCUS.................... This just proves that she never had any class. Another brownie point for the "Drama Queen Club"

2791 days ago
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