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Star Jones -- Yes, She's Back (Again)

3/5/2007 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Star JonesStar Jones is a lawyer – and she plays one on TV. The former "View" co-host and Rosie O'Donnell nemesis will return to the small screen this May portraying – what else? – a consulting lawyer on "Law & Order: SVU," as Page Six reports.

It's a rare paid gig for Star, who's been largely jobless since she got the boot from "The View" last summer. The attorney-turned-Bridezilla did a little hosting gig for a cable real-estate show, and then she tried her hand at being talk-radio host, filling in for Michael Eric Dyson on his syndicated program. Appropriately enough, rapper Ludacris will also be on the show.

Beckham Busts His $125 Million (Right) Knee

A collective gasp went up all around the land, as our most significant import since loose tea, David Beckham, injured his right knee in a Spanish League game. Beckham ran into what the Guardian calls the "advertising hoardings" behind the goal in the 63rd minute when he couldn't pull up in time. Though he left the field limping in a vertical rather than horizontal position, the $250 million L.A. Galaxy star-to-be may have injured one of his collateral ligaments, a relatively serious injury that may sideline him for up to six weeks. Beckham is expected to start play in the Major League Soccer season early this summer.

Jacko's Hand Costs $100/Second

There are some places in the world where Michael Jackson is still thought of as an actual human being, like Japan, where fans are lining up to pay $3500 for a handshake and 30 seconds of face time with the Gloved One. He arrived in Tokyo yesterday, as the AP reports, for his first appearance among fans in several years, and certainly since his acquittal on child molestation charges in June 2005. No word on whether Jackson will actually perform at this particular engagement, but the King of Wack will be hosting a fan art contest, the big prize being a picture-and-brunch session.

Party Favors: Coldplay Says It's Written the One Song You Must Listen to Before You Die ... Hartnett Continues Crazy Lower East Side Nights ... "Wild Hogs" Wins B.O.

Chris Martin and his bandmates in Coldplay have pretty mild expectations for their own music. During a press conference announcing that the band is working on a new album this year, Martin, hubby of Gwyneth Paltrow, announced that the disc will feature "the one song that we feel like everybody has to hear ... before we die." ... Last week, Page Six reported that actor Josh Hartnett helped defuse a bar fight inside Manhattan's Whiskey Ward bar, but today, some witnesses are singing a different tune about Hartnett and his pals, calling them "very aggressive," and saying that Hartnett just stood by the fracas. His reps deny. ... Midlife-biker-crisis-roadtrip-hilarity-ensues flick "Wild Hogs" raced to the top of the box office, taking in $38 million to beat out fellow motorcycle-themed picture "Ghost Rider" and the debut of "Zodiac." ... And as of 8 AM in the East this fine Monday morning, Britney Spears is still in rehab. Promises, Promises.


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Star Jones? damn, i thought she droped off the face of this earth! Star go back to the spaceship and go away! your all washed up!

2767 days ago


Lucille - shut the f*** up about poor black people. Alls you people do is whine, whine whine. Enough already. Wait, how about you defend the two friggin blacks who taught a two and five year old to smoke pot and thought it was funny, I hope they get locked up for good. So come on, you want to preach for a cause, lets here you defend them (you can't be a hypocrite they are all your kind). I know there are a few blacks out there that are extremely educated (not speaking about Jones) abut the majority of you are worthless. Do you feel that becuase of the slave period and segregation period that you have a right to teach little kids to smoke pot; murder; steal; ride around with your stupid gold teeth and sh*t cars w/ $20,000.00 rims, yet collect welfare? Please get out of the United States and stop living of the govt.

I realize this has nothing to do w/ the article but I just saw a segment about his on MSN and then read this comment and it ticked me off.

2767 days ago


Buttercup, you are an idiot! What educated, sane person of any race would defend these people you're talking about. White folks seem to think all black people are on welfare - shows how narrow minded you are. F***ing hate monger! I treat people the same way they treat me. I judge people based on their actions, not the actions of people from their race. Wake up! People are people and there all off kinds good and bad all over the world. BTW - why don't you get out of the United States!

2767 days ago


To both Buttercup and Danielle 29 and 31 respectively:

Kiss my black ass. White folk are so used to Black folk turning the other cheek, that you now have the audacity to demand it. I don’t give a rat’s ass what you think about me, rather, I speaking now to my Black brothers and sisters, to repudiate White folk; just like they demand that we repudiate our own when they say something White folk don’t like. However, directly to White folk: you demand that we forget about slavery and that was done to us, well that includes forgetting about the fear and humiliation your kind instilled in us. Sure we all have to face God and stand in judgment of him, but don’t think that Black folk are going to continue to forgive people who clearly aren’t sorry for what they’ve done and continue to do to Black folk. It’s taken over 400 years, but perhaps finally White folk (especially the TMZ posters and their like), will begin to reap what they’ve sown.

2767 days ago


Danielle, YOU ARE NO BLACK WOMAN! And that's coming from a black woman!

2767 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

....Practical #34.....What was your 1st clue? Lets see, she knew how to spell? Was articulate (look it up) I know...she mentioned the Black Panthers...

2767 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Lucille - Slavery was 'done' to you??? Which plantation did you work on?
That was generations ago. How long are you going to use that excuse?
The white people alive now didn't do that to you either. They weren't even born.
Gawd. Move on and find happiness and success, would you? That was
a hundred years ago. I respect that it happened, and think it was so wrong.
It's literally history. Like the holocaust. Remember and respect. Don't grovel in it.
It didn't happen to you personally. Move on. Make good for the future generations.
I dare you.

2767 days ago


I wasn't going to respond but I have to put my two cents in - let 's make this point straight so Lucille can give it a rest. Myself and I'm sure over 90% of the posters, did nothing to the black race. I was not alive when Slavery was going on nor was I alive in the 50's and 60's. I am not going to feel sorry for something I had nothing to do with. Unless you are over 100 years old, you also were not a part of slavery. I had ancestors that were accused of being witches and were murdered. I do not hate anyone because of this, as this was not my time. So shut up about the slavery.

Practical you need to learn to read. The point I was making, and now I realize that I should have been much more specific for people like you, is if you are going to preach about a race and try to make that race a better one, then you can not pick and choose what black person you want to preach about. You fight for them all or none. It's like abortions - you are against them or your not, you can not choose to be for them when it was a rape and against them when it's not (I'm sure I'll hear shit on that, but I'm making a point so you will understand) You fight for a cause and talk about "your" people. Well every black is your people and therefore when you speak of your people you speak of the ignorant ones to.

2767 days ago


OOPS, I forgot to add one thing - every race has had horrible things done to them, Whites; Jews; Blacks; Indians - why is it that the only ones complaining are the Blacks?

2767 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Lucille - Just so you know, I actually sent a lengthy letter of encouragement to Star Jones
when that view thing happened. I didn't like what happened, nor the way it happened, plus I sent it to bouy her spirits, and from the reply I received back from her, it helped make a difference. Don't lump all of us whites in with the welfare commenters. My ancestors worked in the underground railroad to bring black slaves across the border into Canada. I'm saying make a difference, now. And yeah, I'm white and Scottish, and had absolutely NO say in that...and look what the English did to the Scots in the past. Seen Braveheart? Well, I've got a dozen worse actual stories that have been handed down. Everyone, and I mean everyone, has their troubles. Go from here.

2767 days ago


To Lucille and Practical, sorry I won't be attending your pity party... it just amazes me how you can turn everything into a huge racial issue. As impossible as it may seem, for a black person to have a different view, other than yours, which could best be characterized as flagrantly overzealous!! I would just like to be able to read an article about a HUMAN BEING, and not have to hear race being thrown into the mix.

Why don't you take all your negativity, put a spin on it, and try to turn it into something positive... otherwise it will just consume you and your sad little lives. I know what my black ass is going to do, get back to work!! You should do the same!!

2767 days ago


To Shallow Hal:

There are plenty of people in the 80s, 90s and older that can tell you their parents were slaves, 1865 (the end of slavery) was not that long ago.

There is such a thing as cellular memory (the Jews talk about it), memories, dreams, or just plain instinct. We feel the pain and sorrow almost as if we were there. What do you think the Palestinians and the Jews in Israel are fighting about? Not just land, but crimes against each other needing retribution.

Scotland is known for their familiar or clan feuds lasting decades.

What’s primarily wrong with African Americans is that we deny that we contained a great rage that continues to go unexpressed. August Wilson, a great Black playwright wrote about the "racism within" and how we turn are rage against ourselves and each other and are harder on ourselves than any White person can be.

You don't have the right to tell me what and how to feel.

White folk have lived off of Black folk for 400 years, and you continue to assault us by cheating us out of mortgages, housing, jobs. You say "find happiness and success", how? Even education you begrudged us and have made affirmative action useless.

Yet you have the audacity to feel superior to someone like Starr Jones; to participate and delight at Barbara Walters’ attempts to humiliation Starr, and there exist opinions, seen on this blog that are spitefully preventing Starr from making a living in an industry in which she spent 9 years at The View, and before that, several years a in-studio legal commentator for Court, T.V.

You think Starr Jones doesn't matter, but she does. She did everything White society says one must do to achieve respect, yet, she was still screwed over. Why, because she wouldn't lick Barbara Walters' ass. Now Starr has been blacklisted from television, and naturally your enjoying this. Well enjoy it while you can. "Sins of the father", truer words were never spoken. Perhaps in this lifetime, it will finally catch up with White people in America, but Black Americans need to do their part too. Just treat Whites the same as they have treated us.

2767 days ago


My response was to that of racist people like u Buttercup assuming all black people are on welfare, wear gold chains, ride around with $2,000 wheels. I never mentioned slavery or the injustices blacks endured, that was Lucille. Perhaps u should read my original response once again to obtain a better understanding of what I said. You are spewing hatred and that is not my fault. Danielle - get some black skin girl! Your entire race was insulted. FOR SHAME!

2767 days ago


By the way, Jews talk about the injustices done unto them all the time.

2767 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

........................Star Jones looks like a donkey, Poor donkey..................

2767 days ago
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