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Electra Shocks Freezing Hippie

3/7/2007 2:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Carmen Electra gave a panhandler some cash -- and nearly a heart attack.

Perhaps Carmen felt sorry for the young man, who was sitting on the ice cold concrete on 57th Street in Manhattan as the temperature neared zero degrees.

She certainly sympathized with his coldness -- she was wearing knee-length leggings and a rather thin jacket on the coldest day of the year! Girl, this ain't L.A.! Put on some clothes!


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good for her ! Man are people cynical.....

2704 days ago

give me a break,,    

Super Sweet!!
I like to give McDonalds gift certificates and they get pissed off!!
if i was starving and cold,, I would love a MickieD's gift certificate!!
that's just my thoughts,,
but gosh,, what a Sweetie,, she gave him cash!

2788 days ago


I really wish we could see more celebs doing things like this...they have plenty of money to shop for baby clothes when they aren't even pregnant or involved with anyone and waste so much money on things I would love to see them doing this. I still think Angelina and Brad are AWESOME too for doing so much for the world and the U.S. I do wish they would do more in the U.S. than outside of it though!

2788 days ago


thanks for the 2 cents bitch

2788 days ago


Good for Fergie, nice to see those who have giving to those who don't....

2788 days ago

Agent D    

Love Her!

And #3, that is Carmen Electra, not Fergie!

2788 days ago

That figures    

WOW! And the camera was right there....What were the chances?!

2788 days ago


#3 the story is about Carmen, not Fergie

2788 days ago

Marshall Jefferson    

Yes, it has been freezing here the past few days! I know that dude was happy that she gave him some money.

2788 days ago

Just Another Hater    

That dude is a total fraud. I pass him everyday on my way to work. When he can't make it, he has a girl take his spot and she uses the same cardboard sign.

2788 days ago


Good for Carmen! I love her!!!!!!

2788 days ago


Also, I highly doubt he's a fraud. He is sitting in zero degree weather for God's sake.

2788 days ago


What's with all you nutjobs thinking she's doing something wonderful? She ain't a saint, she's a skank who's famous for being naked! She did this because there was a camera on her, not because she gives a damn. Remember when Paris Hilton gave the black squeegie guy a hundred bucks? We all know what a kind-hearted, compassionate person she is. And PS, I don't see Carmen with an actual bil in her hand, maybe a dime, if that.

And #7's absolutely right - all these sidewalk hustlers are con artitsts - there's a guy in Philly been out on the Clothespin steps over 10 years now - funny how when winter rolls around he always has a nice, expensive winter coat to keep him warm.....

2788 days ago

Just Another Hater    

#9 - His sign claims that he's trying to raise money to get back home. Over the past year and especially in light of the generous donations of half-naked celebrities, you'd think he'd have raised enough cash for a bus ticket.

And he's usually in the subway tunnel under Bryant Park. A lot of these folks come out in the cold because they're relying on your sympathy. It's probably been a very lucrative week for him.

Incidentally, what would my motivation be for saying he's a fraud if I didn't have some reason for believing so. I have nothing better to do than disparage the homeless? Then again, I'm spending an inordinate amount of time on this site today...

2788 days ago


The money in that picture looks photo shopped. On, she doesn't have any money in her hand.

2788 days ago
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