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"Idol" Blocks Rosie's "View" -- No Clips for You!

3/7/2007 2:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"American Idol" is retaliating against Rosie O'Donnell and "The View" by forbidding the gabfest from showing "Idol" clips, after Rosie slammed the world's biggest TV show one too many times.

As is their habit, Rosie and the "View" crew started to talk about last night's "Idol," but had no video to go with it. Ro explained the lack of footage was because "Idol" was unhappy over her slamming of the judges, her suggestions about Paula's "possible inattentiveness," and her accusations of racism and sizeism on yesterday's broadcast.

Sagacious den mother Babwa put it best: "You don't insult them with your left hand and ask for favors with your right." And Joy suggested a solution for the problem -- putting an on-screen Ro-Screed disclaimer that warns, "Rosie's views are Rosie's."


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Just want to say that I agree w/ Idol. I am so tired of hearing Rosie this and rosie that. She is a loud mouth who finds something racist about anything that anyone says. It doesn't matter if you are Kelly Ripa, Donald Trump, or Idol. That discusting woman will continue to make issues where there are none just to get attention. The funny thing is, that since she came to the View, I no longer watch. With her on the panel, I find the conversations rediculous and boring. No one cares what she thinks and they are losing viewers because of her mouth. Go Donald & Idol!!!!

2756 days ago


I don't watch Idol and I sure won't ever watch the View. Anything that has to do with the fat loud mouth pig Rosie is out for me. She has to be the most hateful hostile wannabe in the world. I never liked the Your fired guy but I loved how he had the guts to stand up to her. society would best be served by taking Rosie off television completely.

2756 days ago


CAN THERE BE ONE CONVERSATION WITHOUT SOMEBODY YELLING RACISM? Black people are not going to win every single prize or contest in the world no matter what. Everything is being RUINED because everyone must carefully try their best not to offend some black person who cannot see that everybody loses something sometime. Blacks make up 10 percent of the United States. Must you have everything?

Some of you are p'od because you didn't get every single academy award or every grammy or every idol. Can't you just shut up about it. And I am a black person myself who is sick and tired of this constant drumbeat that Jesse Jackson taught you. There are people in this world besides you.

2756 days ago


I forgot to add that Frenchie was talking on Howard Stern Radio Show (not the Anna Nicole Howard K Stern) and she said that she's not even upset. There's people out there upset enough. And they discussed the difference between the 2. Again, she's making out way better than alot of the 2nd placers and even winners of Idol. Look at her deals along side of others out there. I can't remember some of the others. Heck Kimberly Cauldwell was on there too with Justin Guarini and I couldn't remember which one she was from the 2nd season til I seen a picture. Katherine McPhee is a MESSSSS having her legs spread open on album cover...not very nice for a nice girl to do. I think it's trashy and then to have Tyra Banks feel her breasts. I mean it's not a HUGE deal but there was no need at all to do that. I don't ask my best friends to feel my breasts for lumps and that's more important than an accusation of implants.

and btw #67 it sounds like either your as big as a bi-polar mess as Rosie is or just Rosie. Noone asked her to open her mouth .... I THINK SHE'S PREJUDICE ... prejudice against straight heterosexuals that don't want her or be a bully like her. She needs to go back to the stone ages. She can take Elizabeth the vapid wench with her too.

2756 days ago


American Idol has turned into a joke and they know it. Why else would they ban the footage from the view? I normally find Rosie annoying but good for her on this one!

2756 days ago


Since Rosie became the "leader" of the pack on The View the show is slowly becoming less enjoyable to me. I haven't watched on minute of The View for two or three weeks.

It appears the audience is 'stacked' with Rosie fans - there is never an live audience who takes different opinions since Rosie arrived - whoever Rosie trashes, the audience goes nuts - unless that is changing over the past few weeks.

The sad thing is this - I adore Barbara, Elisabeth and Joy is very funny but she has become so angry and cynical (her privilege, her right, her free speech and all that jazz) but at the risk of sounding like a dope and unbeleivable....

I think Rosie & Joy's negative rants & humor is not good for their health, number one - Rosie (in my opinion) is taking on the world and Barbara Walters has no choice but to set by and watch it happen.

Remember all the discussions about who owns the air waves & print media - or who owns "Anna Nicole Funeral?"

ABC is no longer the TV network I knew growing up - they are owned a gigantic billionaire Hollywood studio/studios who have CEO's in their Ivory Towers {TIME WARNER/ABC/CNN/N/TheNewYorkTimes/TIME/AOL and many other media entities - who have political agendas and they are getting rich on "the hate speech" and all things which are destructive to human beings like Anna Nicole, Britney Spears and the list goes on.

I've watched Rosie go after Barbara like a spoiled brat - like Barbara was her mother who she can be disrectful too - and Barbara just gives up trying to reason with Rosie on air because it is Barbara who is the smart one - Barbara knows if she says anything to Rosie on air - Rosie is going to go to nuts. It is Barbara who protects Rosie.

I can't watch it anymore. I get angry because of the extreme anger & rants & the stench that puts a dark cloud over a show I used to enjoy so very much - why do I want to get angry at 11:00 AM in the morning?

The Arts & Entertainment industry only cares about an audience & people who agree with them - I pray that as their children get a little older they will care a little bit more about the diet of programming they are putting out there for us. I love humor - but today's comedians wishes people dead who do not agree with them or they use very racist & bigot rants in their acts - run to rehab - and they are back at it again.

2756 days ago

My Two Cents    

She isn't a pig. Pigs can be cute and loveable. She is a slimy slug.

2756 days ago


When is somebody going to do something about Rosie O'Donnell? She is in everybody else's business and doesn't know how to keep her mouth shut. I used to watch the View until she arrived, and can happily say that I made the right choice. She is pathetic. She needs to learn to mind her own business. When will the exec's at the View do something about her?

2756 days ago


As a gay black man - all I can say Rosie is 100% right. And so is Elton John. Amerika is racist and homophobic to the core. Why do you think there has never been and never will be an African American or gay finalist on Amerikan Idol? It's the same reason black and gay artists are denied access to the radio in this fascist country of ours - that's why. Ever look at the music charts? It's all music by STRAIGHT WHITE MEN!

Bottom line - Amerika hates us and will never ever give us a chance to succeed. No wonder the terrorists hate us. We are the single most intolerant country in the history of the world.


2756 days ago


Usually when someone bad mouths people as much as Rosie does they usually are so unhappy with them selves that they have to take the heat off themselves. The worst thing that The View could have ever done is hire Rosie. I believe that there is a way to vioce your opion and be respectful at the same time. I am sick of hearing that everthing is rasiest or homophobic. Rosie needs to keep her mouth shut.

2756 days ago


Barbara, if you have any shred of class left in you...DITCH THE DEAD WEIGHT! Rosie is causing the View to go the way of the TITANIC. I've since abandoned ship. She's a colossal boore with deep unresolved issues. Will somebody at ABC plug up that dyke???

2756 days ago






2756 days ago


I used to love" The View " but since Rosie is on it, I HATE it. Why did you take such a good show and make it so horrible? Rosie is a loud,ugly,rude pig. Talking about her sex life with a lesbian is so crude. I have nothing against lesbians but I sure don't want it shoved in my face. When she talks about sweaty bodies after working out and sex after, I get a mental picture of this and I want to throw up. Clean up the View or shut it down.

2756 days ago


I think AI has no choice. Why feed the view more for Rosie to bash. I just wish the avertisers would pull thier support too. I can't even watch it anymore, too bad. I didn't really like Star Jones, but she didn't irk me like Rosie does!

2756 days ago


I think all the people that insaluting Rosie O'Donnell and her points of "VIEW" or hilarious! Get real she is only doing her job as a Co-Host! If you don't like her fine, she doesn't really care, and if you don't want to watch The View, then quit watching it! Those of you that are posting negative remarks, say you don't watch The View anymore because of her, in reality you either didn't watch it before she was on, or you still watch it then want to make negative comments because you know more about the program and the show then what TMZ showcases with their short Vidoe pieces...Rosie is not asking for you to agree with her point of view, Bob Woodward does not and did not agree with her about the War situation, and they dearly like and admire each other! American Idol Reps, either or really stupid or have way to much ego for their own good! Anyway one in Marketing knows bad press is better than no press, and if for no other reason people would turn in to watch American Idol, to see what was such the big contraversey...I can't believe that they would think that Rosie O'Donnell would have enough stroke to keep people from watching their shows! It is eteremly boring right now, we have tried to watch it the past few weeks, and forget about the cute young girl being nude or not, the talent pool is just not their, and there is nothing new about American Idol, it is the same ole remarks, let down's and silliness...I can see were the younger crowds who buy the majorit of the Music and CD's would want to watch, but I have thought for the past three weeks there is just not that much talent in this bunch and it is exteremly boring to watch! I just can't believe that the Executors of the AI Show would not want their Clips out to all that would want them whether they are negative comments or not! This has to be about Ego and nothing else! Every comment that Rosie has made about the show has been right on, there obivious was something wrong with Paula, if you have seen the interviews, I seen the clips of her on the E! News, being totally wasted, and then I have seen her at the beginning of the Season, when they were going through the bad Contestants and at the beginning of the Show or day, she would be fine and by the end of the Program she could barely keep her head up, she was either drinking something or has been taking perscription medication for her back pain or somehting but she has been totally out of it at times! The way Simon made fun of those two guy's with obivious some type of Physically Challenging issues, these two guys should have never been put through thru to the Judges, but the Produceres wanted a Laugh and to sell their show, and were looking to make fun of these two gentlemen, it wasn't funny and they should have never been put through to be made fun of! We have quit watching AI because it is absoultely the most boring show on TV now, it has ran it's course! If you don't like Rosie or The View, then find something else to watch, there is over 200 Channels to choose from, watch Price Is Right or something, you don't have to watch her if you don't like her comments, and it shouldn't matter if they don''t have clips of American Idol, it is not going to hurt The View, they'll just find something else to comment about, and I am sure there is a million programs that will be willing to give them their Clips, even if it is for "bad publicity"! I Can't believe the Producers of American Idol, or not from the school that "Bad Publicity is better than none"! These Producers have gotten to big for their own show, and their EGO's will destroy in the end, not the comments that Rosie O'Donnell has made! If they are going to ban the Clips from The View, then they need to ban them from E!, Entertainment Tonight, Jay Leno, David Letterman, Regis and Kelly, Conan O'Brien, and Jimmy Kimmbel because they all have made negative comments and given their points of Views about things...To me they are given Rosie O'Donnell to much Credit and saying she has to much say about what people feel and think in society! We all have or own points of Views about things or we wouldn't be posting on these sites and I think it is ridiculous and immature to think that you will hurt one show or a person if they are not allowed to show your Clippings...The women on "The View" will still have their comments and will say what they think, that is what they get paid for! Rosie brings a refreshing look and geniune points to her view points about subjects...I have watched The View with her own it and have watched when she has been gone, and it was boring when they had Merrideth, Star, Elisabeth and Joy on by themselves, now it is light hearted, enlighening, the Audience gets to be a part of the Show were as before it didn't and their is alot more substance to The View now that Rosie is on the Show! Rosie is the "Superstar" of the program "The View" she has brought the Ratings up tremendously...Lisa Ling didn't

2756 days ago
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