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Ann Coulter: Make Her Stop Talking!

3/8/2007 3:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Do you have the urge to hear right-wing wolverine Ann Coulter speak? You're the one!
ann coulter doll
With this disturbing eBay auction, you can now have your very own 12" Ann Coulter talking doll, which says things like, "Why are liberals so afraid of me? Let me talk!" The Anti-Barbie comes with its own stiletto heels and dreadful blonde pompadour.

Think of the many alternate uses for this little dolly! (Anatomically and politically incorrect.)


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Hey Cool    

Ann Coulter...seriously, someone had a lot of time on their hands.

2751 days ago


I love it now she can call Ken what he is.

2751 days ago

Steve D    

I love it. It's nice to have someone on the circuit that actually tells Hollywood and the like what it really is. More power to you Ann! Love you.

2751 days ago

Loser O'Quinn    

Someone actually wasted plastic to make a doll of this psycho attention seeking bi*ch? I bet the silly doll never stops talking out of its ass just like the real Ann Coulter!

2751 days ago

Brother Harold, S.J.    

I wish this witch would talk herself into the grave. I wonder if the stories floating around about her being a dyke are true? Probably. She looks like she hates men.

2751 days ago


Great! Now I can see who buys one & run over it with my car. I'll bet it gets right back up & starts spewing her inflaming rhetoric.

2751 days ago


Perhaps TMZ should stick to reporting about things they know something about, like celebrities instead of political pundits. I am so sick of entertainment news sources trying to get into the political game. Get over it, Republicans go to the movies too, just like MAC make-up you need to research your broad audience a little more. Ann Coulter has just as much a right to make jokes about the people that make jokes (and cancer wishes, like the horrible person who comment prior to me) about her.

2751 days ago


Ann Coulter is so nasty. She says she is a voice for the conservatives. I dont think so. She is so rude, so haughty, so conceited, she acts like the biggest Lefty Liberal. Anita Bryant, who was Miss America, was a voice for the conservatives. She said she didnt believe in homosexuality, and she was chased home and no one heard from her again. I say bring back Anita Bryant, and let Ann Coulter join the weird Lefty Liberals where she belongs.

2751 days ago


I dont know about her being a barbie doll....they should have auctioned skeletor or hordak as ann.

2751 days ago


go Ann!
tell it like it is!
screw the liberal media jugernaut!

2751 days ago


She is brilliant, fantastic, and articulate. She puts Libs in their place. More power to Ann!

2751 days ago


TMZ you are ignorant, arrogant assholes! Not only liberals and leftists enjoy entertainment and movies! Do a little research on your target audiences you lamers!

2751 days ago


The doll may be anatomically correct but Ann isn't. Anybody notice the size of her (?) his (?) adams apple?

2751 days ago


ann is a dying breed of america, THANK GOD !
p.s. Mary rinse your mouth out , a lot of people can think of a better way to hate ann.
yes she is nasty, YOU ARE TOO.

2751 days ago


So much to do about Ann. She is doing a good job exposing the hypocrisy of the liberals. What would be more interesting is why HBO allows mayer to spew his hate so often. He does not expose the truth, but merely hate, continually. Frankly, calling Cheney a "fag" would not be nearly so offensive as wishing him dead and making completely unprovable statements of how many people would die or not. For that matter there were more murders last year in several US cities, (16000 in the US), than there were soldiers lost in Iraq and other war zones. These hate filled liberals need to get a life. They may need it to protect themselves when the terrorists get here after Murtha gets his misbegotten way.

2751 days ago
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