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FOX In -- So Edwards Out of Democratic Debate

3/8/2007 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards has decided to pull out of a Democratic primary debate in August, in part because it is being co-hosted by the FOX News Channel. A statement from the Edwards camp also cited "scheduling conflicts" as a reason for Edwards' decision -- which is the political version of "not interested."
John Edwards
David Rhodes, FOX News Channel VP of News, issued a statement calling it "unfortunate that Sen. Edwards has decided to abandon an opportunity to reach the largest mainstream cable news audience in America." Maybe if Fox News didn't regularly use the services of one Ann Coulter, who last week called Edwards a fa**ot, he wouldn't have a problem with them!

The Democratic Party of Nevada's choice of FOX News as a co-host came under heavy scrutiny from such political websites as Civic Action; the site has an online petition, which they say has over 260,000 signatures asking Dems of Nevada to drop FOX from the debate. It says, in part: "Fox is a mouthpiece for the Republican Party, not a legitimate news channel ... and should be dropped." Eli Pariser, Executive Director of Civic Action said, "We applaud John Edwards for sending a clear message to voters, the media, and other candidates: Fox is part of the right-wing smear machine and should not be treated like a legitimate news outlet."

Documentarian Robert Greenwald, whose website made a short film about FOX News Channel just for the campaign, tells TMZ, "John Edwards has shown guts, leadership and brains in being the first candidate to say no to the partisan propaganda arm, sometimes called Fox. He is saluted for his vision all over the country by patriots interested in real news."

Edwards hasn't always been anti-FOX News. According to Anne Schroeder at, Edwards was on FOX News Channel's "Hannity and Colmes" as recently as January 23, one of the 33 times Edwards has appeared on the network since August 2000.

TMZ contacted reps for both Sen. Hillary Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama to see if they planned to follow suit. Calls were not immediately returned.


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Poor Kid    

I think it's great that so many of these far right nuts keep posting. After 6 years of them in power and still spouting off like everything they’ve touched hasn’t turned to shit, it's as sad as it is entertaining.

Hunter S Thomspon said years ago that America is about to become "A nation of panicky sheep". Damned if he wasn't right. Bah Bah Republipukes.

2748 days ago


Hey Sapphire, Clinton was too busy getting his di-- sucked to worry about our country. Had every opportunity to protect our country but he failed to listen to every warning. Oh by the way, MY SON in a few months will be headed back to Iraq for his THIRD tour. Can't blame Bush for 911.

2748 days ago

Poor Kid    


"The August 6, 2001 PDB Entitled "bin Ladin Determined to Strike in US"

They gave that to Bush. On his vacation.

Two and a half years after 9/11, the American public learned that President Bush received explicit warnings that Osama bin Laden was planning to attack the United States – including activities "consistent with preparations for hijacking." Yet, there was no domestic follow-up by the Bush administration. No high level meetings. No sense of urgency. No warnings to FBI agents across the country.

It was also confirmed that the administration had done little or nothing to combat the terrorist threat between Jan. 20, 2001, and Sept. 10, 2001. Rice repeatedly used the claim that the administration was developing a "strategic approach" as an excuse for not acting. There was no response to the bombing of the USS Cole that claimed 17 American lives and the administration tried to cut counterterrorism funding.

2748 days ago


As the far left contiues it's assault on Fox news, the little network that could just keeps gaining audience. Watch as the libs attempt Fox censorship next. Keep defending the network that has the courage to tell the truth.

2748 days ago

mr pantz    

Fox News....We Report, You OBEY!!!!

2748 days ago

Poor Kid    

chrissuxdix, man aren't you an inventive genius. If you were in charge we'd be as underdeveloped as the Middle East. They don't believe "we waz monkey's" either.

It's so easy for the Republicans though, with their locking up the high school drop out base. With Republicans in charge, there's been more and more of them each year. Democrats are just stuck with people who actually know that school goes further than the 12th grade.

When I read your post, I could practically see the hamster running the wheel. Even stopping a couple of moments, for a breath.

"blah blah blah....DEMOCRAT.... gay..... CLINTON..." repeat

2748 days ago


Didn't Hunter S. Thompson basically spend his life ranting and getting high and puking his guts out, and then end his days by shooting himself in the head? Yeah, there's a guy with a "balanced view" of life. I'm really going to take philosophy lessons from H.S.T.

2748 days ago


CHRIS - A recent poll shows registered Republicans have a higher education level than registered Democrats. There are some pretty uneducated Liberals posting here too. And as far as "blame Bush", it is also a fact that Billy did absolutely nothing to get Bin Laden, and, unlike Bush, Billy had him on a silver platter more than once. Unlike Liberals, Conservatives can at least acknowledge mistakes! And we don't need Sandy Berger, stuffing documents in his pants, to cover our screw ups, Like the LIberals (Billy BJ) do!!!

2748 days ago

Poor Kid    

Truth Hurts, well yes. It’s obvious that Clinton didn’t do enough. But as far as “absolutely nothing”, that was Bush. Clinton had frequent meetings on terrorism, he just never pursued it aggressively enough. He never had him on a “silver plate”. I don’t know where you got that from, I know it was said in “Path to 9/11”, but that was discounted by Richard Clarke and numerous other officials.

When have conservatives ever admitted mistakes though? The Bush administration is notorious for not publicly admitting mistakes. It took over two years for them to even have a 9/11 investigation, and only when they were forced. That was to hide the fact that the Bush administration did nothing before 9/11 and was even cutting counter-terrorism funding. It wasn’t entirely their fault, but they sure as hell can’t rub Clinton’s nose in it for what he did, which is why they leave it up to others.

Yeah, Sandy Berger is crooked as hell, so was Clinton. I don’t think Clinton is as loved as it seems on tv, most of the people I know thought he was at best a good president but a bit smarmy or just flat out smarmy. It’s funny that you mention Billy BJ though, since yesterday, Newt Gingrich admitted to having an affair the whole time he was going after Clinton! How’s that for hypocrisy. I wonder if he’ll have to sleep on Hilary Clinton’s couch for a few months before he gets to run for President. Republicans haven’t admitted to hardly any of their mistakes the last 6 years, unless they have been arrested for them.

2748 days ago


The 9/11 report points out where Clinton had UBL on a plater. As far as Gingrich is concerned, what he does on his own time does not compare to doing it in the oval office while UBL is plotting 9/11. That plan did not start Jan. 01. It started long before that. Clinton did what most Dems do, talk about things instead of taking action! He had eight years to take action. The first WTC bombing happened under Clinton's watch, how come he didn't stop it? The same reason Bush couldn't stop 9/11 - No one took terrorism seriously until 9/11. Do you think Kerry would have done anything in response? I seriously doubt it. Now, I know you will get into the whole Iraq war, anyone who says it was a mistake to take out Saddam is an appeaser who thinks inaction will save us. No matter who is president, terrorists will hate and want to destroy us! Do you think if Hillary wins in 08 they are just going to stop? Do you think "talking" to them will help? If the dems win in 08 people won't be saying "God help us", they will be saying "Allah is great!"

2748 days ago


CHRIS - I can see you are obviously not a far left loone. I too, can admit Bush has made mistakes, what administration hasn't? But Bush is not solely responsible for 9/11 or terrorism, which most on the left want people to think. I consider myself an Independent, unfortunately, there are not many Dems I agree with these days. I am a former Dem who realised they are not protecting America in many ways, not just terrorism (Jessica's law, immigration, policy's of appeasement, etc.) If it were not for the Iraq war, which is obviously unpopular, the Dems would be exposed as a party that is willing to allow our great country to go down the tubes in order to appease the world and be PC.

2748 days ago


Fox news, propaganda.

2746 days ago


Hmmm, I DO remember them criticizing Ann repeatedly for her outrageous comments at the Conservative convention,. What is it they have been saying lately? That Ann is right there with Cindy Sheehan and Bill Maher? Completely irrational, and it is even more so worse that they (conservatives) let a uncontrollable mouthpiece speak at such an event? Funny that never made it into this article. Also, did you notice they justified John Edwards not being there? Maybe Fox news is right about the left wing media......

2745 days ago

grow up    

One network out of several chooses to lean to the right and they are hated for it.... give me a break. The left cannot have the entire media, let the GOP have one media outlet that at least shares both sides of politics. Some of the heavily slanted left comments towards conservatives are not even noticed so apparently as long as it coincides with your beliefs it is ok to slander, generalize and misquote - dare you be challenged to understand both sides.

2745 days ago
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